How to Get Gum Out of Hair: Bubble gum has many advantages. Research has linked chewing gum to reduced stress, improved memory, and weight loss. But the worst part, chewing gum can be very sticky in the wrong circumstances.

Chewing gum is made from synthetic resins and rubber to make its sticky and chewy texture. If you pull on bubble gum, you might notice that it stretches. Furthermore, there are some chemical bonds between the molecules in the gum that makes it tough to remove from things, especially hair.How to Get Gum Out of Your Hair

Additionally, many advertisements gums are hydrophobic which means that they are not soluble in water. Chewing gums easily stick to oily surfaces than water surfaces.

All these properties of the bubble make it very tough to remove it from your clothes, hair, and shoes. Rather than resorting to scissors, try to use these household products to get rid of bubble gum from your hair.

How to Get Gum Out of Hair

Moreover, if you face any bad situation related to gum, then do not worry, you just have to follow all these remedies to get the gum out of your hair.

Ice cubes

If using oil is too greasy, you can use ice to freeze the bubble gum off. Moreover, freezing chewing gum can decrease its stickiness, and allow you to easily get rid of from your hair.Use ice-cubes to get gum out of hair

Apply an ice pack to the bubble for 5 to 15 minutes or until the chewing gum hardens. You can also wrap your hair in a towel or some cloth with some ice cubes for an extra boost. Although, this method is very effective if only a small amount of bubble gum is stuck in the hair.

Cold Cream or Moisturizing Cream

For getting rid of chewing gum from your hair, you can also use a moisturizing cream, cold creams or lotions from your dressing table.

Use Cold cream

You can apply a cream on chewing gum and then wash your hair with mouthwash. This method will remove chewing gum from your hair very easily.

Use Cooking oils to get Gum Out of Hair

All the Cooking oils are hydrophobic. For instance, if you combine water and oil in a small jar, you will see that they easily separate from each other. Matter in your cooking oil breaks down the stickiness of your bubble gum without causing any harm to your hair.

Use oil to get gum out of your hair

Some oils that may include:

  • Olive Oil
  • Canola Oil
  • Coconut Oil

You just have to apply some oil to the affected area with bubble, then rub it gently with your fingers or using a comb to get rid of bubble gum from your hair.


Similarly, Mayonnaise has the same effect as oil on the chewing gum. Whereas mayonnaise has a high amount of fat, that’s why it is very oily and greasy in nature.


You just have to take a small amount of mayonnaise on your fingers and then apply in on the edges of the bubble. Now slowly pull the bubble gum out and then wash the hair to remove all the residue as well.

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Using Vinegar is also a very effective home remedy to get rid of the bubble from your hair. Moreover, it is a solvent that has a tendency to break down all the bonds between the gum and your hair. As we all know vinegar has a very strong odor, but if you will wash your hair after this remedy then all the smell will also be gone.

To completely remove the bubble, dip that part of the hair in vinegar if the affected area cannot be dipped in the vinegar then in this case you can just soak that part of hair using cloth.


Longer you will soak your hair in vinegar, the easier will be the process of removing gum. If you want to boost the process then you can slightly heat the vinegar before applying it.

This method may take time but it all depends upon how much chewing gum is stick to your hair. After the gums start to leave your hair use a wide-tooth comb to comb your hair.

Peanut Butter

It is surprising for many of us but peanut butter is also very useful to remove bubblegum from hair. So, if you have some peanut butter at your home, then you can easily remove all the gum from your or your child’s hair.

For this, you just have to take a little amount of peanut butter and then cover the affected part of your hair with it. All the gum should be covered with peanut butter.

Peanut butter

Now let peanut butter sit for 4-5 minutes and then check the gum using your fingers that if the chewing gum has started to leave your hair or not.

So if it starts to leave your hair then gently comb your hair with a wide tooth comb. After combing your hair all the bubble will be completely removed from your hair. Finally, you can wash your hair thoroughly to remove all the residue.

Baking Soda

This fact is not very known but baking soda can be very effective to get rid of chewing gum from your hair. For this method, you just have to take a spoonful of baking soda in a small container and then add a few drops of water to make a thick paste of it.

Baking soda for removing gum from hair

Now apply this paste on the affected area of your hair, let the paste dry. After drying, remove the paste from your hair and it will remove all the bubble from your hair.

Use Toothpaste to Get Gum out from Hair

Toothpaste is easily available in every home and it can be used in many home remedies. We can also use it to remove the bubble from hair.Use toothpaste to get gum out of hair

For this method, you just have to apply a small amount of paste directly from the tube to the affected part of your hair. Then let it dry. After drying remove the gum using your fingers and you will see the best results.

Hair Mousse

Hair spray or hair mousse can be very effective to remove bubble from hair. For this, you just have to either directly spray it on the affected area or spray it on your hand and then apply it to the affected part of your hair.Hair Mousse

Then use toothbrush or comb to remove all the gum from your hair, these products make it very easy to slide the gum out of your hair.


Apply coin size amount of conditioner on the affected area of your hair using your fingers.

Conditioner for removing gum


Conditioner will make a slick surface between the bubble and your hair. After applying, gently comb your hair to get all the gum out of your hair quickly.

What to do after Removing Gum out of Your Hair

After removing the bubble from your hair, just shampoo, shampoo, shampoo your hair. Whatever product you will use to get the gum out of your hair you just have to properly shampoo your hair, and then rinse them with plenty of water. You can rinse hair with warm water to remove all the grease and oil from your hair.

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