What Are Cold Sores and What Are the Some Easiest Ways of Treating It?

Cold Sores are also known as puss-filled blisters and they usually appear in the designated areas on the face. Such as the chin, cheeks, forehead, and beneath the lips. They can be painful at times and look ugly. Today in this article find out how to get rid of cold sores easily.

how to get rid of cold sores

At times, the breakouts are also accompanied by episodes of sore throat, body aches, pains, and fever. Besides, this virus still stays in the body and remains inactive for sometimes.

What are Cold Sores: Best Cold Sore Treatment

Cold sores take the form of blisters and start appearing on the face. These sores cause pain and at times break open. A yellowish fluid or puss also oozes out of it with blood. The bad news is that they do not disappear all of a sudden and leave acne marks behind.

You will be amazed to know that cold sores are caused by a virus, Herpes Simplex Virus, or HSV-1. When this virus infects a person, they start to break out and this situation continues for 7-10 days.

However, this inactive virus can be triggered as a result of stress, too much sun exposure, illness, fever, and hormonal imbalances. Cold sores can be quite troublesome to treat but there are few remedies you can try and learn how to get rid of cold sores at home.

How to Get Rid of Cold Sores: Cold Sore Medication

If you want quick results or want to get a cold sore medication for the removal of blisters, here is how to get rid of cold sores:

Try Lysine

For the Herpes virus to create cold sores on the skin, a source Arginine is required. In the body, the amino acids convert into nitric oxide. This nitric oxide expands the blood vessels in the body to improve and regulate the normal blood flow.

What lysine exactly does in the body is to not let the intestine absorb arginine. This way the virus cannot get amino acids and the spread starts to slow down.

There is no proper treatment or vaccine to stop the herpes virus but using Lysine cream or consuming it orally, helps in curbing the cold sores. Regular use of lysine on cold sores, make the marks disappear and a person faces fewer breakouts in the future.

how to get rid of cold sores

For lysine application, apply it on the affected area after every two hours and repeat this process for 11 days. For treating cold sores through oral lysine supplements, the suggested dosage is 1 gram in three doses.

For, giving your immune system an additional boost, try to stock up your zinc and vitamin C intake.

Use Propolis

Bee glue or propolis is obtained from a beehive as the bees use this substance to build their hives. It is effective in treating swelling and cold sores. Besides this helps with the pain caused by the blisters.

According to researches, by only applying an ointment that has 0.5% to 3 %  propolis in it, the healing time improves to a great deal. This ointment has to be applied to the affected area, 5 times in a day.

home remedies for cold sores blemishes

An early application of propolis does wonder to the skin as a cold sore medication and also treats cold sores on lips, gently. Besides, it is also proven effective in treating skin allergies.

Apply Rhubarb and Sage Ointment

For the best cold sore treatment, use an ointment or cream which is a combination of two elements, rhubarb, and sage. In a cream that combines these two elements, an antiviral medicated substance, Zovirax is present.

Through the application of this ointment, a cold sore only takes around 6 to 7 days to vanish completely. According to skin experts, this medicated cream is as effective as acyclovir.

The Ordinary’s Salicylic Acid

You cannot go wrong with The Ordinary’s skincare range if you’re still wondering about best cold sore treatment or cold sore medication. Their salicylic acid is basically a beta hydroxy acid to exfoliate the facial skin.

the ordinary salicylic acid for blemishes

It cleanses the pores deeply and unclogs them with its 2% salicylic acid formula. You can apply it on cold sores and blemishes. With its regular use, the problem will go away. Similarly, it is also effective if you don’t know how to get rid of whiteheads.

You might want to do a patch test first before using this product,  in case of an oversensitive skin.

Consult a Dermatologist

If the problem is still there and you cannot seem to tolerate the pain and itching, consult a dermatologist. They will run a thorough diagnosis and will also prescribe some effective medicines and creams to treat the cold sore in a pain-free way.

Home Remedies for Cold Sores:

There are many effective home remedies for cold sores that prove a good alternate solution for cold store medication obtained from pharmacies. Some of these home remedies are:

 Applying a Lemon Lip Balm: Cold Sore on Lips

If there appears, a cold sore on lips or beneath your lips, switch to a lip balm that contains lemon in it. A lemon balm’s antiviral properties are also referred to as Melissa Officinalis. You can also learn how to make essential oils, by specifically using a lemon.

lemon lip balm for cold sores

Always choose a lip balm that has a minimum of 1 percent lemon essence in it. You can also make lemon tea and use this brewed solution on the affected area.

Rubbing Ice on the Cold Sores

For reducing inflammation on the skin and reducing the pain, rub ice on the cold sores. This remedy is only temporary relief as it will wear off after a few minutes.

Using Aloe vera gel

Use aloe vera gel on the cold sores as it contains anti-inflammatory properties and its regular use will help in fighting the bacteria.

It also helps in removing acne scars and blemishes off the skin.

Invest in a Good Sunscreen

It is never too late to start using a good sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. Besides, this creates a barrier between the harmful UVA and UVB rays coming from the sun and your skin.

sun protection home remedy

Cold sores, acne, and blemishes are easily triggered if you step out without proper sun protection.

Reduce your Stress Levels

Last but not the least, forget your worries if you want a glowing skin as high-stress levels can cause hormonal imbalance. Stay happy, hydrate yourself, and engage in healthy activities.

All Dibs on The Final Takeaway!

That’s all on how to get rid of cold sores, what can be the best cold sore treatment, cold sore medication, and on a few home remedies for cold sores. Try these solutions and get good facial skin in less time.

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