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How To Make Hair Grow Faster Naturally?

Who has never wished for their hair to grow faster? Especially when the hairdresser cuts an extra few inches of your hair. Which, you most certainly were not prepared for.

A magical spell is what we all wish for! And a magical spell is what nature has to offer! There are plenty of natural ways to enhance the speed of hair growth. This TryArticles article discusses some tried and tested ways to nurture the hair to help them grow at a healthy rate.

How To Make Hair Grow Faster Naturally

Nurturing From Within

It’s actually more important to take care of our hair from within. Whatever we eat reflects on our hair and skin. Also, the results are faster when you aim to fix the issue from the inside.

Healthy Diet

Your diet is a key element towards healthy living in general.
Food For Healthy Hair

A well-balanced diet improves the health of the entire body’s system and encourages better performances of all of our organs. For a great natural hair growth, we need  to increase the intake of foods that contain sufficient water intake.

Water Intake

Water For Healthy Hair

Sounds odd when you think of how water can help hair. As we all know the human body is made up of 60% water. Which means, to help it perform better, we need to keep giving it what it’s made of. Water helps the body stay hydrated and that in return helps the hair follicle be less dry and limp. This further promotes better growth of hair naturally.

Hair Treatments

Hair treatments are a great way to give your hair the boost it requires. A pampering session every now and then helps the hair a great deal. You could get the treatments from a salon or easily do some at home.

At-Home Hair Masks

It’s wiser and easier to prepare hair masks at home. There are plenty of options to choose from.  And you can always target the problem you’re trying to solve. There are different masks for achieving particular results.

Olive Oil And Yogurt Hair Mask

Olive oil helps with the strengthening your hair and bringing natural shine to it. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamin A and E. Yogurt is a great option for bringing moisture to the hair.

Olive Oil And Yogurt Hair Mask
  • Olive Oil — 3 Tbsp.
  • Yogurt — 2 Tbsp.

Mix, both the ingredients in a bowl and then apply to unwashed hair. Because you will be washing them after the mask anyway. Massage in the prepared blend from the roots to the tips. You can increase the amount according to the length of your hair. Just keep the same ratio of measurements. Let the mask sit in your hair for 30 minutes to an hour. Rinse well with your regular shampoo. You can repeat this mask once per week, or as per your hair’s requirement.

Yogurt, Egg And Honey Hair Mask

The egg is full of healthy protein that helps the hair grow stronger. Yogurt plays an amazing role as a natural conditioner. Honey is added for its anti-bacterial properties and it strengthens the hair follicle for healthy growth.

Egg, Honey And Yogurt Hair Mask
  • Egg — 1.
  • Yogurt — 5 Tbsp.
  • Honey — 2 Tbsp.

Measure out all the ingredients in a bowl. Use a whip to mix well, especially the egg. Once all of the ingredients have combined, your mask is ready to be applied. Massage in well, from the roots to the tips.

Hot Oil Treatments

For this treatment you can use any oil of your liking, most people prefer coconut oil. There are two ways to do the hot oil treatment.

Hot Hair Oil Treatments

Way 1

Massage an adequate amount of coconut oil in your hair. Then put on a shower cap and use a hair drier to add heat to the hair. Do this for about 15 minutes. Let the hair sit in the heat for another 15 minutes, giving your hair a proper half-an-hour treatment to soak up all the goodness of coconut oil. You may prolong the timings as per your need and liking.

Way 2

Warm up the oil in a microwave or a pan. It should be warm enough to touch and massage with. Next, when you have thoroughly massaged the oil into your hair, make a bun and let it sit for an hour on your head. The warmth is all the magic here. It helps the oil penetrate into your scalp and nourish the hair follicle completely.

Scalp Massage

Scalp Massage

The point to note in a scalp massage is the time. The time of massage is very vital as the longer you massage the scalp the better the results. So take an hour or two out just to pamper yourself with a nice massage on your own or at your favorite spa destination. It improves the blood circulation and this reflects better health and growth of hair.

Regular Trims

Regular Trims For Healthy Hair

Regular trims are a very necessary step to maintain a good rate of hair growth. This ensures that we get rid of any split ends before they make our hair weaker and easy to break.

What To Avoid To Ensure Good Hair Growth?

Prevention is key and that’s true in this case as well. It’s best to avoid things that will cause damage to our hair and hinder hair growth.

Styling Tools

Heat Styling Tools

Hot hair styling tools like hot rods, flat irons, and hair dryers, all cause damage to the hair. Minimizing the use of these will help hair stay healthy and also cause lesser split ends and burnt hair ends.

Hair Dyes

Of course, hair dyes have skyrocketed as hair trends have made their space in everyone’s life. It’s amazing to see your self-go from brunette to light platinum, but the amount of damage it does to your hair is not quite worth it. There are some safer versions but still are not good enough to keep your hair healthy.

Hair Dyes Damaging Hair

Try using less of hair dyes, to help your hair grow better and not abrade it of its natural oils due to too much hair dyeing.

Hoping, this article helped you out to it’s best. We love hearing back from you. Let us know when you try the hair mask and how a bit of healthy lifestyle change helped your hair’s health.

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