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How To Get Rid Of Bruises Quickly? 15 Natural & Effective Treatments

How To Get Rid Of Bruises? Bruising is very normal after being injured. Small blood vessels under the skin may get harmed by even a small effect, leaving the blood trapped under the skin. This trapped blood is then reabsorbed by the body while the injury heals properly.

10 Natural & Effective Treatments Of Bruises

This often leaves a purple, bluish or gray patch on the affected area that is very sensitive to touch and can cause extreme pain. Bruises may be hard to treat, as mostly the damage is right under the skin. But, somehow you can treat these bruises by simple home remedies that may be able to speed up the healing process.

How to Get Rid of Bruises Quickly

You can not magically just get rid of bruises, you will have to wait for quite some time. The good thing here is that many bruises are harmless and there are a number of home remedies to minimize their effect and heal them quickly.

Most typical products are safe to use but do not take these supplements by mouth for bruising without taking assistance from your physician first. You should not ignore any type of cut and should apply effective treatment to infected cut.

Treatments For Bruises

Bruises are the reaction of any injury or trauma to the skin that bursts the blood vessels under the skin. Bruises usually get disappeared without any treatment, however, you can take some steps to get rid of the bruises, reduce pain and visibility.

15 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Bruises

These home remedies can lower the effect of these bruises and also they can be helpful in preventing them from even happening. The following are a few simple home remedies for curing the bruises and getting rid of these patches:

How to Get Rid of Bruises

1: Arnica Montana For Bruises

Arnica Montana is an herb that is largely used for curing the pain and bruises. This is because it consists of special compounds that are believed to have anti-inflammatory capabilities which can be absorbed by the skin.

A few pieces of research have shown that arnica can be a very effective remedy for bruising.

  • One study has shown that people who prefer to take oral arnica after rhinoplasty, a nose job, have improved the appearance of post-surgery bruising.
  • Another study had shown that applying 20% arnica ointment to the skin can also the speed up the healing process when compared to the placebo.

People should take arnica gel, arnica ointment, or oral arnica these contain at least 20% arnica and can be purchased through the web. It can be used as the instructions given on the product package.

Arnica Montana

If you are using oral arnica, then it is best to out the under your tongue and let it dissolve there. A mouth spray made of arnica can also be used to cover the underside of your tongue. one should not use it if it causes irritation or develops rashes.

2: Bromelain For Bruises

It is a mixture of enzymes that can be found in the pineapple plant. These enzymes consist of anti-inflammatory effects. They can help in reducing the bruises and swellings when applied on the affected area of the skin.

A study from the Journal Of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery has proved that oral bromelain helped in reducing the swelling and pain right after extracting the tooth in comparison to the painkiller and a placebo.


A person can use a gel or a cream which contains bromelain. Using it twice or thrice a day or as instructed on the package can help reduce the effects of the bruises. Oral bromelain supplements may cause some undesirable effects.

It can cause digestive issues as well as increase the heart rate than normal. People who get allergic reactions from pineapple must not use bromelain. They must avoid contact with it as it can cause severe issues to your body.

Doctors usually recommend the Bromelain supplements after the surgery to help reduce the bruising quickly. You can only take Bromelain by mouth if it is directed by your doctor, if not then stick to the ointment or gel.

3: Quercetin For Bruises

Resembling Bromelain, Quercetin is a flavonoid driven from a few fruits. It can have natural anti-inflammatory effects that can help in healing the bruises. Some skin gels and cream intend to help with bruising.

Quercetin For Bruises

These creams and gels may contain quercetin along with the combination of Vitamin K, Bromelain, and other ingredients. Gels and creams that contain quercetin can be applied as instructed on the package, generally twice a day.

It is not proved to be safe to use quercetin orally. It may usually come along with many other medicines. You must not take the oral therapy of quercetin supplements unless it is instructed by your physician.

4: Vitamin K Cream For Bruises

Your body needs Vitamin K to help the blood clot where necessary. But taking a pill might not be the best option especially for those who use blood-thinning supplements or other medicines.

Typically, Vitamin K shows some promise as a remedy for bruises and is generally safe for most people to use. A study from the Journal Of Drugs in Dermatology shows that people who use a vitamin K cream or gel right after the skin treatment have fewer chances of bruising than those who prefer to use a placebo.

Vitamin K Cream For Bruises

Many products containing vitamin K are available over the counter. You should focus on those products which have Vitamin K listed at the beginning of the ingredients list. You must apply it as instructed on the product package.

5: R.I.C.E. For Bruises

R.I.C.E. stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation. Most people who have had surgery or strains or sprains employ this strategy to recover quickly but it has advantages for bruising as well.

These actions reduce the blood flow temporarily to the injured area, which can be helpful in preventing bruising and swelling. Resting the area and applying ice for 20 minutes per hour.

R.I.C.E For Bruises

Use light compression bandage it can also help in decreasing the inflammation and blood flow that aids to bruising. Following the R.I.C.E right after an injury and during the healing process can also reduce pain.

6: Bruise-Healing Diet

Any person can have an impact on the health due to their diet, including how much time does their bruises and injuries take to heal. There are few foods that can strengthen the blood vessels of the body, which may reduce bruising.

Bruise-Healing Diet

There are some other kinds of foods that can help in keeping the skin and tissues of the body strong and flexible. Eating healthy food, a balanced diet that contains the following foods may help in preventing and healing of bruises:

  • Pineapple: Eating fresh pineapple naturally gives Bromelain to the human body, this can help the bruises heal faster than normal.
  • Fruits Containing Quercetin: Foods that have high amounts of quercetin include citrus fruits, dark-colored cherries and berries, red onion, apples, and leafy green veggies.
  • Citrus Fruits: One study has shown that citrus flavonoids importantly improved bruising in adults who have senile purpura or the existing bruises. Citrus fruits include lemons, tangerines, and oranges.
  • Foods With Vitamin K: The food that has vitamin K will prevent the deficiency and can help in reducing the bruises of the person. Good sources of vitamin K include kale, broccoli, lettuce, strawberries, spinach, Brussels sprouts, and blueberries.
  • Lean Protein: Fish, tofu, lean meat, and poultry provide protein to help strengthen capillaries. Avoid sources of protein with a higher amount of saturated fats and cholesterol like fried meats or hamburger.
  • Zinc Rich Foods: Zinc helps in healing tissues and wounds. Foods that contain zinc are lobster, pumpkin seeds, legumes, crabs, etc.

Using these foods in your daily diet can speed up the healing process and may also prevent further bruising on your skin.

7: Essential Oils For Bruising

Frankincense essential oil can help in pain relief and body relaxation. This works great when a few drops of it are mixed with Vitamin K or arnica products. one can create a relaxing cold compress for their injuries with the help of a washcloth.

Essential Oils For Bruises

You can mix a few drops of lavender and rosemary essential oils applied on the cloth. It is necessary to dilute oils with any oil or lotion before applying directly on the skin until it is instructed by the physician.

Applying essential oils without diluting them can cause severe rashes or irritation to the skin. All essential oils are available online for purchase, including rosemary, lavender and frankincense oils.

The following home remedies can treat bruises:

8: Ice Therapy

Quickly apply ice after you get an injury to minimize the blood flow in the surrounding area. Cool the blood vessels with ice. This may minimize the leakage of blood into the surrounding tissues. This can also prevent the swelling and reduce the bruise from being prominent.

If you don’t have an ice pack, you may use a bag of ice, a bag of frozen vegetables or meat wrapped in a towel or cloth. Ice the bruise for good 10 minutes then wait for 20 minutes and then again apply it for 10 more minutes.

9: Heat

You can apply heat to increase the blood flow and its circulation. This can help to release the trapped blood under your skin after the bruise has already appeared. Applying heat can also relieve pain. You can use a heating pad or hot water bottle.

10: Compression

Use the elastic bandage and wrap your affected area in it. This will compress the tissues and help you in preventing the leakage of blood vessels. Compression can also reduce severe bruises and also help in minimizing the pain and swelling.

11: Elevation

Raise your bruised area above your heart. This reduces the pain and drains out the extra fluid from the affected area. Elevation can also minimize compression and pressure. This can give you a soothing effect, which can help in the process of healing.

How to get rid of bruises?

12: Aloe Vera

It has been a very effective way to reduce inflammation and pain on any part of the body. You may apply as it is on the bruised area, you can also make a gel out of pure aloe vera. You can also purchase the pure aloe vera gel from the market.

13: Vitamin C

It has a very unique property of reducing the inflammations and bruises. It can be used to heal the wounds. You can get the serums, gels, and creams that consist of vitamin C. You can apply these directly on the bruised area. You can also take it as a supplement.

14: Pineapple

Pineapple contains Bromelain that is believed to be very effective for the bruises and minimizing inflammation. You can eat the pineapple as it or can take bromelain supplements. You can also apply its cream on the bruised area.

15: Comfrey

It is a plant that is mostly used for treating inflammation or skin ailments. Comfrey cream has the healing powers that can treat bruises effectively and quickly. You can apply cream several times per day.

When To See A Doctor For Bruises?

Bruises happen to almost every person, some bruises can be a signal for any kind of nutritional deficiency or medical problem. You must see a doctor if you experience the following symptoms:

  • bruises without injuries
  • frequent bruising
  • easy bruising
  • bruises that suddenly appear after taking a new medication or supplement
  • bruises in strange places, such as the back or abdomen

When To See A Doctor For Bruises

Women have a greater tendency to bruise than men and old people get more bruises than young people. Blood thinner, antibiotics, and medicines that are taken for asthma can also increase bruising in most people. But you should continue taking medicines as prescribed by your doctor.

The Bottom Line

Bruises may take some time to heal. Take care of your diet, nutrition and the rest of the body, this can help in the healing process. Using home remedies can be helpful as it has no side effects. Keep in view that bruises can result in severe pain or fracture sometimes.

Call your physician if you experience the following:

  • if your injury is minor but still you are feeling extreme pain after a few days
  • if a lump has appeared
  • if there is a bruise without any reason
  • if you feel the blood in urine or stool

These are symptoms of some severe issue in your body. Click here to visit Zocdoc for Treatment for Joint Pain, Gout, Osteoporosis, Infusion, Muscle Pain & More.


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