Every girl likes full eyebrows. Heck! It’s an attractive aesthetic feature! Everyone likes to have thick and shapely brows. It brings a kind of togetherness to the entire face. Defined brows make the face look strong and accentuates the overall look of the face.

Some are born lucky with beautifully dense brows while others have to use brow pencils or brow waxes to fill the empty spaces in. Also, overplucking them also causes them to not grow back as thick as before. There’s still another way to achieve that full brow look.

To Achieve Thick Eyebrows

There’s a Bonus too! It’s all natural. Although, it may take time to see the results, at least you’ll know it’s real and not covered under makeup. This Try Articles article will aid you in how to acquire those beautiful full brows and stimulate regrowth.

How Is Coconut Oil Good For Eyebrows?

Let’s first look at our sparse eyebrows as a case of hair loss. What really happens when we go through hair loss? Basically, our hair follicle is lacking conditioning and has swelled up. This causes for the hair follicle to be dry and have a lesser hold. this in return results in hair fall. This scenario must have cleared up the basic problem we’re after. Yes! We need to bring back the appropriate moisture to the hair follicle to promote hair growth again.

Our eyebrows are going through the same dilemma. They lack the needed moisture. Coconut oil contains various proteins and nutrients like vitamin E and iron. These promote a healthy growth of hair and also darkens them. It works in two ways. It prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth.

With that said, it also prevents the infection and swelling at the hair follicle. How does it do that you ask? Well, it’s loaded with very potent agents one of which is the lauric acid. This acts as an antimicrobial agent, protecting the brows from future damage and stimulating a quicker re-growth.

How To Use Coconut Oil For Eyebrows?

We’ve gathered 2 of the best methods to help you achieve the desired fuller brow look you’ve always dreamed of.

Coconut Oil For Thicker Eyebrows
Source: https://naturalon.com

Method 1 – Plain Coconut Oil

  • Warm up some coconut oil in the microwave for 10 seconds on high. It will melt the oil if it’s in a solid state. Applying it melted makes it easier to massage. Also, the warmth offers added benefits to the hair follicles as well.
  • Take some on your fingertips and apply it on your eyebrows.
  • Massage gently for 2-3 minutes going in the direction of the hair growth and then also opposite. This helps boost up the blood circulation and stimulates hair growth.
  • Apply ample pressure to make sure the hair follicles are literally drenched in oil.
  • Rinse it off after massaging or leave it on overnight. Use lukewarm water.

Do this daily, to see improved eyebrow hair growth.

Method 2 – DIY Eyebrow Serum

This easy DIY can be formulated very easily. Incorporating coconut oil with the powers and benefits of a few other ingredients you will have an eyebrow serum ready at your hands. Almond oil adds to the moisturizing properties of coconut oil. Avocado oil prompts blood flow to the hair follicle and absorbs really well into the skin. Castor oil contains minerals and proteins that dramatically help hair re-growth. Vitamin E is the added boost for this at home treatment.

Serum To Make Eyebrows Thicker
Source: https://naturalon.com


  • Coconut Oil – 2Tbsp
  • Castor Oil – 2Tbsp
  • Avocado Oil – 1/2Tsp
  • Almond Oil – 2Tbsp
  • Vitamin E – 1 Capsule


Take an amber glass dropper bottle. ( Amber or any colored) The amber glass helps protect it from the environment better than normal glass.  Measure out coconut oil, castor oil, and almond oil. Roll the bottle on a flat top. Don’t shake it as this will create unrequired air bubbles.  Then add in measured avocado oil. Lastly, pinch and squeeze the oil out of a vitamin E capsule. Do the rolling again and make sure the mixture is well blended.

Your eyebrow serum is now ready to use. Before going to bed take 1-2 drops of this serum and massage the eyebrows gently. Making sure there’s enough to help sink it in the skin. Let it stay on overnight. Wash of with normal water in the morning.

Lookout for thicker, darker eyebrows with a few weeks time.

Note: Make sure you do a test patch on the inside of your elbow or the area under your ear connecting the jaw. It is important to rule out any allergies if there are before using natural products.

Do give these methods a try, they’ll surely produce an effective result. Share your experience with us to let us know which worked best for you,

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