All of us love traveling. It allows us to visit each and every corner of the world about which we can only dream. The ease of finding a destination and exploring it is the dream of every person. However whilst traveling is a great adventure and there are many ways that a backpacker lifestyle can take its toll on our environment. An environment has a very important role. We should always keep the environment clean and healthy.

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint While Tavelling

While it may seem difficult that changing your lifestyle is difficult to do whilst on the road, there are many things that can help you make an echo friendly environment. This will also help you to make your trip cheaper. Now we will tell you that how you can you actually reduce carbon foot printing while travelling. It is not that easy you just need to do a little bit of hard work and you are good to go.

Water Bottle

First of all, you should keep a water bottle with you because while traveling abroad water bottle is the main issue. When you are travelling in such a country where you can’t give the guarantee of water, that whether it is clean or not and you can’t drink tap water as it is unhygienic so you must carry a water bottle.


In the way, many people throw their plastic water bottles but they are not recycled or picked up due to poor services. You must carry a water bottle and you can also refill it with tap water or even fresh running water and safely hydrate yourself.

These are available in many stores although they could not be cheap but will help to reduce your carbon foot printing while traveling. It’s also possible for you to recycle rubbish.

Air Travel

There is no doubt that commercial flights are more convenient and comfortable but they are also not good for our environment but sometimes you have to travel long distances, so you can also reduce foot printing by flying economy class.


This works as a carpool, this means when there are fewer people on the flight there is less carbon emission. Stopovers is also a disadvantage because it means more flights which lead to more pollution plus not a single person enjoys stopovers expensive airport food and plastic seats. So in order to avoid it, it is better to travel in an economy class.


Once you have reached your destination you should take a public transport it will make you more friendly to the environment and it is less expensive even for long distances. If you are traveling to one country it will land lock to other so you can take a public bus for your journey.


If you are traveling from one city to another you can also take the train to reach your destination some countries provide tourist buses that help you to complete your journey comfortably and with less expense and of course don’t miss a chance to explore on foot as its more eco-friendly way of traveling.

Be Energy Efficient

While travelling at home being more energy efficient while travelling is a way to reduce carbon emissions. While most of the people staying in hotel rooms don’t switch off the lights because they think that they are paying the bill for this, but no it is important to switch off light rather you are paying the bill or not.


Many people in abroad don’t have energy saving bulbs like most of us in our homes so its the main cause of wastage of electricity. While most of us in summers use air conditioners in our homes and it’s also the cause of wastage of electricity. By turning off lights and taking short showers also reduces carbon foot printing. If you are in a hot country, use cold showers.

Support Local Community

When it comes to eating out try out local cuisine and restaurants that are bought and produced from local farmers and fishermen. By doing this you will see your health getting better day by day than eating an unhygienic food or street food. And yes you can reduce your carbon foot print by eating fresh and tasty food.

You are also helping the local businessman to grow in their field more widely. They provide you the best food that is totally hygienic and it is very economical as well and you can save a lot of money. Food having fibers and carbons and are full of vitamins are the best kind of food which are extremely healthy as well. If you are eating fast food all the time or you are not properly consuming healthy food the different factors including oil and other things cause a heavy damage to your health.

These are all the important things on how you can reduce carbon footprinting, always going for the expensive things is not enough every time. Sometimes you should try some inexpensive things and trust me you won’t regret.

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