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How To Get a Service Dog? Online Platforms To Buy a Service Dog With Recommendations

How to Get a Service Dog:  A Dog is a Man’s best companion. People often suffer from loneliness for different reasons. Older people also need some help. For several reasons Service Dogs are helping many people.

Trained dogs help people who have any physical disability or mental disorder are called Service Dogs. Yet, in some places outside the U.S. service dogs are referred to a dog that works for armed forces or police.

 how to Get a Service Dog

Some people train their dogs to assist them in their work. Whereas, some people cannot train so they have to look for a service dog. Let us see How to Get a Service Dog and what requirements have to be fulfilled.

How To Get a Service Dog?

Service Dogs are the dogs performing tasks for a person with a disability. For instance, picking up things for someone in a wheelchair, or helping a blind person in crossing a road and help in investigations.

Though, they have been used for assisting people with physical disabilities. Now they are also used by people with mental disorders; depression. traumatics stress or anxiety. Furthermore dogs also help in taking care of a baby.

Child assistant dog

Different training is given to each dog to cope up with the individual disorders or requirements. According to a person’s claim, they get their service dogs.

Visible vs Invisible disability

Physical or Visible disability is evident due to the use of any helping device like a walking stick, wheelchair, a plaster hand, etc.

Whereas invisible disability is referred to as any mental illness. It causes distress in personal functioning. Like, loneliness, anxiety, depression, etc. Moreover diabetes, heart disease are invisible disorder.

Tasks Provided by Service Dogs – Physical Disability

For people with physical disorder, service dogs are trained to help them in the following tasks:

  1. Get a phone from another room or place.
  2. Pick up dropped items.
  3. Carry handbags or any other small objects.
  4. Turning on or off switch.
  5. Open or close a door.
  6. Hitting the elevator button.
  7. Help during changing clothes.
  8. Provide support while walking or crossing the road.
  9. Protecting blind people.

Tasks Provided by Service Dogs – Mental Disability

For Mentally disabled people service dogs are trained to help them in the following tasks:

  1.  Bring your phone in an emergency for contacting support.
  2. Remind you to take medicine.
  3. Stop you from emotional overload at home.
  4. Help you to change your mood.
  5. Nurse with medication side effects.
  6. Help you calm down in distress.
  7. Remind you to eat food, go for a walk, etc.

Service Dog

Besides, some people confuse emotional support dogs with mental therapy dogs. Emotional support dogs do not need any training, their presence provides comfort. Therapy dogs are well-trained dogs and they might not be easily accessible like physical service dogs.

” Americans with Disability Act (ADA) “. Under this act, service dogs assist physically disabled people only. Other than that are not qualified as service animals under ADA.

Tasks Provided by Service Dogs Other Than Any Disorder

Not only service dogs are for the physical, mental or emotional disorders but also Daycare, Security, Police or military use. As kid caretaker service dogs are trained to:

  • Protect kids.
  • Help in developing skills. Dogs play with kids to keep them active.
  • Promote emotional development.
  • Help in managing behavioral problems in kids.

Military guide pooch

Military working dogs duties are to:

  • Detect drug
  • Investigate
  • Custom Support
  • Security Check
  • Secret Service Mission

Online Platform to Buy Service Dogs

Some online sites which provide a facility to deliver service dog at your place are.

  • Brigadoon Service Dogs
  • The Dog Project
  • Paws with a cause
  • Canine Companion for Independence
  • Guide Dogs of America
  • Can Do Canines
  • Retrieving Freedom, Inc.

Buying or training a service dog costs around $15,000 to $30,000. Cost depends on the breed you choose and the services you want.

Ways to Pay for Service Dog

  1. Some non-profit organizations that help you in buying a service dog for less or no cost.
    • Assistance Dogs International
    • Service Dogs for America
  2. Reach out to the social networks to raise funds for your service dogs.
  3. Save money.
  4. Personal loan.

No insurance covers a price for a service dog or for its training.

Requirements to Get a Service Dog

To train your dog to provide services can take many years. It is a better option to get yourself a trained service dog from an organization. There are some rules to be followed to get a service dog. You must meet the following criteria:

  • Physical disability or any medical certificate of illness.
  • Be able to take part in the dog training process.
  • Could take care of a service dog.
  • Command a service dog
  • A stable home environment.
  • You must be recommended by a doctor.
  • Or you own a license of the mental health department.

Though, there is no legal necessity to register a service dog.  These dogs are trained well to meet the person’s needs before they are delivered in someone’s home. It is said that it is quite difficult to train a pet dog as a service dog.

Breeds as Service Dogs

Not all dogs have temperament and attitude to provide services. Hence some of the breeds as service dogs are:

  1. Golden Retrievers
  2. Labrador Retrievers
  3. A crossbreed of Labrador and Golden Retriever
  4. German Shepherd

retriever help

Other than Service dogs, there are also:

  • Autism Service Dog
  • Guide Dog
  • Hearing Dog
  • Mobility Support Dog
  • Therapy Dog
  • Service Animal
  • Psychiatric Service Dog
  • Emotional Support Animal

A service dog is a necessity for some but can be expensive. Look for some funding’s and go for it. These dogs make a big difference in your life. There is a saying; If you want a lovable companion for life, get a dog and feed him. He will be a loyal protector for you.

Now you can get the best Service Dogs from the American Kennel Club and use them where you want for example for training, Sports and events, etc.

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