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How To Lose Weight Eating Pasta?

Suggesting a pasta meal to your friend who is on a diet is surely going to get some serious side eye with very colorful terms of “endearment”. You have the “keto” diet to blame for this, it’s one of those “fad” diets that’s been a rage for a while.

Cue “superhero” music, science just proved that cutting out carbs (especially pasta) isn’t necessary in order to lose weight. Science just restored pasta’s villainous role to that of a hero.

How To Lose Weight Eating Pasta

This Try Articles article shows you how your favorite pasta dishes can help you bring those numbers down on your weighing machine. Follow through to learn more!

Some Science And Facts On Pasta

According to a new meta-analysis published on 3rd April 2018, scientists found that if the pasta was consumed in combination with a low GI diet, it could affect your weight and body measurements in a positive way.

“Glycemic Index” is used as a means to rate how quickly food consumed impacts on your blood sugar level. Foods with a low GI, raise your blood sugar level slowly. In comparison to high GI foods such as white rice, white bread or potatoes, pasta has a restively low Glycemic Index. Besides foods with low GI keep you fuller for a long period of time while refined sugars (high GI) will have you craving for a snack in between meals.

Facts About Pasta

Before we jump into the diet, here are some very informative facts about pasta that will help you center your diet on them:

  • Pasta is low in calories. Pasta contains very few calories and extremely little fat. A single plate of pasta contains 180 calories! This Italian mainstay is still however rich in carbohydrates. The catch here is that they need to be consumed with a low GI diet. (More on that later)
  • Pasta has a “Satiety Index” pasta have a stodgy appearance that fills the stomach, demolishing your need to have a snack in between meals. This holds truer for whole wheat pasta which is high in proteins.
  • Pasta contains complex sugars, that’s re-digested slowly by the stomach and hence release their energy throughout the day rather than all at once. And as pasta has a glycemic index of 40 to 50, their slow digestion does not trigger an increase of insulin in the body. Insulin stimulates appetite.
  • As mentioned earlier wheat pasta is healthier. Not only is it high in proteins it’s rich in vitamin B and “phytosterol”; molecules that keep cholesterol build up at bay. They’re an all-rounder when it comes to weight loss.

Incorporating Pasta In Our Diet

Healthy Pasta

And finally to the good part, how to incorporate pasta into your diet? The pasta diet has two phases.

The Weight Loss Phase

This diet doesn’t only have pasta as the main dish, you don’t have to eat pasta night and day. Other foods are also incorporated. What’s more this diet doesn’t ask you to skip meals! Like all healthy diets, it should have the right balance of vitamins and proteins to keep our body fit. This diet has a strict measure of the consumption of fat though. A minimum level of fat (such as a tablespoon of oil) should be enough.

The Stabilization Phase

Once you’ve cut down on the extra pounds, your body begins to stabilize. You can return to a balanced diet that will keep all your hard work by keeping you in shape. This doesn’t mean you cannot have pasta now and then as part of your diet.

The diet consists of 7-day cycles out of which 6 days are spent consuming pasta and the last day is free to come up with anything you’d like to eat. This diet lasts for a month in 2 periods per 2 weeks. Since the weight loss phase lasts two weeks. This is where you shed all your extra weight.

Pasta Types To Consume And Avoid

Types Of Pasta

When consuming for the benefit, the obvious choice is obviously the one with the low GI. And vice versa for the opposite intention.

Types Of Pasta To Choose From

  • Spaghetti.
  • Noodles.
  • Shells.
  • Fettucine.
  • Tortellini.
  • Vermicelli.

Types Of Pasta To Stay Away From

  • Macaroni and Cheese.
  • Ravioli (with meat).
  • Gnocchi.
  • Asian noodles with rice flour.
  • Rice vermicelli.

Bear in mind that each pasta type has its own satiety index and plays a major role in which you choose to incorporate into your diet. Kinds of pasta with the best satiety index are completely dry pasta or dry egg pasta. Conventional dry pasta is somewhere in the middle of this best to worst scale. The worst pasta in terms of satiety index is fresh pasta sold in supermarkets.

How To Make Your Pasta Diet Fun?

Besides pasta, you can add lots of veggies as another source of proteins and fiber. This can include walnuts, peas, almonds, beans, and chickpeas. You can either grill, steam or stir-fry your veggies tables to add that extra something to your food.

Pasta With Fish

Incorporate a bit of fish or lean meat such as chicken breasts or turkey or even duck meat. You can make your pasta however which way you want. Just make sure it is balanced! Also, bear in mind that pasta alone isn’t the key to losing weight. The weight loss is a result of the overall intake of low GI foods and not just pasta alone.

Hoping this Try Articles article save the day for you, or should we say saved that pasta craving for you while you lose weight! Haha! Who knew something that is and has been advertised for heaping on pounds on your body can actually aid you in losing weight?

Let us know if you try the pasta diet and how well t performed for you and if you reached your weight goal with this diet program.

Feedback from our readers are highly valuable at Try Articles! Looking forward to hearing back.

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