How To French Braid Your Own Hair?: The french braid is the easiest hairdo for going anywhere, anytime. As easy as it seems to be done on someone else’s hair, it is quite a challenging task for your own hair. It is actually just like the normal three-strand braid starting from the top of your head. 

french braid

French tail is really a simple task to do. Everyone should know how to make their own french braid. It lets your hair pulled back and keeps your face safe from extended strands. It also saves your head from those pesky hair dents formed from a ponytail.

It is important for every girl to learn how to make a french braid. First, try it on your friend or sister’s hair. Once you have learned to make a perfect one then try it on your hair. It is a bit of technical task but not too difficult. But once you have learned how to make it then you’re an expert.

Step By Step Guide To Make Your Own French Braid

To french braid your own hair all you need is a comb and 2 hairbands. Then follow these steps to get a perfect french braid:

  • Comb your hair properly. Each strand should be tangled free.
  • Pull back all your hair and start from the tip of your head.
  • Starting from the top of your head, grab some hair. Part them in 3 equal strands and make its braid.
  • Then keep on grabbing and adding more hair to those 3 strands and keep making its braid.
  • Pick small chunks of hair from both sides as it will give a neat look to your braid.
  • Repeat the above two steps until you reach the end of your hair.
  • Save your braid with the help of your hairband.

how to french braaid your own hair

Don’t worry if your braid isn’t looking neat. You need some practice to get a perfect braid. Once you are comfortable with braiding your own hair you will easily make it in a few minutes. Keep in mind that you have to take small chunks of your hair. Bigger chunks will make a loose braid and it will untie your hair quickly.

Perks Of Having French Braid

There are a number of perks of having a french braid. It pulls back the front fringes from your face. Also, it gives a neat look to yourself while doing some formal tasks. You can also try this braid if you have not washed your hair for 2-3 days. It definitely covers your greasy hair.

You can try this braid if you are:

  • Traveling
  • Working out
  • Have dirty hair
  • Natural waves look

The French braid is a classic and timeless hairdo. It can be worn anywhere anytime. You can also create its own variations. You can also make double braid by parting your hair in two sections. While learning how to make a french braid you may learn a lot of different hairstyles as well.

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