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How to get rid of love handles? (Diet, Workout & Precautions)

There is a lot to know about your love handles. It is extremely challenging to get rid of them as they do not fit in your skin tight jeans. Why do you ask? Love handle fat is usually that appears on the side of the stomach area just above your hips.

Many people believe that they can get rid of it by working out for the abdominal area, it is rue somehow in a way that it can reduce your love handles but you can not completely get rid of them by just working out. You need to control your diet.

what are love handles

It is a myth that you can reduce the love handles. Obviously, you can but that is not so easy, fat is lost by taking proper diet and cardio. As we all know that the kitchen helps you in making abs and that true.

Quick Guide For Getting Rid Of Love Handles

So here’s a quick guide to get rid of your love handles:

Step 1: Eat lean, Eat clean.

Step 2: Add a 30-minute session of cardio every day. If you are feeling really hardcore, beef it up to 6 days a week. A study found that people who walked for 30 minutes 6 days a week gained hardly any abdominal fat over an 8 month period.

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Step 3: Try this 10-minute workout for love handles. It straight away hits the oblique muscles hard, while working the rest of your core. Believe me, it will give your love handles a run for their cash.

A 10-Minute Workout To Get Rid Of Love Handles

Repeat the following exercise 3 times. Move from exercise to exercise as much fast as you can. Perform this exercise 3 times a week. Perform 40 Woodchoppers, 20 for each side. Use one hand weight, stand on your feet apart at the width of your hips with all the weight on the left leg.

Hold this position by starting with weights in both hands way more up than your left shoulder. Then, twist so that you make a chopping movement down at your right hip. Then allow the knees and feet to pivot with the twist.

50 Russian Twist: Sit on your butt in a way that your knees are bent and feet straight on the ground. You must be leaning back at your torso at an angle of 45 degrees from the floor. Using both your hands hold a dumbbell. Slowly starting your feet above the ground.

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Cross your feet at the ankles and balance on your butt.  After acquiring this position, twist the torso on the right and put the dumbbell on the floor parallel to your body without leaving it.

Then, you will twist back to the left so that you touch the weight on the left side of the body. Repeat these steps over and over again, while you balance with your legs and torso raised up above the ground.

30 Side Plank Hip Lifts: 15 planks on each side of the body. Acquire the side plank position so that your elbow touches the ground and hips and legs rest on the ground. Fetch your abs and keep your body straight.

what are love handles

Lift the lower half of your body above the ground to the position where your body is in a straight line. Lower it again and repeat the steps. Do 15 planks on your left side and then repeat the same planks 15 times on your left side.

30 Bicycle Crunches: Lay down on your back with the knees bent and your hands right beneath your head. Do not grip your hands with each other. Fetch your abs, lift the shoulders and back above the ground.

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In the meantime, move the right elbow to your left knee so that they meet at the mid of the body. Then, move from this position by making your left knee closer to the right knee. Continue quickly while keeping your torso raised up above the ground.

Areas To Focus

You need extreme concentration on some areas of your life if you are on an abdominal fat loss mission. You need to focus on the three main areas to help your self. Here are those areas of attention:

  1. Healthy diet
  2. Cardiovascular Exercises
  3. Resistance Training

You cannot actually target fat loss. Your body fats are actually considered to be energy bars for your workouts and can only be reduced after quite some time by focusing on your diet, resistance training, and cardio.

1. Healthy Diet

The main factor in gaining washboard abs is taking a healthy diet. Here is a list of healthy ways that you can adapt to lose a few inches:

  • Drink a lot of water daily, at least three liters.
  • Eat vegetables and fruits five times in a day.
  • Limit the intake of cheese and fried food.
  • Limit sugar from your diet.
  • Eliminate red meat it contains fats.

Diets that contain high proteins like Atkins may help if you are above 50 lbs. or more than that. In order to get rid of the last 10-15 pounds, you must follow a more ideal eating plan that does not limit your essential nutrients from your diet like carbs.

2. Cardio-Vascular Exercise

To lose love handles and increase metabolism so that you can lose weight more efficiently. All of this is closely linked to your resistance training program and cardiovascular exercises. It is the most difficult task to lose those last few pounds of your body.

For men: The fat around the mid-section is actually the last one to leave your body after months or years of an exercise plan. For women: The extra few pounds of fats are usually in the buttocks, thigh region or hips.

Cardio-Vascular Exercise

You should do these exercises for about 20-45 minutes like running, biking, walking, swimming for 4-5 times per week. Also, mix 2-3 times basic calisthenics like bench dips, pushups, lunges and squats.

Daily Exercises To Get Rid Of Love Handles

It will take a few weeks before you realize the physical benefits of your diet and exercise program. You will notice the results in your energy level and mental alertness while working out. Practice some more exercises to remain fit and perfect:

Upper Body Exercise: Monday & Thursday

  • pushups 10-20
  • bench dips 10-20
  • regular crunches 20
  • pull-ups 10
  • warm-up 5:00/stretch
  • reverse crunches 20
  • stretch abs/lower back
  • hanging knee-up

Cardio Option 20-30: run, walk, swim and bike.

Legs & Love Handles: Tuesday & Friday

  • stretch legs
  • lunges 10/leg
  • right crunches 25
  • left crunches 25
  • stretch abs/lower back
  • squats 20
  • hip rollers 10/side
  • walk, bike or jog 5:00

Cooldown walk or bike 5:00/stretch

Long Cardio Day: Wednesday

  • Biking, elliptical gliding machines, biking
  • 45-60 minutes of running, walking or combination of both

The above workout is a basic guide to get started with calisthenics or resistance training plan and adding cardio to the workout. A few guides are also available which can help you with motivation and basic nutrition. To get rid of love handles you can visit .

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