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How To Make Milk Tea: Best Way To Make Bubble Tea & Boba Tea

How To Make Milk Tea? From China and Taiwan to Britain and South America, adding milk to tea is an old custom. Milk is a way to add a smooth texture to your most loved tea with new and powerful tisanes.

how to make milk tea

There are a couple of guidelines and procedures you have to ace to make an ideal cup of tea. There is not only one approach to add milk to your tea. Whether you like to drink the tea cold or hot, there is an option for you to mix ice in it or not. Keep things attractive by trying these four famous tea and milk drinks.

Methods To Make Milk Tea

There are a few types and we’ll go over the most famous. A few teas, like our milk oolong, with a rich, smooth taste right when you mix enjoys adding the milk.

Whether you like cafe-style lattes or the finished bubble milk tea, tea with milk never gets old. Carry on for the most famous approaches to drink milk with your favorite teas.

British Milk Tea

Nobody drinks tea like the British. With national meetings and get-togethers rotating around tea, the UK realizes how to serve a teacup. From imperial social events to daily visits with companions, British tea is important.

British Milk Tea

Tea and crumpets are a staple of British Life. If you need to drink tea like the British and Irish over the lake, look at the milk tea formula directions mentioned below:

Method To Make It

  • Begin with a tea bag or loose leaf tea of your choice. The most famous British teas incorporate Earl Gray, Darjeeling and breakfast mixes. You can pick conventional Asian or herbal alternatives also.
  • Heat up some water to the best possible temperature and immerse your teacup or tea kettle.
  • Give the tea a chance to soak for the recommended time. Make a point not to mix or press the tea sack or free tea leaves while fermenting.
  • Add warm or hot milk to your blended tea. You can use normal dairy milk, rice milk, and soy milk depending upon your taste.

Note that milk used in tea is to improve the taste of the tea. Including an excess of milk will camouflage the kind of tea and can result in flat cups. Expect to add enough milk to do a tan shading. Stir to mix and enjoy.

Iced Milk Tea

Nothing says summer like a chilled pitcher of iced tea in the yard. Make your iced tea delicious by including milk for a velvety, smooth texture. Iced milk tea is the ideal treat on a sweaty evening and you can garnish with lemons.

iced milk tea

Iced tea is one of the most used teas in summer, especially in hot areas.

Method To Make It

  • To make sure your iced milk tea is full of flavor use two tea packs. You can also use 2 tablespoons of free leaf tea for every 8 ounces of water.
  • Mix the frosted tea as you would some British milk tea. Carry water to a moving bubble and soak tea leaves for some time.
  • Include a limited quantity around 2 teaspoons of consolidated milk to your tea milk.
  • Remember that dense milk is particularly sweet. So do not use much.
  • Fill your glass or pitcher full with ice 3D shapes or ice shards. Empty tea mix into a glass and enjoy.

Bubble Tea (Boba)

Bubble tea or boba is one of the most recent tea rages to hit the Western World. With chewy dark custard pearls, boba tea began in Taiwan. Back in the 1980s before spreading through Southeast Asia and touching American shores.


Earlier, Boba tea was made with foamy milk still basil seeds or solid shapes of jam. Now dark custard pearls are normal. You can make this tea utilizing Chinese, Indian or Ceylon dark teas or any obvious tea or herbal tea you would like.

Preparation Method

To make this tea, you will have to get your hands on custard pearls., it’s common these days and you can find boba at Asian supermarkets or on Amazon.

1. Cook Tapioca Pearls

Custard pearls with cooking guidelines, you should use 7 parts water to 1 part custard pearls. The cook time for boba pearls is around 10 minutes on high temperature or until they are delicate and chewy. Make a point to mix once in a while to keep the pearls from staying. When cooked, blend boba with sugar syrup add sugar and protect any pearls you use right away.

2. Flush the Pearls and Sweeten

Custard pearls ought to be flushed with tepid or cold water once they have been bubbled. Spot the pearls in a fine work strainer or tea strainer before pouring the water. If you are going to store plenty of pearls, enable them to cool to room temperature before putting away in the cooler for as long as 4 days.

Most boba teas you find in stores are improved using amazing sugars consolidated milk. You can use powdered sugar, dark colored sugar, or works of art, nectar to improve your bubble milk tea. You can also add a Hong Kong turn to this tea by utilizing consolidated milk.

3. Add to tea

Meanwhile, mix your tea following the British rules mentioned above.

Tea Latte

Much the same as bistro lattes, tea lattes are made utilizing steamed milk. You can convert any tea into a latte from the dark teas to flawless flavors like cooked darker rice and jasmine. The most basic teas that are filled in as lattes incorporate chai tea and green teas.


Tea latte is one of the best tea in the world. It is used almost all over the world.

Method To Make It

Make it in the following method:

1. Include Tea

Begin by including your tea bag or free leaf tea and steeping ball to your cup. You can use an assortment of tea vessels including a typical tea mug.

2. Prepare Water

Bubble water to wanted temperature and immerse your cup. For natural teas, use bubbling water. Go for a water temperature of 212 F. For green and white teas your high temp water should reach in the range of 150 and 180 F.

Oolong teas and Pu-erf teas create flavors best at 190 to 200 F, while standard dark teas ought to be around 200 to 212 F.

3. Soak

Most teas should soak from 1 to 5 minutes. Enable your tea to soak for 1 moment. Afterward, taste at regular intervals to get the flavor profile you like. Teas that soak longer more often than not have more good flavor and result in solid tea.

4. Warmth Milk

While your tea is soaking, heat 1/2 cup of milk in a pot until it steams or pops it into the microwave for 45 seconds. You can utilize entire cream or a milk option, for example, coconut milk or almond milk.

5. Froth Milk

When warmed, move the milk into a mug or treated steel compartment and utilize a milk frother to whip the milk. Mean to have about a half-inch of froth on top before adding to your tea. If you have an espresso machine that steams milk, you can use that. You also put the milk in a mixed drink shaker and shake vigorously.

6. Add milk to tea

Empty the steamed milk into your tea mug and enjoy! If you like to improve your tea lattes, join the milk, and tea. Sprinkle with nutmeg or cinnamon to include a fiery taste.

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