How To Merge Cells In Excel? In Microsoft Excel, the cells are of very small size. So, if you need to give a heading or title to a spreadsheet you will need to merge the cells. When two cells are merged in Excel, it usually saves the data of the first cell rather than merging both cell’s data.

how to merge cells in excel

Merging cells in Excel is quite an easy task. You do not need much of an effort. You just need to know which cells you are going to merge. You can merge any number of cells depending upon the length of your text. If you are giving a title to the sheet you may want to merge and center align the cells.

How To Merge Cells In Excel?

There are many ways of merging cells in Excel. Let’s have a look at them.

Merge And Center In Excel

One simple way is to use the Merge and Center option from the Home tab. Being easy and simple it has a very serious issue. If you want to merge two cells from two columns the data will be lost. You will only be left with the data from the leftmost column. The data from the right column will be lost.

merge and center

Before it happens excel will give you a warning. It will warn you about the loss of data from the right cells. If you select the merge and center option a warning will pop-up on the screen. It will state that merging the cells only keeps left cell data and discard the other values.

If you proceed with this the cells will merge and you will lose the data or values from the right cells. Your cells will be merged and you will have one bigger cell instead of two small. This will let you write more values in one cell without any problem of display.

Center Across Selection

Other than Merge and Center, you can also utilize Center Across Selection. All you have to do is that select the cells that you wish to merge. Then you will need to press Ctrl + 1. This will pop-up a format cells box. You will choose the Alignment tab. In the horizontal drop-down choose Center Across Selection.

Center Across Selection

Click OK. It will merge the cells that if you enter anything in the leftmost cell it will get centered. But you will still be able to select each cell separately. This will not give any error on your spreadsheet. Also, the data will be sorted in their respective cells without being lost. But make sure data is only in the left cell.

Applying Formula On Cells

You can also use a formula to merge any two cells in Excel. The formula is also simple and easy to remember. You will need to use the CONCATENATE formula. For example, let’s say you are to merge cell A1 and B1. You will enter the formula in cell C1: =CONCATENATE(A1,” “, B1).

This will combine the cells A1 and B1 along with a separator. If you don’t want the separator you will use the formula =CONCATENATE(A1, B1). This will merge the cells without any separator in the next cell C1. You can copy the result in the cell in which you wanted to merge.

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