People enjoy preserved mushrooms in almost every dish and they are widely used throughout the world. We use preserve mushrooms in one way or another because of nutritional properties and health value that mushrooms offer us. Even though mushrooms are very healthy to use in the diet but we need to be careful as they are quite delicate and can get spoiled if we are careless in preserving.

Mushrooms require special care if you want to store them for a long period of times and in the best condition. You will have to use different techniques to preserve them. Techniques like vacuum packaging, fermenting, freezing or dehydration.

Preserve Mushroom

Steps to Follow to Preserve Mushrooms

You do not need to worry about mushrooms getting bad. You can keep them and preserve them in the following way that we have explained to you. All you need to do is follow the most suitable method to preserve your mushrooms.

Preserving Fresh Mushrooms

After you get the fresh mushrooms form the market, you can easily store them in the fridge for few days. You should put them in the fridge with their lamellas down. You can place them without washing in a container made of cardboard. Cover this cardboard with the moist cloth.

This technique will allow you to keep the mushrooms good for few days. If you are not planning to use the mushrooms within few days after you have purchased them, then you should choose another method to preserve them for a longer period.

Preserving Mushrooms through Dehydration

You can also preserve mushrooms through dehydration. This is another way you can store them and they are kept in the form of dried mushrooms. First of all, you need to clean and wash the mushrooms properly with water. Afterwards, you can choose between the suitable methods to remove the water and preserving the mushrooms as explained below.

Preserve Dried mushrooms

  •  Dehydrating mushrooms in the air

You can dry mushrooms by hanging them on a line or on a rack. Try to find a place which is hot and where there is a good flow of air. Try to avoid the humid places or try to carefully place them where the air is also warm and there is no moisture in the air.

  •  Dehydrating mushrooms in direct sunlight

This is also another good way to dehydrate the mushrooms but it can be tricky because of insects and bad weather. We also advise you not to leave them outside overnight if you live in humid places.

preserve mushroom in sunlight

  •  Dehydrating mushrooms in an oven

You can also use the oven to dry the mushrooms. This process is very reliable but it might take many hours thus requiring a lot of patience. You need to dry them at a very low temperature as mushrooms are very delicate and you do not want to damage them. Use electric ovens and a fan if you have them.

  • Preserving Mushrooms by Freezing Them

Another good way to preserve mushrooms is to freeze them. This way we can preserve mushrooms in perfect condition. First of all, you need to carefully wash them and cut them. Afterwards, you should blanch them in boiling water. You can also preserve them in raw form.

Freezed mushroom

After you have taken them out of boiling water, dry them with a cloth. Once you have dried them, put them in bags or containers. This way you can preserve mushrooms for up to six months.

Preserving Mushrooms in Their Juice

You can preserve mushrooms in their own juice placed in vacuum jars. Firstly, you need to sterilize the jar in which you want to store mushrooms. Then, wash mushrooms, cut them and blanch them but do not throw away the water in which you have blanched them.

Now place the mushrooms in jars and fill the jar with their cooking juices and tightly close the lid. To seal the jar, you need to boil them in a pot that is big enough so the water covers all the containers.

mushroom in water

Enjoy Fresh Mushrooms

These are the ways which will allow you to keep the mushrooms as fresh as new and you cannot tell the difference between fresh and preserved mushrooms. You can use any of these techniques and enjoy healthy mushrooms.

mushroom dish

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