How To Make Essential Oils? Best Ancient Method With Step By Step Guide

Making essential oils at home is quite an easy job to do than what a person perceives of it. Essential oils are also known as volatile oil, that is extracted from the plants.

There are three methods of extraction, but the most common and easy way is steam distillation, in this, you need to purchase the still or you can make your own. Here, you will find the step by step way to “how to make essential oils.”

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Essential oils are highly concentrated oils that are extracted from various aromatic plants such as rose and lavender. There are about 800 plants that contain useful essential oils, these oils are quite expensive to buy but you can get oils at home cheaply with little effort.

What Are Essential Oils?

Before moving forward toward the process of extracting essential oils, let me tell you what is essential oil and where we can use this oil? Well, essential oil is a hydrophobic liquid that contains chemical compounds from plants. Essential oil carries the fragrance of the plant from which it is extracted.

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People extract essential oil because it is expensive at the market or maybe sometimes you didn’t find the one you are looking for. Essential oils can be used for several purposes such as it can be used as a medicine, aromatherapy or you can use in food.

How To Make Essential Oils?

Before going for the making of essential oils, you must be aware of a few things. The most important thing is, you should make sure that the plants you are using must be free pesticides or chemical fertilisers. Because in the steam distillation method, these chemicals will be collected with the oil.

what are essential oils

Remember that never use the herbs or plants that contain the fertilizer for making essential oils. If you are going to use the outdoor herbs, make sure that they are well clean and clear from any kind of spraying.

There are various methods of making essential oils, few of them are listed below:

  • Steam Distillation
  • Extraction
  • Expression

As mentioned earlier that the steam distillation is the easiest one, in this you need to buy the still or you can use the crockpot.

Below are the methods with step by step process through which you can make the essential oils at home easily.

Method 1- Essential Oil Extraction With CrockPot

Using this method, you can extract the essential oil at home easily with the help of crockpot. The things that you will need to extract oil is this way are listed below:

Steps To Follow

Step-1: First put the herbs in the crockpot and fill with the water, the water must not be more than 3/4 of the volume of the crockpot. Put the lid down and close the crockpot.

Step-2: Turn the crockpot on high to heat the water, once the water becomes hot, turn to low. Cook on the low temperature for about 3-4 hours.

Step-3: Once the plants are cooked, turn off the fire and let it cool, after that place the cooked material into the refrigerator for a night.

Step-4: Next day, take the plants out of the refrigerator. You will see a thin layer at the top of the and will be hard because of cooling. This is essential oil of that plant, carefully lift the oil and remember that do this fast because it will start melting.

Step-5: Place this in the bottle and close with the cap. Maybe there is a small amount of water left and you will see it at the bottom. Heat the oil, the liquid will get off in the form of steam. Never heat the oil for a long period, maybe it loses the potency.

Store the rest of the solution in the container and remember that keep it away from the heat and light.

Method 2 – Making Of Essential Oil With Extraction

You can make the essential oil at home through this method. You will need the below ingredients and supplies:

  • Plant parts to extract
  • 120-proof vodka
  • Clear quart glass jar with a lid
  • Small dark-colored bottle
  • Porcelain-coated strainer
  • Small glass bowl
  • Tight-weave cheesecloth
  • A spoon and medicine dropper

Steps To Follow

Step-1: Choose the plants of your choice or need and clean them properly. Dehydrate them to remove the natural water content on them.

Step-2: Take the jar and put the plants into it. Add vodka into the jar until the herbs are submerged. Now place the jar in the cupboard for 3-4 days at room temperature. Daily take the jar out and shake it well for few minutes.

Step-3: Wear the gloves and mask, take the jar and pour the plant material from the vodka solution by using the porcelain-coated strainer. Now shake the plant material into the cheesecloth and squeeze it out by hand to take every last bit of vodka out.

Step-4: Repeat step 3, use the same vodka. The more you do this, you will be able to extract the more essential oil.

Step-5: Return the vodka into the quart and seal it. Keep it again in the cupboard at room temperature and leave it for 1-2 days.

Step-6: You will see a separation of essential oil from the vodka after the mentioned time. Take the jar out and place it in the freezer.

Step-7: Take out the jar, get the thin layer on the herbs materials and place it on the cheesecloth laid inside the bowl. Use the lose the cheesecloth and pour the vodka into another jar. The frozen layer above the solution is an essential oil.

Now you get the idea about how to make essential oils on your own at home. Remember that use the fresh plants instead of dried plants because in dry herbs the essential oil is less.

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