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How To Find Out If I Talk In My Sleep?

Even though it looks that everybody has a humorous sleeping story to share, it affects only 5% of adults and 50% of kids aged three to ten. However, if you’re a part of that you don’t have to worry because doctors don’t typically take into account this kind of parasomnia as a medical drawback.

Here at vequill, we will tell you some causes of sleep talking and apps as well as gadgets which can help you to listen and monitor your night activity.

If I talk in my sleep

What Is Somniloquy?

Somniloquy or also called as sleep talking is a type of parasomnia. Parasomnia is a category refers to a large number of sleep disorders. Parasomnia includes:

  • Sleep talking
  • Sleepwalking
  • Sleep terrors
  • Sleep eating disorders
  • Nightmare disorders
  • Sleep paralysis and much more

Causes Of Sleep Talking

Sleep talking is a genetic problem and runs in families although the most common external factors include:

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Fever

To Be Accurate, You Can’t Notice It Out By Yourself

To be honest, you’ll never realize that you just speak in your sleep. Once you sleep, you can’t hear yourself. Your mind goes into a deep state of nothingness, and you cannot establish what is going on within you. You may get an impact of getting a dream, and can never recognize that you just are literally talking.

Therefore, you simply can’t notice it out on your own; unless some other person points out or listen to your talk. Ask your family member or friend to sleep with you and tell you that did you mumble in the night or not?

Download An AppDream talk recorder

If you want to listen to your sleep speech or mumblings for yourself, then there are some apps which will assist you. Such apps listen for sounds and as soon as you mumble or talk it will start its recording. In the morning you will be able to hear what you and your partner talked throughout the night. With these apps, you don’t have to listen to the recording of 7-8 hours to detect any activity during the whole night.

Some of these apps are:

  • Dream talk recorder– this app not only stores your complete history of recordings but also lets you share your recordings.
  • Sleep talk recorder– this app will monitor your sleep and records your important activity. The best feature of this app is that you can also change its sensitivity settings.
Moreover, if you find it very difficult to wake in morning there are apps that can monitor your sleep cycle and finds the best time to wake you up (try wakeup pro app). It’s the era of technology my friends! There is a very simple solution to every problem.

Handy Gadget For Better Sleep

A gadget is known as a fit bit one has a sleep tracking features. You can clip it on your pocket or on your wrist with the help of a wristband with it when you purchase it.

It can also track your steps so you can also wear it during the day to count your steps. In night set it on sleep mode. It will track your activity and moments all over the night. It will also show you the time at which you woke up in the night and moved around.

Interestingly it has a feature to tell you that how many times you tossed or turned in your bed. You have to turn it off in the morning and after you sync it with the fit bit app or website it will give you a complete report of how well you slept.Fitbit one gadget

This gadget has one drawback that it won’t diagnose sleep issues, but if you are worried about tossing, turning in bed or your sleepwalking then this might help you. This gadget would cost you about $100 and the apps are free.

You can tell vequill about your experience of talking unconsciously during night below in the comments section. If you want to read similar articles like How to find out if I talk in sleep?  Then you should browse our mental health category.


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