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How To Prepare For A Hiking Trip: Packing Your BackPack

Leaving the daily grinding of mind to a calm and beautiful place with full scenic views is always a good idea. Going on a hike with friends or relatives is always the best opportunity to make good memories. As time flies but memory sustains. A plan to hike is always a good idea, it is a very healthy exercise and it freshens your mind. When going on a hike you should always be very well prepared, keeping different scenarios in your mind. To help you what to pack, Tryarticles will explain exactly How to prepare for a hiking trip.

How To Prepare For A Hiking Trip

Choosing The Right Bag

In order to get yourself prepared, first of all, you need a suitable backpack. You need specially designed bags for hiking. There are different types of hiking bags available in the market which you can easily get. Backpacks are available in different sizes, the biggest is around 55 and 70 liters, while smallest ones are between 25 and 35 liters.

Hiking bag

If you are just going to a small hike like a very easy one, you can also carry the normal routine bag it won’t affect your hike or it might not provide discomfort to you. After getting a suitable bag you should check its zips, pockets and other necessary things to optimize your space.

An Important List Of Things

Make a list of everything that you want to carry on your hiking trip. Following are some necessary things listed.

  • Comfortable clothing keeping weather in mind
  • A good pair of hiking shoes
  • A Swiss Army knife or some other survival tools
  • A lighter
  • Basic First-Aid kit
  • Sunblock cream
  • Maps, Compass etc
  • Fully charged mobile phone with a power bank
hiking shoes

These are some of the most important and must things you have to pack with you.  keep these things in a free space, lay them all over so that you can counter check that either all of the things on your list are complete or not.

Setting Up Your BackPack

After getting all the necessary things you need to take with you, now is the time to set them up in your backpack. Things you need more often will be on top and less important things will be on the bottom. Some good ways to set your backpack are listed below.

  • Zips and external pockets are meant to store all the small things, make sure you use them wisely
  • Organise our Bag meticulously, Keep your clothes together etc
  • Underwear and socks should always be in a plastic bag so that they don’t get wet and if they get wet they’ll be dry soon
  • Keep your eatables condensed and take a lot of water with you

Keep in mind that your backpack is balanced, put the heavy weighing things in the middle and adjust other things on their top or bottom, it will be dangerous if you bag is not balanced properly.

Finalise Your Packing

After you are done with your packing you should put on your bag first just to try and check its balance accordingly. Also, check its weight because you don’t have to carry a lot of weight on your back, it will make you tired and you will not be comfortable with it. Always check your comfort zone, because after all comfort comes first.

finalise packing

These were the most necessary things which you have to keep with you while going on a hike. This is how you will pack your backpack. For similar articles browse in our leisure category.


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