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Simple & Easy Steps To Get Your Best Eyebrows

How To Do Eyebrows: Styling and grooming your eyebrows do not need to be so much complicated. Once you know how to correctly shape and fill your eyebrows, you can easily keep them looking stylish and healthy.

How To Do Eyebrows

Do not even get us started on whatever shape they are actually meant to be. Are arches are completely 2019? or are straight brows are in fashion but so not flattering?

If you have hooded eyes then you must know the specific method to do the eye makeup. Mention below are some very easy steps which you can follow to do perfect brows:

How to Do Eyebrows

Some easy and simple steps are given which everyone can follow:

Wash Your Face

In order to get perfect eyebrows, you must wash and clean them as a part of your regular face cleansing routine.

Wash your face

So, before you try to pluck or do anything with your brows, just wash your face as you regularly do. After that damp a hand towel in Luke warm water and then rub it gently on your brows. Avoid rubbing hard or you will pull out some eyebrow hair.

Find Your Perfect Brow

Furthermore, the inner edge of your eyebrows should be in a straight line with sides of your nose. Moreover, you can also use a long makeup brush or a long pencil or some other object to measure it.

  • Line up the straight corner against the inside of your eye and outside of your nostril. Where the straight edge is your brow should start. Mark this area with your brow pencil. Now do this step for both eyebrows.
  • Moreover, look straight ahead and line up the straight edge with the outer side of your nostrils and your pupil to determine where your arch should be. You must mark that spot.
  • Now line up the straight edge with an outer side of your nostrils and the outer edge of your eye to determine where your eyebrow should end, now mark this spot.

Select Eyebrow Shape According to your Face

Some females prefer to pick a shape based on the shape of their face, rather than trying to measure for a maths ideal. It all depends on the shape and size of your face, you might try any of the designs given below:

Eyebrow shape

  • Heart: Rounded eyebrow shape
  • Oval: Soft angled eyebrow shape
  • Round: High arched eyebrow shape
  • Diamond: Rounded or Curved eyebrow shape
  • Long: Flat eyebrow shape
  • Square: curved or Angled eyebrow shape

Use Tweezers to Pluck Unwanted Hair

Remove any unwanted hair which you find outside your ideal eyebrow line. You must find the roots of the hair with prongs of the plucker and then pull it in the opposite direction of the hair growth to get rid of all the hair completely. You can also hide under eye bags through makeup.

How to do brows

  • Although, always pluck your brow hair from the bottom of your brow because if you pluck them from the top then that will set you up for a lifetime of the stray forehead hair.
  • So, be very careful to avoid over-plucking your hair. Though you can always pluck some extra hair, if you take it too far you will look awful.

Define your arches

You can pluck some of the hair on the bottom and/or on the top as you wanted, to fulfill your desired shape.


Then brush your eyebrows and pluck all unwanted hair beneath your brow line. Pluck hair by keeping the mirror in front of you to avoid any bad shapes.

Maintain your Eyebrows by plucking regularly

It is very easy to maintain your eyebrows if you do plucking on a regular basis, instead of all at once.

How to eyebrows

Now pluck the unwanted hair that might grow back and regularly trim your brows to keep them in good shape, then brush your hair along their natural grain so they fall comfortably.

Besides this, regular brushing your brows outwards and upwards may help them grow in that direction. If you want to make a Smokey Eye then with a little bit of practice, you can get this amazing look even better than ever before.

Try waxing your eyebrows periodically

Moreover,  apply some facial or fruit wax below your eyebrows, just apply on the unwanted hair which looks awkward. Leave the wax for a few seconds to make it go a bit tacky so it would not smudge into other brow hair you want to keep.

Wax your eyebrows

  • Now carefully apply wax strip over your eye and then leave it for 30 seconds to it sit, pull the strip in the opposite direction of the growth of hair to get rid of them. Repeat this step on another eyebrow also.
  • Use Luke warm water to remove any leftover wax from your eye, after that apply cold water and moisturizer to soothe your skin.

Try to do threading

You need a thread for threading, so take a long thread and tie the ends together. After that wrap is around the middle and index finger, revolve your hands three-four time so you now have two circles. Now change the string using these 2 fingers and your thumb.


  • Furthermore, hold the thread up to your brow, as you make one circle larger and the other smaller, the middle area that is wound will grab the hair that is passed and gently remove them You should be very careful while threading your brows.
  • It is easy to slide the thread quickly and then remove a lot of hair and do so in the wrong direction. Use the thread to keep brushing the eyebrows, just swiping in an up-and-out direction. Finally, use a soothing lotion so you will not feel any pain.

Mistakes We Usually do with our Eyebrows

Common mistakes we usually do and simple tricks to avoid them are given below:

Too short Brows

Moreover, if your brows are too short then follow this step to avoid any mistake:

Mistake we do

This is more because of your age rather than a mistake of your own, a makeup artist Lisa Says “As we get older, we incline to lose the tail of the eyebrow. Men’s brows never stop growing & our brows get thinner.”

short brows

How to get your eyebrows right

The easiest and simplest option is to fill your brows using fiber gel. This gel sticks to your skin and the brow hair and it gives you a volumized and very natural finish. Lisa explains.

“To measure where your brow should end, take a makeup brush, hold it against the edge of your nose and at the angle of the end of your eye, that is the exact place where your eyebrow should end, so put gel to reach that length.”

If you do this, it will help your face to look balance and this also lifts the appearance of your cheekbones.

Too long Brows

Moreover, if your brows are too long then follow this step to avoid any mistake:

Mistake we do

Tonya, a microblogging expert says “This is the place where the tail of your eyebrow extends too far into the temple region of your face and can lead to a drooping effect”.

Long Brows

How to get it right

When you fill in your eyebrows, line your pencil from the point where your nose meets the bridge of your nostrils to the outer side of your eye, where these two intersects with your eyebrow is where it should end, so use proper light, feathery strokes to cheat the appearance of your real hair.

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