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How To Make Homemade Orange Essential Oil?

Looking for an organic alternative for a vitamin C packed topical application? Well, then you have landed yourself in the right space! There is no better source of potent vitamin C than oranges.

With that said, there is also possibly no better alternative to a product produced by nature. And the effects? Obviously, the effects are no match to the synthetically produced clones of the same product. In this Try Articles article, we teach you how to make your very own orange essential oil.

How To Make Homemade Orange Essential Oil

Types Of Oranges

There are numerous varieties of oranges.  They are all special in their own kind of way. We’ve listed down some of the varieties they come in.

Blood Orange

Blood Oranges

As the name signifies the presence of a striking red in the orange, that’s where this orange takes its name from.  These kinds of oranges. A large amount of anthocyanin is what causes the orange to have the red color. These oranges are a natural mutation of C sinensis.

The blood orange category further has the following oranges in it:

  • Maltese.
  • Moro.
  • Sanguinelli.
  • Scarlet Navel.
  • Tarocco.

Mandarin Orange

Mandarin Oranges

Mandarin oranges have thin loose peels. They come in two different sizes. One is the same as a sweet orange and the other is smaller in comparison to the former. Their juice is very sweet. The mandarin orange is further divided into two types. Let’s explore the mandarin orange further.


A hybrid of mandarin and sweet orange with a glossy peel. Their peel is slightly thinner than a sweet orange. They are rich in potassium and contain high amounts of vitamin C. This helps in removing blemish-causing bacteria when used on the face in a diluted form.


Another hybrid of tangerine, these are filled with B-Vitamin complex. This means they are loaded with folic acid. Folate helps in blood circulation and has many added benefits for pregnant women.



Grapefruit is an accidental hybrid. It is a cross between a sweet orange and pomelo. It is a semi-sweet fruit and somewhat of a bitter fruit. They have high health benefits for the skin. These types of oranges are loaded with vitamins particularly vitamin A and vitamin C.

Making The Orange Essential Oil

Now, that we are well acknowledged with the different types of oranges. You can take your pick and choose one that you want to make an essential oil out of. Once you’ve decided that, the process is the same for every type.


  • Orange peels.
  • Vodka or Grain Alcohol.


Get your orange peels washed and dried. Lay them on a tray, topped with a cookie sheet. You can let it dry for a few days to maybe a few weeks. We need to ensure they are completely dry. They should be hard like a rock. Transfer the dried peel into a food processor. Do not over process the peels as we do not want to lose the oil during this process. Once you see the mushy texture, it’s a sign that it’s done.

Orange Peels

Now transfer the blended orange peels into an airtight jar (best bet is a mason jar with an aluminum lid). Fill the jar with vodka or grain alcohol. Make sure all the chopped up orange peels are dipped in it. Keep shaking the jar momentarily from day to day. This way we ensure the oil penetrates into the peels and we get the most extract out of it. The longer the peels are steeped into this concoction, the potent the extract and the better the results.

When the time period of at least a month of soaking the sun and the vodka is over, the extract is ready and can be filtered into a dropper bottle for ease of use.

How To Use The Prepared Orange Essential Oil?

It is important to dilute essential oils before applying due to their potent abilities.

Just take a few drops of the orange essential oil and add it to you regularly used face cream or moisturizer. Just to be on the safe side, citrusy essential oils can cause a bit of photosensitivity when worn out in the sun. Make sure to either wear a sunblock after applying this or wear it when you are staying indoors or at night before going to sleep.

Orange Peel Essential Oil

You can also create your own face serum by adding a few drops in a carrier oil. The scent of the orange essential oil is so uplifting and rejuvenating that you could even add it to your body butter or wherever you would like to smell fresh and citrus. Your options are unlimited. Just make sure you always dilute before applying.

Extra Tips

  • To ensure a great quality of essential oil, make sure you purchase high-quality organic oranges.
  • You can use a cheesecloth or a very fine cloth to ensure lesser traces of residue in the final product.
  • Always do a patch test under your ear, near the jawline to eradicate any chances of reaction on your skin.
  • The orange essential oil has a proper orange color and can stain the skin and clothes, so use it wisely.
Orange And Orange Peels

So, don’t throw away those orange peels yet! Follow this guide and prepare your very own orange essential oil. There is nothing better than preparing something for the health of your skin under your own supervision. This entails all the hygienic doubts anyone could ever have. It’s a foolproof procedure and the results are immaculate!

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