How to get rid of lizards

Lizards belong from the reptile family and they are present almost all around the world. It is estimated lizards have more than 6000 species. Some lizards have four legs while other lizards do not have any leg.

Those lizards that do not have any leg mostly move from one place to another through locomotion just like snakes. If you want to get rid of lizards then this post is for you.

The size of a lizard varies from few centimeters to three meters. These reptiles are cold-blooded having a long tail. Most people get scared of the lizard because of their color and texture.

get rid of lizards

Even some people have lizards phobia which brings a lot of issues and differences in the normal life of a person. The phobia of reptiles is commonly known as herpetophobia.

Almost every lizard is harmless creatures for human beings except two species of lizards. Mexican Beaded Lizard and Gila monster these two lizards are very poisonous.

Simple Methods To Get Rid Of Lizards

Some times lizards break in the house and people get scared of them due to phobia. If you have lizards phobia too then you can get rid of them by using simple hacks.

1. Peacock Feathers

To keep the lizards away from your house you need peacock feathers. Place the Peacock feathers in the area of your house where lizards are seen. You can place feathers at the entrance of your house too.

Peacock Feathers

The basic concept behind this remedy is very simple. Peacock eats the lizards, therefore, they get scared and stay away from the house.

2. Coffee Method

You can use the Coffee method to get rid of lizards. It s a very effective and easy method you just need to mix the coffee powder with tobacco. This mixture of Coffee powder and tobacco is the DIY lizard killing balls.

Place the tobacco and coffee powder balls at the corner of the house. As a result, two things will happen either lizard will run away from your house or they may die.

3. Use of Naphthalene Balls

Naphthalene balls also known as mothballs are well-known lizard resistant products. To keep the lizards away from home place the naphthalene balls in your cupboards, wardrobe, corners of the house and in the kitchen sinks. You can also use mothballs instead of naphthalene balls.

4. Onion

Lizards get irritated with the strong smell of onions. If you cut a slice of onion and place it on the areas where lizards possibly enter such as doors, entrance, and windows then lizards do not enter your house.


Onions contain the sulfur which creates a very bad smell and lizards do not tolerate this smell. You can also mix onion juice with water and spray it on the areas where you think lizards can come.

5. Ice cold water

You can also use cold ice water to get rid of lizards because it makes them immobile and stiff for a while. Lizards become unable to move for several minutes when they come in contact with cold water. During this time you can catch them and throw them away.

6. Use flypapers

Flypapers are famous among the people because people use it to capture the flies. Using the flypapers to get rid of lizards is a very effective method. You need to place the flypapers on the entrance, and light corners.

When lizards come in contact with flypaper then they stick to the paper. Once you capture the lizards then throw the paper away along with lizard.

7. Tabasco sauce spray

Lizards hate the smell of Tabasco sauce. To create Tabasco sauce at home you need to mix two teaspoons of tabasco sauce in the water. Now take a spray bottle and fill it up with the mixture.

Tabasco sauce spray

Once you fill the spray bottle then spray it all over the areas where you think lizards can come. This Tabasco sauce spray keeps the lizards away from your home.

8. Garlic

Garlic has an intense pungent smell that lizards hate. If you place some cloves in the entrance areas then it will make the lizards go away. You can also create garlic juice by mixing it with water and then spray it on the sides of the walls.

Lizards prevention methods

  • To keep lizards away from your house you need to keep your house clean. You can use an anti-bacterial solution to mop the windows, walls, and floors.
  • When you are not using lights switch them off. The reason is bright light attracts the lizards.
  • Keep your house neat and clean because if your house is clean then no insect will come to your house. As a result, lizards leave the place if they discover there is nothing to eat.
  • Always maintain your house sanitation because it helps to keep the lizards away from the house.

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