For years and years now, we are doing comparisons. In fact, it is the part of our thinking in daily routine. By comparing things we can get a better idea of the world. But did you know that when comparison takes the shape of an illness or inferiority complex? Yes, you are thinking right; it will become an inferiority complex when you start to compare yourself with others. We feel like we are nothing and are less important. But my friends that isn’t  the case.

If you want to overcome your inferiority complex, then Tryarticles is here for you. Go with the following beneficial habits and you will feel powerful, peaceful, and strong. So, here we go.

How to overcome your inferiority complex

Find The Root Of Your Inferiority Complex

There are two main types of inferiority complex:

  • The inferiority complex which is with you from your childhood is one of the types of inferiority complex. It can either be because of neglecting parents, by bullying or anything.
  • The second type of inferiority complex develops when you fail to achieve your goals in life and starts comparing yourself with others.

Please, guys always remember that these both types are associated with low self-esteem and it will break your own personality into pieces.

Watch For The Signs Of Inferiority Complex

Sometimes with your unconsciousness, you are doing such things which are as a result of inferiority complex. You can’t get it at first but it starts to rust your mind and your thinking. You try to put on a mask on your face to convince people that you are better. You may experience anxiety, hesitate to trust others, low self-esteem, and fear of rejection. You start to isolate yourself from society.

Determine Who You Feel Inferior To

If you have an inferiority complex then take out your pen and paper and start writing how do you feel inferior to attractive people? Successful or smarter people? People who are making more money than you?

Inferiority complex

After selecting one question from above, choose a specific name of someone in your life and figure out that how that person isn’t superior to you? Is he a caring person like you? Is he more hardworking than you? Does he have moral values like you?

Empty Your Cup

You have to break your complex by emptying your cup. Because the cup is not useful until, unless its empty.

Everyone has some traits which he would like to improve. Don’t think too much of other people qualities, just try to become a better version of yourself. Just care about your health and move forward in your life.Overcoming the Inferiority complex

Perfection Is A Lie

You have to understand that we all are inferior in some ways. Everyone on this planet is inferior to someone in some way. Maybe I am inferior to you in many ways. Maybe someone around you is intelligent, someone maybe beautiful or attractive, another person may be rich. Everyone has their own combinations. Just find yours and don’t make comparisons.

Be You

You have the permission to take people as your inspirations and role models but don’t try to be someone else. Be you. you can ask yourself that how can I learn from other people? What are they doing that I am not doing? Try to figure out things more logically not emotionally.

Do Not Worry About What Others Think

Make a corner in your brain and write on it that ONLY YOUR OPINIONS MATTER! Inferiority complex arises when we are constantly thinking about others opinion about us. Always focus on your strengths. Don’t hear the judgments because they are imaginary many times.

Continue Working On Yourself

Work on yourself

You can work on your own. Be a better you as compared to yesterday. Try to set new goals in your life. Work hard to achieve it. You should engage yourself in work so deeply that you cant hear any judgments. Don’t forget to celebrate even a little advancement in you.

All Comments Must Be Ignored At All Cost

Do you think that people will look at you, stare at you and will make comments? Do keep in mind that all these comments must be ignored at all cost. As I said above empty your cup. I am sure that people who are making comments have something wrong with them, too.

Fix Your Mental Image

A person who feels inferior affects his self-created mental image. It’s very important that you have a good image of yourself because once a person faces the emotion of inferiority his mental image changes permanently. Fixing it will be a most powerful action. Kick out the misconceptions that you are ugly or stupid. If you win yourself then nobody can defeat you.Fix your mental image

Eleanor Roosevelt said, ‘no one can make you feel inferior without your permission’ and she said it exactly right.

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