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How To Sew Leather By Hand?

Leather is one of the most amazing and luxurious materials of all time, it can be used for clothing and other products like shoes, handbags, wallets etc. The major problem with the materials that are made up of leather is that they may be very expensive.


Besides the reason of being expensive, the one thing about leather is that it is very durable and that is the main reason why people go for the products made up of leather. In order to save money nowadays, people are learning to sew the leather themselves. In this article, you will learn “How to sew leather by hand?”


The first step to sew the leather by hand is gathering all the correct necessary material. Generally, any sewing machine can be used to sew leather, though you can also do it with your hands. You need to be sure that you have the perfect leather needle. Leather needles not only have larger eyes that allow you to use polyester thread but are also firmer and thicker overall.


This is very important because the leather material is quite tough and it easily breaks the regular needles which are used for fragile fabric like cotton etc. Remember to use the polyester thread as the normal is thread is too weak to support leather’s weight and is usually too small. You also need a leather cutting tool.

Leather Type

Next step is to select the leather that you are going to use for your project. There are several types of leather but you have to choose a good one which perfectly suits your project. There are several types of leather for example snakeskin, lambskin, cowhide, and pigskin. Each type of leather has its own strength as well as weaknesses.

Leather type

If you use expensive leather it should be longlasting. Snakeskin is very expensive and easy to damage. Although snakeskin has unique patterns and it is considered one of the most beautiful type. Lambskin is fragile but it is very light. So most of the people avoid it. Similarly, pigskin is very thick and has large pores. The most common leather is cowhide. its very strong and has small pores which cannot be seen by the naked eye. So it is perfect for clothes such as belts and clothes.


Before you start your project it’s important to mark points and pattern on the leather. The marks or pattern should be drawn with great precision and care. The patterns and points will help you in sewing perfectly. As once the needle is passed through the points it will leave a permanent mark on the skin of the leather. So its more useful to take small pieces of leather to see how it will look when sewing by hand.


It is very important to know the correct size and shape of the thing which you are going to sew using leather as it is necessary to know the accurate correct figures whether you are going to make a wallet, a shoe, or maybe a handbag or any other stuff.

The leather fitting is the key point and the beauty of leather products plus the finishing of the products.


Once you are done with all this work and marked your patterns on the leather next step is to sewing it by hand. In the case of textile stitching is the fixing method for the thread. By contrast, when it comes to leather you must tie knots to the thread to avoid the mess and no other holes will be added to the leather and destroy your pattern.


Once you have finished the sewing of leather than you should add some coatings to the leather cloths so that they are most comfortable to wear. With these useful steps, you will be able to make your own inexpensive leather clothes. With little practice, you will be able to make perfect leather clothes as naturally as you are dealing with other textiles.

Leather is a very rough and tough material and it is very durable that is the reason why It is a bit expensive but once you have it then you can be tension free for three to four years minimum. Try to avoid water on the leather product.

How To Take Care Of Leather?

Once you are done with sewing or you have the bought a readymade product the most important question is that how to take care of leather? Leather is extremely chill and bold product, you can wear it any time any wear without any sort of fear. Leather is sometimes very amazing on the mountains as well.

Following are some tips.

  • If the leather is too wet don’t quickly dry it, take some time and dry it slowly so that its structure does not changes.
  • If leather gets too dry, rub something moist on it. Pick a good leather cream and apply it gently.
  • If the leather gets dirty, just clean it with a dry cloth.

These were some basic tips, You can get some more information regarding the care of leather from the following video.

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