Pets are antidepressants and love you immensely, it is an underrated fact. When it comes to having dogs as pets, they can really be your best buds because of their sharp intuition and loyalty. Find out how to get a service dog for anxiety.

These dogs are here to be a source of comfort for their owners by sensing the anxiety attack and even to bring medicines for relief. These service dogs for anxiety provide many benefits to people suffering from anxiety or illnesses.

how to get a service dog for anxiety

What is a Service Dog: Service Dog for Anxiety

No one can mistake the wonders a good training can do to any dog. Canine training enables them to perform multiple tasks with perfection. In today’s world, our very own pleasant pups are here to assist us in the medical field as well.

Service dogs are these dogs that are extensively trained to provide relief and comfort to their owners who are suffering from anxiety or any other medical condition.

To be more specific, they are referred to as Psychiatric service dogs. They are specially trained to assist people who have developed mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety.

In times of emergency, they can bring you water to swallow the medicine, have the potential of assisting you in finding or dialing the emergency service numbers, or informing a family member about the ongoing attack.

Anxiety service dogs provide services for many other medical conditions as well. Besides, they can even accompany their owners to the airports and restaurants. They have the potential to go everywhere and anywhere with them.

What sets them apart from the other dogs is that they are here to look for you and provide emotional support to you in the need of the hour. To your surprise, there are well-trained and famous service dogs to help people with visual impairments.

service canines as anti depressants

Such canines are known as guard dogs. Besides, they can also be trained to assist their owners who have diabetes, depression, and other illnesses.

Gains of Getting a Service Dog

Anxiety service dogs are beneficial in the following ways:

Detecting an Anxiety Attack

Dogs are intuitive and can detect various signals in no time because of their sharp senses. They can detect the trigger signs of an anxiety attack and become alert when they sense that something is not right.

Bringing Help During Anxiety Attack

Service dogs for anxiety bring practical help and immediately assist their owner by bringing medicines and water to provide relief. Likewise, they are also trained to help the owner in reaching out to their family members or emergency services by bringing their cellphones.

Guarding Against Strangers

When a person is already going through an anxiety attack, he is vulnerable and strangers may harm him. In this scenario, service dogs do not let any stranger near their owners since they can sense negative energy way earlier.

how to get a service dog for anxiety

They only allow family members or friends near their owners or inform them beforehand.

Providing Calming Relief

To give emotional support to the person, all the best dogs for anxiety relief are trained to lick the face of the person. In order to show affection and telling him through action that he is not alone.

A service dog can be further trained by consulting various best dog training books.

Giving Deep Pressure Therapy

During an anxiety attack, the heartbeat increases rapidly and the muscles all over the body, get tensed. To combat this situation, service dogs for anxiety can give deep pressure therapy. Through this therapy, by exerting pressure on the body, the heart rate drops and the muscles get relieved.

Boosting the Activity Levels

Dogs love going on a daily walk and exercise or engaging in a healthy activity is proven good in case of combating the anxiety attack. By playing with your dog or accompanying him in the playtime, you both get to maintain a healthy and balanced activity level.

different types of canine breeds

Any sort of activity provides a helpful mechanism against the anxiety attack and reduce the episodes. This way, you can get fit both mentally and physically with the help of a trained canine and can also learn how to become a dog trainer.

Giving Company

Be it a pet dog or any other dog, the sole purpose of keeping a pet is for having a company. But these best service dogs for anxiety are here to accompany you everywhere. Take them outdoors, in the restaurants, and even on flights.

They will be happy to assist you and you will get to have your best bud to yourself, all the time. All in all, there are countless benefits of service dogs, guard dogs, and psychiatric dogs in providing you relief on your bad days.

How to Get a Service Dog for Anxiety: Best Dogs for Anxiety

Now the question arises here is how to get a service dog for anxiety, well, its pretty simple. You will have to contact specialized dog training centers or service providers. But before that you will have to meet the following criteria:

  • Proof of a physical disability or a medical condition.
  • A recommendation letter, written by the local doctor or a certified psychologist.
  • Strong Verbal and Communication skills with an increased patience level.
  • Ability to look after the service dog and provide him with training.
  • Willingness to attend workshops and dog training sessions for updated knowledge and skilled command.
  • Proving yourself as an animal lover or having a fondness for dogs to be specific.
  • That your house can be a perfect home for the dog.
  • To show adequate financial resources for keeping the dog for an extended period of almost 12 years or more.

The above criteria are designed to create harmony among the dog and the future owner. The health and wellbeing of the service dogs have also been made a top priority by the concerned authorities.

best friendly canine for anxiety

Also, you might be wondering if adopting a service dog is the best investment and can dogs see in the dark or not, the answer is in affirmative.

These dogs cost around $30,000 to $40,000 and can only be adopted by contacting certified and licensed pet organizations. These canines are usually trained for a period of 600 hours including veterinary care, physical grooming, and overall wellbeing.

Adopting a service dog for anxiety can be an overwhelming experience and having a pup as your best buddy is indeed one of the best decisions to make. These dogs are trained in every sense and you don’t even have to stop a dog from biting as they know it already

Now that you know all about service dogs for anxiety and how to get a service dog for anxiety, we wish you good health and Godspeed in forming new bonds with your canine fellow.

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