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How To Get From Melbourne Airport To The City?

Melbourne is the coastal capital of  South-Eastern Australian state. It is a crowded place with almost all the people from every country, which makes it a crowded place. It has a lot of captiavating places to whom people are attracted. At the city center, there is the modern federation square development, having huge buildings, plazas, bars, a number of amazing restaurants alongside the Yarra River.

People travel to Melbourne to spend their vacations from all around the globe. It has a population of around 4800000 people. When you are planning to go to Melbourne, the first question in your mind comes that how we will go to the main city from the Melbourne airport? Well once you have landed at the Melbourne airport, you need to find a way to get to the city center.

Going to city from Melbourne airport

The airport is approximately 22 km away from the center, so it is not that easy to travel to the city. You have a number of options which will help in entering the city from the Melbourne airport. In this article, we will help you with the means of transportation and the ways in which you can get to the city easily from the Melbourne airport.

Landing At Airport

The very first step for going to Melbourne is that you make a plan for the trip to Melbourne, you need to choose the season according to your requirement and then you need to go to shopping to gather all the necessary things you will need with you at your travel. Now you need to book an airline ticket, there are various airlines all around the world which take you to Melbourne.

Private charter

You need to choose the one according to your budget and your requirements and the level of comfort. If you are not having a lot of the budget then we recommend you to buy an economy class ticket of comparatively cheap airlines. You need to keep a check on the prices of the tickets off and on as they increase and decrease very often. After choosing the airline and getting the ticket, you need to pack your bags take a deep breath and now you are ready to experience a lot of adventure coming your way.


Now when you are at the Melbourne airport, you need to get a transport to enter the city which is 22 km away from the airport. Skybus is a bus shuttle service that runs between the Melbourne Airport and the Coach Terminal of Southern Cross Station, Spencer Street and the Central Business District of the city. You can pick a Skybus from the Virgin Australia terminal 24/7. It leaves after every 10 minutes. There may be a break from 1 am to 4 am.


Its ticket desk is available at the terminal 1 and terminal 3 at the airport, you can purchase the tickets from here or maybe electronically from the bus driver as this is not a big issue.

It will take you to the city and the bus for one side costs you around 18$ and if you get a return ticket as well then it is 30$.

Hire A Car

If you have a good budget and you are with your friends and family and you need privacy then hiring a car is very much recommended to you guys. It will reach the Melbourne city early as compared to bus and travelling by road through car will be good as you can see the beauty of Melbourne more properly rather than in a bus with a lot of people.

You can rent a car through the car renters at the airport as well and the driving routes from the airport to the city are pretty straight and easy with effective sign boards alongside the road.

Hiring a car

This way of travelling is expensive as the private car drivers will extract a lot of money from you so you need to try to negotiate the price before getting it hired. You should ask the drivers to use their meter machine to calculate the exact fare.

The car will pick you from the airport and you do not need to go anywhere, you can hire a big car or a small depending on the number of people and your luggage. It is necessary to check out the driver’s details before making a choice of your car as there is every type of person everywhere, so make sure the driver comes to your expectations.

Public Transport Victoria

This is the cheaper and a much slower option to reach the Melbourne city from the airport. You need to go to the Skybus terminal and get a Myki card which costs you around 3.50$ on weekends and 7$ on weekdays. Reach the platform on terminal 1 and get the bus number 901, the sign of which read Frankston. Switch to a train at Broadmeadows Station, and reach the city center.


Take A Taxi

The quickest way to get to the city if you are in a hurry is that you get a taxi from the outside of the airport from terminal 1,2,3. You will get to the city center faster and you will be able to save your time. Maybe this is a bit expensive but efficient at the same time. There are designated ranks of the taxi at the airport.


Rent A Limo

If you have enough budget and you want to enter Melbourne in a luxurious way, why not you rent a limo? Generally, the fare of the limo starts from 80$ and goes up to 150$ depending upon that which limo you choose and where do you want to go, do you only want to rent a limo to get to the city or you want to keep it for some time to visit all the places and tour Melbourne in the luxurious car.

These were some of the ways in which you can enter the city center from the Melbourne airport.

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