As it is known by all of the microwave users that it is the main accessory in a kitchen and it has high worth because with its use we can heat up our food quickly and easily without wasting time. Microwave can easily pick smell of food heated in it especially if it is burnt. It is very difficult to use that smelly microwave again for heating food.


If you are facing the situation you can get many solutions here in our given tricks and tips. These solutions will help you in cleaning your microwave as well as refreshing it. Microwave can pick smells very fast because heated food has its specific odor. It can be a difficult task to use the microwave without cleaning properly. There is no problem that can be faced for its cleaning if you follow up the given tips.

Note: As it is important to clean your microwave, you can also go for maintaining its surface by using split milk or any other liquid carefully.

Methods To Use For Easy Cleaning

There are some easy and useful methods here which can be helpful for you in cleaning and remove bad smell from your Microwave. These will be done at home with products anytime available in your kitchen.

Natural Products

One must go for natural products which are available at every home and these products are completely cleaned from the chemicals or artificial things. Those chemicals which are used in other cleaning products can be disastrous for your entire family.
Natural ProductsThose outer products can easily damage your health so when it happens to you just wipe your microwave with a clean fabric and it will be neat and clean and smell will vanish from it.

Cleaning Microwave With White Vinegar

You can use white vinegar too for cleaning microwave and make it secure from odors. You just need a microwave proof bowl and fill it with water and vinegar and leave it in the microwave to get heated.
After its heating, you can clean microwave with clean fabric and all the dust and smelly things in it will be cleaned and microwave will be fresh and odor free.
Note: Be careful while using vinegar. It should be white vinegar except for apple, malt or red wine vinegar because they will help you to remove odor from microwave but they can leave stains on the walls of Microwave.

Lemon Used For Odor Free Microwave

Lemon is also the best and home-based product which can help in getting odor free Microwave. You just need lemon juice and put it in a microwave and leave for 20 to 30 minutes. You will feel bad smell changed into fresh and fine fragrance.

Lemon and Vinegar Can Work Best Together

If you use lemon juice and vinegar together, you will get the best results of it because they both have acid qualities and the combination will work fast and perfect.Just put some lemon juice and vinegar in a cup with half of water. Leave the mixture for steaming in the oven for at least 3 to 5 minutes.


After that, you can clean the microwave with a clean soft brush or clean fabric. This combination mixture will give you outclass results and very good fragrance in your Oven.

Food Lovers

Most of the people in this world are food lovers and they wish to try new things in which mostly baking things are the priorities. So, now you people don’t need to worry about anything regarding Microwave use because now you get complete knowledge of cleaning your microwave after every cook or baking.


So, feel free to try new things and invent new recipes with new ideas which will make you confident to cook well. I hope you like this informative article about “How to Remove Bad Smells from Your Microwave?”, in case you have any query drop it down in the comment section below, you may also give your courteous suggestions. You may visit Household category to review more articles of your interest.