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How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Month: 10 Steps

Losing 10 pounds of weight in a month can be a big challenge for you. Only if you do not know the right way to do it. However, you can easily lose your extra fat by just changing a bit of your eating plan and exercise.

 If you just focus on food and do not exercise properly. Your dieting plans may not work for you. So you need to keep everything balanced to get good results. You will find a lot of home remedies, eating plans, exercises, and medicine that will help you lose weight.

how to lose 10 pounds in a month

 Some of these eating plans and exercises may work on your body. On the other hand, it may not show you the satisfactory results in an estimated period of time.

If you follow the steps that are given below then surely you can lose 10-pound weight within a month. Here are 10 steps you can follow to lose 10 pounds in a month.

1. Control Your Calories Intake

The 1st thing you need to do is: Change your eating plan. You should know how much calories your body needs daily. That will help you decrease the calories intake. You can control your calories by increasing daily activity or by changing the diet plan.

lose weight fast

Try to use food with less protein because you need to keep your daily calories target up to 1000. Which is less than the total daily energy expenditure that is 1800 calories to 2000 calories.

You need to follow this routine for the next thirty days. When your body does not get the required calories to burn. It will automatically restore the extra fat from our blood and mix it with the lipoproteins. They will carry these fats to the required parts of the body where it is needed.

You should know that 1 lb body fats contain approximately 3,500 calories. So if your target is to burn 10 lb fats in a month. You need to take less than half calories your body needs a day. Then you need to do an extra workout daily to burn the already stored calories in your body.

2. Make a Cardio Workout Routine

A regular workout routine will help you burn more calories and keeps your heart healthier. If you workout 20 to 30 minutes daily with a weight loss diet plan. You can lose up to 0.5 pounds of weight daily and 3.5 pounds (1.5 Kg) in a week.

how much weight can you lose in a month

If you focus on burning 400 to 500 calories daily your weekly weight loose results will increase. Cardio Workout will not only help you lose extra fat. It will also keep your heart healthy, keep your mind relaxed and boost your immunity system. Your blood circulation will increase that will keep you energetic all day.

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If you want to do some indoor exercises to lose your body fat. There are a lot of complete body workouts you can try at home. Here are some best exercises to lose 7-pound weight in a week.

Split Jump is an amazing exercise for your legs and butt. Bend your knees completely while your both hands holding up to your shoulders. It is a very effective exercise for your lower body workout. You will feel burn in your thighs, butts & calf.

Squat Thrusters, Bicep Curl, Burpees, Push-Up Jacks, Surrenders, and Core Body Hops. All these exercises make a complete 7 total-body workout that burns Fat Fast.

3. Eat Vegetables For Weight lose

Vegetables are a good source of energy nutrients. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The good thing is that vegetables contain very less amount of calories so they are an incredible alternative of refined carbs.

how to lose 10 pounds

They are high in calories that can easily absorb by the blood and cause an increase in blood sugar level. The nutrients level in refined carbs is very low that can not fulfill our body needs.

There are 5 most filling vegetables that make a good weight loss diet for you:

Artichokes are a good source of fiber and water that protect your bones and skin. It is also a good source of vitamin C and magnesium.

Broccoli is also rich in fiber and more than 90 percent contain water. It helps to reduce heart diseases, cancer risk and improve your immune system.

Peas enrich veggie in fiber, water and surprisingly contain 8-grams protein per cup. That makes it a good source of protein for our body.

Carrots are very healthy for human eyesight. It contains Protein, Fiber, Vitamin-C and a small number of carbohydrates in it.

Sweet Potatoes are rich in antioxidants called carotenoids. It keeps your skin healthy. Potatoes are also a great source of fiber and other very useful nutrients.

There are many other vegetables which makes you feel full even with low carbohydrates and fats.

4. Stop Counting Calories

You don’t need to do maths and calculations after every meal. Most people do this mistake, they start counting there calories intake after every meal which is not necessary. If your diet is balanced after some time you will feel the difference.

how many calories in a pound of fat

Just make sure a few things. No access amount of calories and carbohydrates and do, not even cutoff carb food completely. It may cause to feel weakness and you become unable to do your daily tasks.

Our body does not absorb all the calories we eat, some calories may utilize in our daily activities. A number of calories are wasted and some calories are stored for later use in our body, that become fats. If we strictly monitor our calories intake it may cause restriction from healthy food.

5. Choose Healthy Beverages

Cold drinks,  Soda & Energy drinks are one of the main causes of weight gain and extra fats in our body. They contain an access amount of sugar and extra calories that cause damage to our bones and metabolic system overtime.

how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks

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Your mind needs to be relaxed and energetic. You can find some best juices for memory and brain-boosting. That contains Vitamin B, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Omega 3 and Omega 6.

If you want to lose weight you need to stop taking sugar concentrated energy drinks and cold drinks. You can use organic juice like milkshakes, fruit nectars and try to increase your daily water intake as it keeps you healthy.

6. Improve Digestion By Eating Less

The human brain gets a delayed message from stomach about 7 to 10 minutes. That your appetite is full and you don’t need more food. If you eat slowly, your body will get exactly the amount of food which is required.

how much weight can you lose in a week

Next step is the digestion of your food. Digestion process started as soon as you start eating. Try to chew your food as much as you can and beak it into small pieces. The more you chew your food the amount of saliva will produce in your mouth. It will help you digest your food easily and consume more nutrients.

The more you chew the food your stomach will use less effort to digest nutrients and protein from the food. If you eat fast and without any concentration, you can eat plenty of food in less time. But it will cause problems like indigestion and bloating of gas in your stomach.

7. Add Fiber To Your Diet

As you know Fiber is an extremely useful carbohydrate that helps our stomach to digest food. Fiber itself stays undigested through the body but it helps to keep the blood sugar steady.

how many calories to lose a pound

Fiber keeps our stomach less empty and makes us feel less hungry. The latest research shows fiber has a very strong effect on weight loss.

If we increase fiber intake by 14 grams daily it will help us decrease our calories intake by 10% 4.2 pounds of weight loss in 4 months. seeds, nuts, legumes, and oat bran contain fiber but vegetables, wheat bran, and whole grains are good sources of fiber.

8. Add Some Good Habits To Your Daily Routine

Take a short walk: After every meal do not take rest rather go for a walk or do some pushups or air squats. These activities will activate GLUT-4 receptors in your skeletal muscles. It will provide more food for your muscles rather than just storing fats in your body.

how to lose fat

Get Enough Sleep Every Night: You body and mind needs a sleep of 7 to 8 hours in a day to work properly. Make a complete dark out in your room and get at-lest 7 hours sleep daily.

The latest research studies show that taking proper sleep increase hunger and ghrelin. It is a hormone that increases appetite. That is a significant factor for weight loss. Taking proper sleep for about 7-8 hours increases the chances of weight loss by 33% in women.

Avoid Alcohol: Alcohol contains more amount of calories than carbohydrates. According to new research, alcohol is the mother of all problems related to weight loss. Alcohol disturbs your sleep schedule. It also affects your estrogen levels (rises) and your body store more fat than a normal person.

9. Eat a High-Protein Breakfast

Starting your day with a high-protein breakfast is a good practice to stay energetic and active throughout the day. High-protein meal keeps your appetite full and helps you reduce your calories intake.

best diet to lose weight

The latest research shows an increase in protein intake reduces the amount of calories intake by 30%  every day and lower body weight by 11 pounds(4.9 Kg).

10. Create a Positive Atmosphere Around You

A balanced diet and a proper exercise will not give you fast results unless you have a strong positive mind and heart that “You Can Do It”. You need to remind your goal, take a photo of you put it on the calendar chart. Mark your starting day take your photo every week, feel the improvement, “Stay Motivated and Stay Focused on Your Goal”.

how to lose 10 pounds in a week

Your surrounding has a very strong effect on your thoughts and success. Stay away from discouraging people and those who make fun of you. Always keep good company with encouraging people.

Keep a steady routine, do proper exercise and take a balanced diet and surely you will see the results sooner than you expected.

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