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How To Plant Roses From Cutting?

Planting rose from cutting is a great idea if you love them. Roses are the most common and favorite plant. Because of their beautiful color and smell, they are liked by most of the people.

Roses are the most common plant found in everyone’s gardens. Planting is good for our environment so we should promote such activities. Everyone likes to plant roses in their garden. To plant rose inside the home is a creative and easy way to decorate home.

Planting roses from cutting

Not every cutting can grow roots; roses are one of those plants which can be grown out from cuttings.  Not only planting but also to look after plants is very important. For this you should know how to care for plants, so try to learn some steps.

So, here on, we are providing you some simple and easy tips on How to plant roses from cutting.

Steps to follow for planting roses from cutting

It looks very pleasant to have a lovely, colorful, blissful garden. Beautiful fragrance of a rose inside a home or in a room can never be a bad idea. We can easily grow a rose for a gratifying ourselves.

Plants are the part of our nature; nature is a blessing which brings happiness, peace, liveliness, and cheerfulness to our lives. Roses can play a great role in cheering someone, to get over anxiety or depression.

  • Choose a place to grow a rose. To grow a rose inside or outside in the garden, in a bedroom or in a lounge. Keep in mind sunlight should reach to the plant for proper growth and long lasting life of a rose. Prepare that place for placing the plant. Properly clean that place before planting rose plant in that area.
  • Take a beautiful pot or a vase according to a size of a room, or whether to grow a rose inside or outside in the garden. It’s up to one’s choice wherever he/she wants to grow a plant. If you want to grow inside a house then you need a proper clean pot or a suitable vase. If you are growing rose plants outside then you can plant them in your garden.

put enough water

  • Now prepare the pot, wash it first with plenty of hot water and liquid soap so there will no traces of soil left in it. Now put enough amount of soil in the prepared pot. Fill the pot to half with soil. Put some water in it, to moisten the soil. Don’t put too much or too less water in the soil. Just the perfect enough amount for dampness.
  • If you will put so much water then the plant will not grow. Similarly, if you will not put enough water then the rose cutting will not give you flowers. So you just have to put the right amount of water in the pot.
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  • If you want to grow a rose on a ground, then just dig that area. Clean that area by removing tiny stones or rotten leaves. If the area will be properly clean and smooth then the plant will grow earlier and easier. Dampen that area by water accordingly.
  • Now choose which color of the rose you want to grow. Roses are in so many colors, so select one of your choices. Select your favorite color of rose then cut out the stem of that rose from a bush of that specific rose color plant you want.
  • If you are gardening in a ground/garden you have an option to cut a stem or whole branch of the rose. But if you are planting in a pot cut out according to the area of the pot. Pots have the small surface area so you can just plant few cuttings of the rose plant.

cut stem in slanting shape

  • Once you have selected from which rose bush you want to cut out. Now take a knife, a sharp knife. Don’t cut roughly be gentle and scrape off 1 to 2 inches/ 2.5cm.-5.1cm of the stem. Cut it in slanting shape because it allows rooting hormone to get into a stem. So be careful while cutting the stem of the rose.
  • Make sure to sharpen a knife before cutting the stem of your favorite rose plant otherwise rough edges of the stem will not allow the plant to grow earlier.
  • Damp the part you just cut off and put it immediately into the soil. If you have followed every step right then it will start to put out roots just within one or two weeks. Make sure that your root cutting is having a proper circulation of air and it gets proper sunlight. Root cutting in the soil should be moist all the times.
  • The growth of the plant also depends upon the condition, types of rose and also on the weather. The root cuttings of roses in a pot will grow faster if they will be placed in full sunlight.

use a clean pot

  • The pot in which you are growing the rose should be very clean, even if you are reusing it. You should clean and wash it properly with liquid detergent and hot water, so it will be very easy for you to grow next plant in it. The pot will not have any traces of previous plants, so it will help the rose cuttings to grow earlier.
  • For better growth you can also put good quality fertilizer in the soil, which you can get at any plant nursery at a cheap cost, it will help your rose cuttings to grow earlier and they will grow healthier.
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roses are so beautiful

  • Roses look very beautiful and elegant in your garden and if you are planting them in your house they enhance the beauty of your home. Roses need extra care and protection, they need proper air, proper sunlight so if you are planting them you should take care of them. Don’t allow your kids to pluck them.

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