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How To Get Calcium Without Eating Dairy?

From our childhood, we had been telling that milk is the only way to get calcium (I don’t like it, do you?). Besides our likeness or dis-likeness, some people from their childhood have an allergy to dairy products. But the good news is that there are some other foods that can work for our calcium intake.

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) of calcium is 1,000 mg for men and 1,200 mg for ladies per day but it is seen that it isn’t actually as simple as that. Not all calcium that we consume is absorbed. At TryArticles, we will find that how to get calcium without eating dairy and which of them can make the calcium in it, more absorb-able in our body.How To Get Calcium Without Eating Dairy

For example, around 32-33% of the calcium from dairy items is retained. Our body entirely needs 300-400 mg of calcium for each day, however with dairy, this implies we have to consume near the RDA to get that level with the reduced absorption rate.

Other nourishment sources are more absorb-able like bone broth, leafy greens, fish with bones, and even carrots. A few veggies like spinach, which is frequently recommended as a decent dietary wellspring of calcium, are just 5% absorb-able, which makes them awesome for different supplements yet not a decent wellspring of calcium.

Plant-Based Calcium Diet

Leafy Green Salad

Calcium is discovered liberally in such huge numbers of plants food, a large number of which may astound you. Hey! Don’t take stress over getting enough on a plant-based eating routine since mostly all plants are wellsprings of calcium but difficult to ingest.

They contain different supplements that furnish your body with bone and heart support, and the best part is that they aren’t acidic like dairy. Very acidic dairy really separate your bones and add to an expansive number of medical issues.

Therefore let’s have a look at foods with calcium

Collards: One Cup Cooked= 268 Milligrams

Collard Greens

By a wide margin, extraordinary wellsprings of calcium are collard greens, which contain 268 milligrams in a single cup of cooked greens. Another quality of collards is that they are additionally low in oxalates, which tie to calcium in the body and can promote poor ingestion. It’s an extraordinary contrasting option to spinach thus, which is high in oxalates (however likewise high in calcium).

Figs (Anjeer)= 1 Glass Of Milk Calcium


A fig which is from mulberry family and also known as anjeer contains as much calcium as one glass of milk in eight to ten dried figs. They are also a great source of fiber, iron, and potassium. So amazing for such a flavorful minimal dried natural product, eh?

Broccoli: One Cup Cooked=180 Milligrams


Numerous individuals are astonished to discover that broccoli is an awesome wellspring of calcium, containing 180 milligrams in only one cup of cooked broccoli and 115 mg in one stalk. Eating a glass a day can undoubtedly enable you to expand your calcium intake to guarantee that you are getting enough. So next time add two or three florets into your next smoothie formula or even in your next veggie burger.

Kale: One Cup= 94 Milligrams


One cup of kale contains 94 milligrams of plant-based calcium, alongside chlorophyll magnesium, fiber, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C. That’s another motivation we require to eat kale.

Chia Seeds: Two Tablespoons= 177 Milligrams

Chia seeds

This can shock anyone; chia seeds contain yet another supplement that makes them a superfood. Chia seeds are stacked with calcium and yield numerous advantages accordingly. Chia contains around 177 milligrams for each ounce (around two tablespoons), which is 18 percent of your everyday needs.

That is mind-blowing for such a minor seed! Including a tablespoon, twice daily to your smoothies, cereal, servings of mixed greens, is an extraordinary method to guarantee that you get enough. In particular, add this to your eating routine and see the results yourself.

White Beans:1 Cup Canned = 191 Milligrams

White Beans Soup

Smooth, creamy and light, these legumes are an awesome wellspring of calcium and iron. You can add them to a pasta dish with veggies.



Almonds are another best wellspring of calcium, alongside magnesium and fiber. They even contain protein and healthy fats to boot us.

Instant Oatmeal:1 Cup=187 Milligrams


Numerous oats and grains including our most loved morning breakfast are full of calcium. And besides this, it is also full of fibers and easy and quick to cook.ranges: 1 medium size= 65 milligrams.

Brimming with vitamin C and calcium, appreciate this natural product as a mid-morning bite, or utilize its citrus flavor to light up any dish. And I think that lot of us are the big fan of orange smoothies in winter. I am right or am I right?

What If You Are Consuming Too Much Calcium?


We need about 300-400 milligrams of absorbed calcium per day from food sources and not much more than that. Consuming too much calcium can lead to increased risk of kidney stones, heart disease and more.

Vitamin D And Magnesium Are Also Necessary

Because calcium enters the body, doesn’t mean it is effectively utilized by the body.

Vitamin D and Magnesium are both important for the body to utilize calcium and without these, calcium won’t be absorbed effectively.

The body uses magnesium to convert vitamin D into its dynamic and active form so that it can be used in calcium absorption. Magnesium is likewise utilized in the formation of the hormone calcitonin.

Sources Of Vitamin D

This hormone is fundamental for bone health and keeping calcium in the bones and not the bloodstream, bringing down the probability of osteoporosis, a few types of arthritis (joint pain), heart attack and kidney stones.

Vitamin K is likewise critical for calcium. It helps keep calcium in bones and out of arteries and muscles.

A diet high in phytic acid (found in grains) can also inhibit proper calcium uptake and use in the body.

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