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How To Make Distilled Water For Your Car Battery At Home?

How To Make Distilled Water: Distilled water is one of the easiest DIY’s. There are different ways to make purified water.  Simple bottle water contains minerals. Whereas Purified water is made by removing minerals and chemicals from water.

Purified water has many uses. It can be used for watering plants, humidifiers, steam iron, car battery, and many other uses. There are no special requirements and science in making purified water.

How To Make Distilled Water

This post will guide you on How to Make Distilled Water at Home for a car battery.

How To Make Distilled Water

Distilled water is boiled into vapors and condensed back into liquid form in a separate container. Yet it is a purified form. Let us see some different ways to make water distilled.

A Glass Bowl for Distillation of water

It is the easiest and common way for distillation. There are a few steps in making purified water:

  1. Fill a half steel pot, that is stainless with tap water.
  2. Put a glass bowl inside. Make sure it floats and does not touch the base of the pot.
    • Another way if your glass bowl is not floating you can place the round backing rack on the base of the pot. Then put a glass bowl on it.
  3. Water should start boiling before starting the next step.
  4. Condensation effect: Invert the lid of a pot and place cold water or ice cubes on it for condensation. As water is boiling it will make steam to rise and condense on pot lid.
  5. Purified/ distilled water will be collected in the glass bowl. Continue the process until you get the desired amount of the purified water.


Word of Caution:

  • MAKE SURE WATER COLLECTED IN GLASS BOWL DOES NOT BOIL. Turn stove on low flame so pot water is only boiling.
  • Remove the Glass bowl carefully as the bowl will be hot. Allow purified water to cool down before storing and using.

Distillation of Rainwater

It is an unusual process of distillation. Though it is used when short of bottled/tap water.

  1. Collect rainwater in a large container.
  2. Let the rainwater sit for at least 2 days. So that minerals are dissipated.
  3. Water is purified now store it in any container. It can be used immediately as it is not hot.


  • Make sure to boil water collected from this process for drinking. There is a great chance of harmful components are in the water.

Water Distilled with Glass Bottles

Another way of collecting purified water is through glass bottles. Follow the steps below for distillation:

  1. Take 2 glass bottles. It is best if one bottle has an outward curved neck. Otherwise, a curved connector can also be used.
  2. Fill one bottle with water.
  3. Join two bottles together at the neck and tightly secure them with duct tape.
  4. Take a stainless steel pot filled with water. Let the water boil.
  5. Place a glass bottle that is filled with water inside the pot.
  6. Tilt the bottle at an angle that makes it easier to collect evaporated distilled water.
  7. Place an ice pack on the bottle in which purified water is collected. It will cause evaporation in water to condense into the cooler bottle.
  8. Continue the process until you get the desired amount of the purified water.

Distilled Water for Car Battery

The battery is an investment that needs special care to work better and for longer life to get most of your investment. A common car battery is a Lead-acid deep rechargeable battery. It has four main parts:

  1. Negative plate
  2. Positive plate
  3. Separator
  4. Electrolyte

An electrolyte is a solution made up of distilled water. More scientifically speaking it is made up of a mixture of Sulphuric acid ( H2SO4 )and water ( H2O ).

Car battery

Water in electrolyte needs to be maintained. It should be topped off because of chemical reaction takes place in the electrolyte to produce electrons. Water in electrolyte solution evaporates and water is dissipated.

Why Distilled Water Only?

  • It is a purified form of water. Free of salts and minerals that are found in tap or bottled water.
  • If other than distilled water is used than Impurities clog the pores. It creates a layer on the plates of the battery. This affects the chemical reaction in an electrolyte. Furthermore shortens the life span of a  battery.
  • Distilled/Purified water not only prolongs battery life but also enhances the performance of the battery.

Precautions while Topping Off a Battery

Be careful while dealing with batteries. Make sure to wear rubber gloves, glasses and old clothes that are of full sleeves and pants and shoes. You should be covered from head to toe.

Make working area fire-free or anything that can cause combustion. Prepare tools and all the required pieces of equipment.


  1. Find the battery in a car. It is mostly under the hood.
  2. Inspect the battery properly and clean it. This is important so any dirt does not react with the electrolyte.
  3. Remove port covers.
  4. Check the electrolyte level in each cell. Note the electrolyte level should be of an equal amount.

 Distilled Water for car battery

Correct Level of Electrolyte

  • The Correct level means it is ” half a centimeter above the top of terminals. So, it does not need topping off.
  • If water is below this level it needs to be filled. Make a habit to check and refill the electrolyte with distilled water. Otherwise, if the level of electrolyte is too low battery could not operate properly.
  • Fill up the battery with distilled water to a maximum safe level.

Though distilled water is available everywhere, it is cost-effective to make it at home for a car battery.

I hope this post How To Make Distilled Water” assisted you. For more related articles visit:


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