Due to many reasons, people fail to set a good impression on tinder. This article will help you guide How to start a conversation on tinder in a natural way that can help you to get a positive response.

Though first, you need to know what strategies can be used to start a conversation on tinder. It is heartbreaking to have so many options on a dating app but no one gives you a response.

how to start a conversation on tinder

I have listed some tips on how to start a conversation on tinder. Besides what to avoid in a conversation to get a positive response. I hope my tips help you find your perfect date.

How To Start A Conversation On Tinder?

Boy or Girl anyone can start a conversation. Yet, girls wait for boys to reach out first. Girls receive many first messages that are boring. You need to stand out in those boring messages. Let us see what can be done to seek a girl’s attention.

What is Tinder?

Firstly many might think about what is Tinder? Why there is so much excitement about it. Thus for all those who don’t know and are single you are at the right place. 😉

Tinder is an online free dating app. Available in iOS, and Android. Tinder app helps you to meet new people who share a mutual interest. It is a search for the match location wise.


This app allows people to chat if both girl and boy (or people of same-sex) like each other or match each other preferences. Tinder swipe motion features tell either you like or dislike other users. To Like someone swipe right otherwise swipe left to dislike.

Conversation Starter on Tinder

Stop being boring!!! Its time to date someone. The first message leaves an impression so the other being won’t ignore you. Well, here are some ideas for starting a conversation on Tinder.

You never know you might find your better half on Tinder. Some basic tips are:

  1. Open with a Compliment
  2. Say Something Funny
  3. Don’t get Cheesy
  4. Start with Something related to their Profile
  5. Be the First One to Make a Move
  6. You Can Use GIF’s To Start a Conversation with a Girl On Tinder

25 First Messages to Start a Conversation on Tinder

For many people, they think saying HI! is the safe best option. But, It is a common word to start your conversation with. Moreover, it is quite boring and has less probability of getting a good response.

  • One of the ways to get attention is by complimenting a picture or profile. Some examples from the real conversation are;

#1 Looks like Going through a red phase!!

Choose a thing, no matter how small to pass a compliment on. I noticed a profile, all pictures were having red in common.

#2 Hmm, Greece is on my bucket list.

I saw a profile with recent pictures of her in Greece. Then she told me about her trip. It was a genuine opener.

#3 Hello there Foodie!!!

I stalked him. His bio was “Indulged in Food”. It is an easy way to start a conversation. Moreover, It makes them feel they are being noticed.

#4 Rapid Fire Session

Another fun way was I started asking random questions. He replied spontaneously.

#5 I have read it many times, (Give your point of view) What’s your take on the book?

Such compliments work for Bibliophiles (Book worms)!

  • Girls like humor and maturity at the same time. Some people get creepy being funny. Don’t act that way!!

#6 We have been matched for many hours and I didn’t respond to you!! Sorry, Hi I am XYZ.

Be humorous but a gentleman too. Show that you care and have manners.

#7 Tinder is suggesting me to talk to you. They are not starting a conversation, how lazy the App is.

You know Tinder shows a notification when you get the perfect match. It is a cute fun way to start a chat.

#8 Funny GIF’s

A big YES to those funny GIF’s. You don’t have to talk and at the same time, you start a GIF conversation. GIFs or animations are either a hit or a miss.

#9 Share a trending Meme

The easiest way to start a chat is to talk on memes. They are funny and make the conversation less boring.

#10 I need you to Xray my knee, I just slipped falling for you.

It is both flirt and funny.

  • Everyone is excited about food. Talking about desserts and savory foods can even help you to plan a date. Mentioning about food is a pro move.

#11 Dark Chocolate or Cheese Cake?

Ask her about her favorites from desserts. Tell her which cafe is best in town for both.

#12 Amante de cafe?

Using different languages can get her attention. Amante de cafe? It means a person who loves coffee. She might ask you in curiosity what it means. Or she might respond to you back in the same language. In either case, you are not being ignored.

#13 Are you a Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner person?

Easy message to start a conversation. Ask her favorites from the main course of these meals.

#14 Did you say Exercise or Extra Fries?

Humor never fails. You can get to know her this way. Either she is a fitness enthusiast or a foodie.

#15 Don’t you think waffles and hashtags look alike. 

It is lame but can be a great starter 😀

  • Talk about something that engages her more. Most of the time responses are in Yes or No. Let her speak more.

start a conversation

Asking what is your hobby is old fashioned. Improvise!!!!

#16 It seems you love to travel. I like traveling so I can enjoy different food. What’s your favorite thing about traveling?

The conversation between travelers is never-ending. There is a high chance to date if it goes well.

#17 Pet peeve? Guilty Pleasure?

Easy questions that are not ignored at all.

#18 What’s on your Bucket list?

Get to know her wishes and tell her yours too.

#19 hmm… Fitness lover. Give me tips for such motivation, I am truly impressed.

Gym lover, bodybuilders love to have complimented on their hard work.

#20 Bold, beautiful and adventurous. What next in your adventure list?

Adventurous people are never boring. Neither are they introverts.

  • Other than daily life topics. Talk about career, studies, or social activities.

#21 Ask her opinion on an ongoing problem.

Asking such a question makes her feel important. Although that is something serious go for it.

#22 Professional question might work, Ask about her profession.

Get to know her decently.

#23 Engage her imagination.

Create a fun scenario. Ask her what would you do. For instance:

You just won a free trip, you have to leave in a day. Where would your private jet be landing?

#24 I asked Siri to help me talk to a girl with a lovely smile 🙂

You have nothing else to say be gentle and humorous.

#25 Would you go to a beach with friends or a mountain with your lover.

This question can help you guess what kind of girl is she. Friendly or passionate lover.

chat on tinder

These are some easy tricks to start a conversation on a dating app. Yet, make sure there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes. Don’t start with a boring Hi.

Everyone on a dating app is to socialize so don’t be hesitant to approach. Start an engaging conversation on Tinder or any other dating app. You never know Mr. Right or Ms. Right might be a text away.

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