Gmail formally known as Google Mail & gmail is a free e-mail service that is run by Google. Most of the users prefer Gmail on other email services as it’s instinctive, proficient, and useful. With large storage capacity and easy to use interface people prefer to use it for personal as well as professional use.

Even with all the useful features available in Gmail, there is something very basic that user’s feel missing from Gmail, and that is: How to schedule Emails to be sent later?

In my article today, I will help you know How to Schedule your Emails in Gmail?

So, before wasting more time, let me tell you how you can schedule your emails in Gmail.

You can now conveniently schedule your emails by using an extension named Boomerang for Gmail. Use Boomerang for Gmail to take control of your emails and schedule them when to send and receive email messages. This feature makes it convenient for you to decide when your emails will reach your recipient’s inbox, increasing the chances that they will be opened, read, and answered.

Why Schedule an Email?

Reasons you might need to schedule your emails:

  • To communicate with people in different time zones
  • To send emails when they are most likely to be read
  • To write emails when you are free and have them sent at a suitable time
  • To schedule reminder emails to yourself
  • To schedule follow up emails

Schedule Emails in Gmail: Steps to Follow

To start scheduling your emails in Gmail, follow the following steps:

how to schedule emails in gmail

  • To install Boomerang, click the button Add this to your Gmail.
  • On clicking the button, a small dialog box will appear, asking you for the permissions to install this.

schedule emails in gmail_step2

  • Click on the Add Extension
  • After accepting the installation, when the extension has been added successfully, a message of gratitude will display from Boomerang.
  • Refresh the page.
  • On refreshing the page, in the center of your page, you will see an introductory guide to the Boomerang features.
Click on the “Start” button to see the small tutorial.

Once the extension is installed in Gmail, compose an email the way you usually do.

  • Specify the recipient and the subject.
  • On the bottom of the New Message window, click Send Later.
  • You can select from the different options of Boomerang. Click on the red button “Send Later” to prime the email for a later date and time.

Setting Time and Date

There are 3 ways to set the time and date for your emails to be sent later.

schedule emails_ settings

Select the Date and Time Manually

Click on the calendar and choose a date and time from the calendar view. If your recipients time zone is different, you can even specify a time zone to match your time with recipient’s time zone.

Choose from Preset Time Slots

By default, Boomerang offers a number of commonly used pre-set time slots that let you schedule messages in just one click. These slots include options like:

  • In three hours
  • Tomorrow morning
  • In one week

Use Natural Language

You can use a natural way to set the time when you want the email to be sent. For example, if you want your email to be sent sent in two hours, just type “in 2 hours.” Boomerang will take care of all the date and time settings i.e. minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, etc.

  • Set the time option which is suitable for you.

On selecting Send Later button a pop-up window (you’ll have to unblock them) will display asking you to give it permission to use Boomerang for two things:

  • View and manage your email, and know who you are on Google.
  • Ignore the popup and click “OK” to continue the scheduling process for the email.

Your email is now programmed successfully to be sent later. You can view all the emails that you have scheduled to be sent later, using a boomerang icon on the top of the page.

So next time you think about scheduling your email,  make sure you know How to Schedule your Emails in Gmail using Boomerang.

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