How To Maintain A Turbo Diesel Engine?

Turbo diesel is a kind of diesel engine, which has a turbocharger. A turbocharger or most commonly written as turbo is a device fitted in diesel engines for forced induction that is driven by a turbine. This device is used in internal combustion diesel engines to improve their efficiency. It also improves its power output by way of forced induction of extra air in the combustion chamber.

Due to this, compressor is able to force extra air and resultantly, extra fuel in the combustion chamber, thus enabling to generate more power.

Turbo Diesel Engine

Diesel engines have been in use, since long, in different heavy duty vehicles including cars, due to the fact that these can generator more power as compared to the gasoline or petrol engines. With the invention of turbocharger device, these diesel engine are now capable of generating far more power than the old days’ diesel engines.

Since then the turbo diesel engines are frequently used in heavy trucks and cars. Over the years, more improvement and advancement has been made in the turbo diesel engines, which are now known for their fuel economy and less noise and vibration. Due to this improvement these type of engines are being widely used in industry.

Often check the mountings and nuts and bolts that support the engine for a perfect placement of engine in its place. If any mounting or bolts are broken or get loosened, unwanted vibration of engine will result, which may damage your car diesel engine.

Just like the other engines, turbo diesel engine also need a certain level of maintenance for their optimum performance. If you drive a car, having turbo diesel engine, you must know its basic maintenance requirements. A periodic and regular maintenance is much needed for a turbo diesel to give you a trouble free performance. In this article we will guide you how to maintain a turbo diesel engine.

Avoid Turbocharge Failure

A very common issue reported by various users, is the premature failing of turbocharger. But this is not a manufacturing fault of this device; in fact it is the mishandling by the driver. Often, you start your car start pressing the accelerator, which causes premature failing of turbocharger. Reason?

Turbo Diesel Engine failure

When you start the engine, the engine oil takes some time to reach turbocharger. So, you will have to wait for a couple of minutes before you can push the accelerator of your car. Start the engine and keep your foot away from the race paddle and allow the oil to reach everywhere in the engine, where required, including the turbocharger.

Doing so, you will ensure long life of your turbocharger and turbo diesel engine.

Glow Plugs

Glow Plug is a vital component of diesel engines. These are responsible for heating the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber, before the engine is actually started. When starting a diesel engine, you first turn on the ignition key but don’t start the engine for a few seconds.

glow plugss

This heating time has been reduced to great extent with the latest technologies and now practically it takes just a couple of seconds to heat up the air in the chamber so you can start the engine.

Due to this key role, taking care of glow plugs in your turbo diesel engine, is of utmost importance. Make it your routine to inspect these glow plugs periodically, especially in cold season, when role of glow plugs is even more vital.

Cooling System Of Engine

Turbo diesel engine work with a high compression and pressure. Due to this extra compression huge amount of heat is generated inside the engine. To maintain a workable temperature or heat level in the engine, these engines are equipped with specific cooling systems.

cooling system

So, for a consistent and optimal performance of your diesel engine, you have to take care of the cooling system of engine. Regularly check and if required take your car to the workshop for maintenance of cooling system.

Lubricating Oil Or Engine Oil

Engine Oil is said to be lifeline of any diesel engine. When the engine runs, there are so many components inside the engine that are in touch with each other or actually rub against each other. This necessitates the presence of a lubricating agent around these components. For this purpose, engine oil (Lube Oil) is used in every engine.

engine oil (1)

Another role of lube oil is to control the internal temperature of engine. But this oil has a limited useful life, as with the passage of time, it loses its ability of lubricating the metallic components in engine. That’s why it is recommended to change the oil regularly. Normally replacement of lube oil is required after every 100 hours of running of engine. Don’t delay its change under any circumstances.

Air Filter

Whatever may the type of engine, air filter plays a very important role in its smooth functioning. Whether it is petrol or diesel engine, air has to be sucked in for combustion, in order to ignite the engine. In diesel engine, huge amount of air has to be sucked in for combustion. For intake of pure air, air filters are installed just at the entry point of air in all such engines. So, the role of an air filter is to purify the air, before it enter into the engine.

air filter (1)

With the passage of time, these air filter may get chocked. Regular cleaning and timely replacement of air filter is therefore very important. Some air filters may be re-used after cleaning or changing the element but some are of the type which need replacement of entire unit each time. Make sure to follow the prescribed schedule of cleaning or replacement of the air filter.

Use Of Coolant

Instead of using simple water, it is recommended to use coolants for cooling the engine. Many such products are readily available in your local market. Select one which comes from a reputed brand. Remember, if the coolant is not of a good quality, you will end up with corrosion inside the engine components.


Always use a standard quality lube oil in your turbo diesel engine. High grade, good quality oil will ensure optimum performance of your car engine.

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