How To Pack A Suit a Helpful & Illustrative Guide

How to pack a suit? There are multiple reasons to travel with a suit such as weddings, business meetings, and funerals. No matter, what is the cause of our trip.

We all want to arrive looking our best. But sometimes it seems hard as the suitcase wrinkles all your clothes.

How to pack a suit

You need to pack your suit in a way that there are fewer wrinkles and you arrive looking effortless. In this article, we will provide you a detailed guideline on how to pack a suit.

So if you are interested to learn the methods then read complete article till the end.

Choose the Right Suitcase

There are two variables that cause wrinkles on your suit. First, the type of suitcase you use and the way you pack your suit. In the old days,  people used to travel with a garment bag.

Today the planes do not have vertical storage in order to protect your clothing. Unless you are flying Business or First Class.

Suitcases can easily end up on top of the pile or on the bottom when checking a bag. Soft-sided suitcases tend to get crushed under the weight of other passengers’ luggage.

All that weight on a soft suitcase eventually leads to wrinkles. Due to this, it is better to travel with a hard-sided suitcase as it will protect your belongings.

How To Pack A Suit?

There are several best ways to pack your suit when traveling. No matter which option you choose it will work best for you. Just remember that the fewer folds of your suit jacket will decrease the chances of wrinkle.

The Inside-Out Method

In this inside-out method of packing a suit, you have to turn your suit pants and jackets inside out. After that then fold as needed. In this way, the most wrinkles will be on the lining.

The Inside-Out Method

Also, the exterior will be protected from stains and the transfer of odors from the other clothing in your suitcase.

The Mix And Match Method

The fewer clothes you try to pack in your suitcase, the fewer chances of wrinkles will appear. Besides, extra space in your suitcase gives your clothing room to resist wrinkles that may form.

The Mix And Match Method

Keeping fewer clothes that can be worn at multiple events can do the work. For example, pack a jacket or sports coat that goes well with two or more pairs of pants or jeans.

The Packing Cubes Method

Packing cubes are splendid at organizing a suitcase. They keep our clothing from shifting as our suitcase gets rolled, tossed, and tumbled along the way.

The Packing Cubes Method

Packing cubes will keep our belongings tightly contained and lead to minimized wrinkles.

The Rolling Method

We are ok with rolling jeans and t-shirts, but we cannot imagine rolling a suit. This is because rolling can harm the shoulders of a coat. So, it is not recommended to roll anything but trousers.

The Rolling Method - how to pack a suit

If you must have to roll your jacket then first stuff the shoulders with socks and underwear. This will help keep the suit wrinkle-free and will protect the shape of your coat.

Now for pants, fold them in half in order to preserve the crease with legs aligned. After that roll tightly, beginning at the bottom rolling up towards the waist.

The Overlapping Method

Here the objective is to lessen the hard folds in order to prevent wrinkles. With this overlapping method, you can place the bottom half of the suit in the suitcase and cover it with clothing that is less important so that a cushion is formed.

The Overlapping Method

Now fold the top half of the suit so that it is bending around the cushion. You can use this technique with multiple less important clothes.

The Paper And Plastic Method

This one may seem odd to you but it totally works. Movement of clothing and friction are some of the major causes of wrinkles.

The Paper And Plastic Method - how to pack a suit

By keeping dress shirts, pants, and suit jackets inside the plastic lining from the dry cleaner, you let the clothing to float which eventually eliminates the friction. When you eliminate friction, you eliminate wrinkles.

If you do not have any dry cleaning bags you can use trash bags. Just make sure that they are not scented. For the best results, you can insert a sheet of tissue paper before placing suits in the bag. This will keep it from flattening to further prevent wrinkles during travel wrinkles.

These were some of the best ways to prevent wrinkles on the suit. there are many opinions on the best way to pack a suit. It is up to you to select the best one.

I hope you like my post about how to pack a suit. If you have any queries or want to share your opinion then write it down in the comments section. we will be waiting to hear from you. You can also read:

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