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How To Remove a Tick From a Dog? Best Methods to Remove Tick

How to Remove a Tick from a Dog: Ticks are not insects. They are arachnids, which means they are more like a spider than a mosquito or fly.

Ticks are so gross looking. They carry harmful germs that cause disease and allergies. If it does happen once, there is a good chance it might get back to your pet.

how to remove a tick from dog

Ticks stick to the soul. Yet, they are hard to remove but there are many ways to get rid of them. Let us look How To Remove a Tick From a Dog safely.

How To Remove a Tick From a Dog

These bloodsucking creatures are not just a problem but also pass on a serious tick- bone disease. It is very important to check your dog for ticks and immediately treats them.

First of all spot the tick, you should know how it looks like.

Ticks Physical Features

Ticks feel like a small bump on the skin. They are like a spider; oval-shaped with a pair of 3 legs. They vary in color and size. They can be from 1mm to 1cm. They are Reddish-brown, black, grey-white or yellow in color.


Moreover, there are hard and soft ticks. Soft ticks are oval in shape, Hard ones have mouthpart visible. Hard ticks have a beak-like structure.

DOs to Remove a Tick from a Dog

Some DOs for treating ticks are:

  1. Do put your gloves on.
      • Ticks are harmful, take care of hygiene first.
  2. Do check your four-legged companion thoroughly.
      • Ticks are likely to stick between toes, around ears, genitals, anal area, eyelids, and tails.
      • Dogs show irritation in the place when they get a tick. They start itching and biting that area continuously.
  3. Do remove it as soon as possible. Within 24 to 36 hours of a bite.
      • If you have a double-coated dog use hairdryer on a cool setting to check for ticks.
  4. Do use a tick removal tool.
      • Place the large opening of tick key over a tick. Slide the tick key till tick is in the narrow slot.
      • Keep sliding a tick along the skin in that same direction.

ticks removal tools

  1. Do use Tweezers
      • Check thoroughly with a hairdryer.
      • Part hair with your fingers.
      • Gently pull tick upward with firm hands.
  2. Do clean the area.
      • Use rubbing alcohol, detol or iodine and water to clean the affected area.
  3. Do kill the tick.
      • Flush out the tick or kill it in by dipping into alcohol.

DONTs to Remove a Tick from a Dog

Some DONTs for treating ticks are:

  1. Don’t remove ticks with your fingers.
  2. Don’t crush a tick.
  3. Don’t twist or jerk tick with tweezers.
  4. Don’t kill a tick when its stick to the dog’s skin. It can make it worse by spreading the infection.
  5. Don’t burn it on the skin, a tick can vomit on Dogs’ skin which can cause more infection.
  6. Don’t throw away a tick. Make sure you flush it or kill it.


To keep your dog safe from ticks there are natural and chemical solutions. Chemicals can be harmful to dog skin. They might have some side effects. Let us look for some natural remedies.

  1. Garlic
    • Garlic repels ticks.
    • Add garlic to your dog’s diet. Make sure you are giving the right dose.
  2. Apple cider vinegar – ACV
    • It makes blood acidic which does not appeal to ticks.
    • You can add in a water bowl.
  3. Herbal tick powder
    • They are available in markets.
    • Apply to your dog’s body.
  4. DIY Herbal tick oil
    • Make your own collar by mixing 2 tablespoons of almond oil with rose essential oil.
    • Apply this to the neck or collar.
    • Do not use clove, pennyroyal or wintergreen oil. they are not suitable for dogs.
  5. Tick shampoo
    • They are available in stores.
    • Yet you can make your own by mixing a few drops of palo santo oil with organic lavender shampoo.
    • Let the shampoo sit for 20 mins on dog skin.
  6. Citrus repellent
    • For citrus repellent boil water, cut a lemon into 4 pieces put both things in a jar.
    • Leave it overnight.
    • In the morning spray over your dog.
    • It can be used for many days.
  7. White powder / Diatomaceous earth
    • A white powder available in the market made up of fine fossilized remains of sea animals.
    • You can either coat over your pet skin or sprinkle on the ground where your pet sits.

tick from dog

Though ticks can not jump, fly or run. They need a host to survive otherwise they will not survive. Ticks lifespan is up to 3 years. Female ticks lay 1000s of eggs at once.

There is a probability that ticks can affect again. Keep a check on your dog to avoid any difficulty. Further, you can also visit Animal Medical Hospital to remove ticks.

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