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How To Remove Hair Dye Stains From Clothing?

There is a lot to be said about hair dye and its stains on your new and favorite outfit or furniture while applying it. It is quicker, cheaper and convenient to dye your hair at home rather than go to the salon because it will take a lot of your time and you may not have enough time for it.

How ToRemove Hair DyeStains FromClothing

Every single person wants to look perfect as per the new fashion and style so now you don’t need to be worried about dying your hair with fashion colors at home. You will never lose your enthusiasm for being dashing by applying new dazzling hair color. Keep your look on and go with your interest in coloring but don’t forget to remove the stains of your hair dye from your clothes or furniture by using easy tips and tricks mentioned below.

Important Steps To Follow

There are some important steps and tips. You will definitely be satisfied with your stuff by utilizing these easy tricks. First of all, you need is to wear those clothes which are old and not in daily use, i.e. extra clothes in your cupboard. This care is very effective on occasions¬†because these clothes doesn’t diverge your attention to stains on clothes.

Normally people use towels or some apron on their shoulders so that it can cure your neck and clothes from dye stains. And you can easily manage your hair dye activity.

Surgical Spirit

Surgical Spirit is one of the useful product which will help you in removing hair dye stain from your clothes. If you get a stain on your outfit, spread it on the surface and pour some spirit on the stain. After a few seconds rub that place gently but with continuity so that you can get rid of stain from clothes. You can rub the place until you get it cleaned completely.

UseOfSurgical Spirit

If still, you have that stain on the outfit, add some more spirit on the stain and keep rubbing the stain.

Note: This method of removing stain will work if you do it at the spot when the stain is fresh, if you have spent some time and the stain gets dry then this trick will not work well.


There is one more trick available which can be useful for removing the stains. You can transfer the stains by placing the stained cloth over the white cloth. By using this trick the stain will be faced downwards and fabric will be cleaned.

Turpentine Spirit For Stain Removal

Have some turpentine on a sponge and dab it on the stain until you get the required result. By doing this act the stain will transfer to the white cloth and you will get the clean outfit, after doing it, rinse the effected cloth in the cold water for a while.

Homemade Stain Remover

If you are applying hair dye in hurry and got a clumsy stain on your new clothes then don’t get worried about it anymore, because there is a very effective homemade stain remover trick which will help you in removal of stain. This remover is designed for all types of fabrics so you can easily apply it on any fabric at home.

Home MadeStainRemover

You need to have a bowl in which you will add Powdered Bleach and water. After adding both things mix it well until it changes into a proper paste and is ready as a stain remover.

Take a piece of white cloth and dip it in the mixture to dab on stained cloth. Cover the stain with the mixture and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. After leaving time, wash it with cold water. Beware of using this mixture in front of children and without wearing gloves so that your hands remain protected.

Washing Cloth in Washing Machine

If you see that hair dye stain is still there even after using all above tricks then it should be washed in washing machine and use the strongest detergent for this act. You must dry the cloth, if you are sure that the stain is completely removed otherwise heat may make it more prominent.


At the end, it is important to share that if after doing all above activities you don’t get your clothes clean send them to the dry-cleaners. It could be expensive way of cleaning clothes but it will work as stain will be surely removed after it.

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