How To Lubricate Rubber Bushings?

Generally your car should give you a comfortable ride. But not all the times; sometimes you feel uncomfortable on your seat, facing unexpected vibrations and sounds. These squeaks, vibrations and sounds are normally associated with the drying out or wearing out of the rubber bushings in your car.

However the rubber bushings are not the only reason for such unwanted noises in your car; it may be something else as well. But normally these types of sounds and vibrations are most likely to be coming from the rubber bushings.

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With a little experience in driving, you might be in a position to know the real cause of such vibrations and squeaks. However, as a general rule, the first thing you must check in this situation is the rubber bushings. If you can catch the fault in its earlier stages, the remedy may be very easy.

Most likely, it is due to drying of lubricant in the rubber bushings. If so, the remedy is so simple; just lubricate the bushings. But if you leave it unattended, the ultimate result may be complete wearing out of the bushings thus requiring its replacement.

But the most important thing is how to lubricate these bushings. In this article we will give you useful tips on this subject.

What Are The Rubber Bushings?

A component in the cars, made up of rubber, which is used to insulate two moving metallic parts is called the bushing. Function of these bushings is to reduce energy transmitted between two moving metallic parts. If there is no such insulator between such moving parts, it may result in huge vibration and friction that will ultimately damage the two parts.

So, we can say that rubber bushings are meant to protect the metallic parts and simultaneously give a comfortable, free of vibrations ride in your car.

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Rubber bushings are used commonly in transmission shifter, shock absorbers, control arms, mountings and sway bar etc. Normally the material used in production of rubber bushes is polyurethane known for its durability. This material is more reliable and durable as compared to conventional rubber.

However the traditional rubber is still the preferred choice of manufacturers for most of the bushings used in cars, due to restrictions of NVH standards. Moreover polyurethane bushes need frequent and consistent maintenance.

When To Lubricate Or Replace The Rubber Bushings?

As said earlier, with a little driving experience, you may very well judge when your car needs lubrication of rubber bushings. Commonly, signs like unexpected noise, strange sounds, squeaks and vibrations are the alerts for you to consider lubricating the rubber bushings of your car.

When fitted in the new car, these bushings are well lubricated by the manufacturers. With the passage of time and consistent usage, the lubricant used in these bushings starts drying out or degraded. In fact, these bushings have to absorb lots of friction and vibrations while the car in on move. This leads to drying or degrading of the lubricant.

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Once the lubricant has started drying up, you experience squeaks, vibrations and strange sounds while driving. You may also start feeling uncomfortable in your seat as well.

Once you observe any of these signs, you should immediately think about lubricating the bushings. Although there may be other reasons of such unwanted sounds and vibrations, yet you have to start with the basics, i.e. lubricating the bushings. If problem persists, you may consult the professionals for removing the fault.

What Types Of Lubricants Are Available?

There are different types of lubricants available in market but be careful, all of these are not suitable for rubber bushings of your car. A lubricant with an oil base or a petroleum based lubricant is not recommended for rubber bushings. These types of lubricants have a damaging effect on rubber bushings by way of swelling and disintegration.

types of lubricants

So, the best option is to use the silicon spray for lubricating rubber bushings. However the rubber lube is yet another good option. These types of lubricants enhance the performance and useful life of rubber bushings while giving you a smooth ride.

How To Lubricate Rubber Bushings?

Now comes the most important part of the subject, how to lubricate the rubber bushings. In fact, there are so many rubber bushings in the car but not all can be lubricated at your own. However, with increased popularity of DIY techniques, you can learn how to lubricate most of the rubber bushings of your car.

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For this purpose, you may need to have a proper tools kit comprising of gadgets such as ratchet and sockets, screwdrivers, C-clamp, lubricant, rust solution, hacksaw and hammer.

  • First of all locate the rubber bushings that need lubrication. Just examine the parts where such rubber bushings are installed and mark the ones that need lubrication.
  • Buy a good lubricant of a reputable brand.
  • Wash the parts and their surrounding areas so that all dirt and dust should be wiped out and the parts are perfectly clean.
  • Remove rust, if any, from these parts with the rust solution. Just apply or spray the solution and wait for a while. Then clean the surface with soft cloth.
  • Normally there should be bolts that hold the bushing with the metallic parts. If so, remove these bolts and you will reach the inside of the parts where bushings are placed in between the two moving parts of the vehicle.
  • Spray the lubricant thoroughly all around the bushings so that the lubricant is well soaked in the bushings. Make sure that the entire bushing receives ample quantity of lubricant.
  • Replace the bolts and tighten them perfectly. If bolts remain loose, bushings may not work well and the lubricant may dry up soon.
  • Wipe the surrounding areas so that any leftover lubricant outside the rubber bushings should be removed effectively.

After lubricating your car’s rubber bushings, take a test drive. Hopefully the unwanted squeaks, vibrations and strange sounds should be no more there. But in case any such abnormality is still there, it may be a more serious issue for which you may need to take your car to the nearby workshop for professional inspection. Most probably the bushings may have completely worn out and may need immediate replacement.

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