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6 Best Tricks You Can Use To Fix Your Broken Nails

How to Fix a Broken Nail: One of the very common reasons that your nails break is that there is some external component which weakens them, such as repeated drying and wetting of nail. Broken nails are so common especially in winter seasons when humidity is very low and the weather is mostly dry.

How to Fix a Broken Nail

Another reason for broken nails is the usage of detergents, Harsh chemicals, nail polish remover or cleaning fluids. If you spend a lot of time scrubbing and cleaning your house without any gloves, then, in this case, your nails are more likely to crack. If you want to remove nail polish then you can remove it with the help of toothpaste.

How to Fix Broken Nail

Moreover, according to the Osteopathic College of Dermatology, it is very uncommon that brittle, splitting and dry nails are caused by an internal component, for instance, some internal disease or deficiency of Vitamin.

Now you can determine this by examining your toenails. If your toenails are healthy and strong, and your fingernails are breaking, splitting and cracking then it is surely because of an external component like the one described above.

Trauma to the nail can also damage such as cracking, breaking and peeling. Applying acrylic or false nails, or peeling or picking nail polish can also cause damage to your nails.

Using Tea Bags

  • Firstly, you must start with polish-free and clean nails.
  • Now, cut the tea bag to the width and length to cover the break or crack in your nail.
  • After that, cover the break or crack with one drop of nail glue.

fixing broken nails using teabags

  • Place the tea bag over the crack very carefully, you can use tweezers to perform this step correctly.
  • Then allow your nail to dry completely.
  • Now using filer, gently smooth out the surface of your broken nail.
  • Finally, apply a thin layer of base coat or nail polish whatever you like.

Fix Broken Nail Using Silk Wraps

  • Firstly, you must start with polish-free and clean nails.
  • Then Clean the broken or cracked nail using alcohol.
  • After cleaning, lay the silk piece over your nail starting from the nail bed.
  • Now, gently apply nail glue over the top of the silk strip, completely covering your nail.
  • Then dip your nail in the nail powder given in the kit.

how to repair a broken nail using silk wrap

  • Gently brush away the excess nail powder from your nail.
  • Now cut any excess silk strip that hangs off of the end of your affected nail.
  • File your nail to the required shape.
  • After that, gently buff away any bumps from the surface of your nail.
  • Now you can apply nail color as you usually do.

Fix Broken Nail Using Lightless Gel

  • Firstly, you must start with polish-free and clean nails.
  • Now brush the gel evenly, covering your complete nail surface.
  • Now spray, the activating cure spray over your entire nail, evenly and completely. You might want to spray the underside of your nail as well.

fix broken nail using lightless gel

  • Moreover, the cure spray will dry out very hard.
  • Now apply a second layer of the gel along with the cure spray.
  • You can also apply a 3rd coat if needed.
  • After that, file and buff your nail for require shape.
  • Finally, manicure or apply polish to your nails as you normally do.

Fake Nails

  • Firstly, you must start with polish-free and clean nails.
  • Now apply a thin layer of nail glue on the entire surface of your nail.

Applying fake nails

  • After that, press the acrylic nails over your nails, covering a whole surface of your nail.
  • Allow that nail to dry.
  • Finally, manicure or apply polish to your nails as you normally do.

Clear Nail Polish

  • Take out your strongest and best topcoat. Similarly, a clear nail hardener also works the same.

best top coat for nails

  • Now apply the topcoat on your nail with even strokes. Pay special attention to the breaks or cracks while applying a topcoat.
  • Allow your nail to get dry.
  • Reapply few more times to add strength to your nail.

Fixing a Chipped Nail

  • Firstly, you must file away the chip: If the chip is tiny and on the corner of the nail then the simplest repair might be to only file it down a little bit. It is also recommended that you can dab the chip with acetone-based nail color remover prior to filing.

nail repair

  • Now reapply a top coat after the step given above. Using a glass filer instead of cardboard or metal filer will help you to minimize the risk of further cracking your nail.
  • Furthermore, if you own a correct nail color, then you can camouflage a chip by lobbying on some more nail color and then allowing it to dry completely and then again applying a smooth coat of nail color.
  • Again apply a thin layer of topcoat. Moreover, you might need to reapply topcoat on your other nails also to assure that they all look even.

How to Prevent Nails from Breaking

Firstly, be very gentle with your nails, while shaping and filing your nails, use a fine-grained nail file. Avoid shaping them into points, as this act can weaken the nail ends.

Buff your nails gently in the direction that the nail is growing. We recommend you to use rubber gloves while cleaning your home or washing dishes, to keep the harsh chemicals and detergents away from your nails and hands. While applying moisturizer make sure to massage it onto your cuticles as well.

According to the Research of American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, if your nails are constantly weak and brittle, then consider adding biotin into your vitamin routine. Additionally, biotin is a vitamin tablet that aids in the strength and growth of your hair, skin and especially nail.

Moreover, at last, apply nail hardener to your nails might help keep them hard and strong. You might also want to consider applying the fiber resin or silk wraps underneath your manicures to prolong the manicure.

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