How To Remove Oil Stains From Shoes?

Stains of oil or grease on your shoes or clothes are almost common and if that are your favorite shoes then you will definitely feel very bad. This is the very common activity that people face especially who are used to do their daily routine stuff by themselves.

If you are a kitchen user then it may happen to you during cooking food that oil spilled out from the pan and ruined your shoes or clothes. If you have never faced such a situation then you are a fortunate person but be prepared for this hard situation which you can experience at any time period of life.

How to Remove Oil Stains from Shoes

It is normally a difficult act to remove oil stains but not an impossible doing at all. We are here to help you to get rid of that oil stains from your shoes. There are a lot of remedies and tips which are available at home that may help you to remove oil stains from your shoes.

Methods To Remove Stains From Shoes

There are many home remedies which will help you in this situation and one of them is Talcum Powder which is normally available at every home.

The things you may need in this situation are powder, toothbrush or soft brush and a clean cloth with whom you can easily remove powder and other dust after absorbing oil.Home Products for Removing Oil Stain

The stain can also be removed with the help of salt, cornflour or be using the powdered chalk. if this is fresh oil stain then you just need to spread the powder on the place and leave it for hours so it can be absorbed by powder.

After that, you can easily remove the powder from the shows with the help of soft brush or toothbrush. This trick is normally the best trick for all types of shoes.

Removing Stains From Canvas ShoesRemoving Stains From Canvas Shoes

Canvas Shoes can easily be stained but the best thing in these shoes is that they can be cleaned easily. When you desire to clean them you must notice sensitive areas of the shoes and also take care of the color of shoes either they are white or colored.

The most sensitive areas of Canvas Shoes are the hidden areas like under the lip of the shoes. These concerning areas can easily faint and bleach the color of shoes. These shoes can be cleaned by using the nail polish remover, you only have to take a cotton ball and dip it in remover and rub the stain until it is removed.

Removing Oil Stains from Leather Shoes

If you are an old user of leather shoes then you must know about the kinds of leather. Yes, they all are treated with different ways and remedies of removing oil stains. If you got natural leather shoes which are required to be cleaned then you just need a good shampoo and hot water.

You can mix them well and rub the stained place with a clean cloth until the stain is removed. You can also use Pumpkin Soap for removing oil stain from natural leather shoes and they are easily available in the market.Pumpkin SoapIf you got the shoes with synthetic leather which is not a pure leather and it may seem very bad, if any stain is there on these type of leather shoes. So you can just use dish-washing liquid to remove oil stain from them. This liquid is very powerful in working and can easily remove oil stain from the shoes.

When you face this oil stain problem on the Dark Leather shoes then you can easily remove that stain by using banana peel from inside. After doing this you will get the brand new look of your shoes. Banana Peel is not only used for this remedy but it also works well for your skin spots.Removing Oil Stains from Leather ShoeThe most important thing to be noted down is using fan or hair dryer after doing all remedies, because if you will not dry them, they will remain wet and that wetness can damage them.

How to Remove Oil Stain From Suede Shoes

Removing the oil stains from a suede shoe is little tricky act because these are not made of the leather or rubber from which stains can be removed without any drudgery.

You can use Cornstarch or Dawn Dish Soap for removing oil stain from these shoes. Dawn Dish Soap is one of the most common and easy accessed soap which can help you to remove oil or grease stain from Suede Shoes.Remove Oil Stain From Suede Shoes

You just need to put a large amount of the soap on the stain and leave it for at least 10 to 15 minutes and then wash them. You can use a soft scrubber brush for rubbing on the oil stain. If you think it needs more cleaning, you can repeat this action as many times as it needs to get clear.

Removing Oil Stain from Nubuck Shoes

These type of shoes are almost similar to suede shoes. In fact, they are more difficult to clean than suede one because you can not use liquid things to remove the stain from them. You can only use Talcum Powder or a fine soap bar for this matter. So you have to be conscious before removing oil stain from your Nubuck shoes.

There can be some problems you may face by using these home remedies for removing oil stains from your shoes but the best thing is you must try them because they are safest remedies to all such problems and are used more than chemicals.

If you like our given remedies about “How To Remove Oil Stains From Shoes” then give your kind opinion in our comment box. Here you can get solutions to many other problems you experience at home.
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