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How To Start A Conversation With A Girl? 10 Simple & Easy Steps

Starting a conversation is tricky, we don’t know about the feelings of the other person. Especially talking to a girl you don’t know, for the first time can be awful. Let’s see How to start a conversation with a girl, so there is a pretty good chance you can not be ignored.

There is no need to take expert advice. You need one right shot to catch up with a girl. An unknown girl can judge you. Not only introverts but also extroverts struggle to get toward a girl for chit chat.

how to start a conversation with a girl

You need a strong reason to start a conversation and keep it going. But don’t worry after all girls are human beings, not zombies. We have some easy strategies to set your impression and how to start a conversation with a girl?

Genuine Ways to Start a Conversation with a Girl

Anxiety to start a conversation is worst. But once you started a conversation with a girl that feeling will go away. Start a conversation with a reason and that is engaging her to keep the conversation alive.

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl? The answer modifies, there are some Dos and Donts. Though following are the best 10 easy and simple strategies to follow while interacting with a girl.

#1 Approach a Girl

Don’t be shy, get over the butterflies and talk to her. Either you are dressed or in a rough tough appearance. The way you speak matters. Be confident in your skin, don’t try to act too smart.

  • Approach to a girl in a casual, decent and respectable manner.
  • Make eye contact but don’t be desperate.
  • Don’t try to trap her. Make her feel easy.
  • Listen to her, show that you are interested in what she is saying.
  • Start respectably. Hi, Hey, Hello, Excuse me.

#2 Don’t Be Fake in Conversation with a Girl

Prefer to be real. Girls like Confidence, humor, maturity, and intelligence. Be yourself, it can help you connect to her more genuinely. Make a casual fun conversation, it can be done only when you are relaxed.

#3 Start your Conversation with General Questions

There is no need to say some extra things or magic words. Sometimes Pick up lines are a big No! First, try to start a conversation. For instance:

  • How are you doing?
  • Say something about the place.
  • You can ask for help and then start a conversation.
  • How are you? EASIEST
  • Talk about the weather or any general subject.
  • Vibes of the place.
  • About her either she is a student of doing a job.

#4 How to Keep Conversation with a Girl

Once you have started to talk. Look for the signals is she still interested to talk or she is not feeling it. Stop immediately if she is uncomfortable. This act can also give you a plus point. She might talk to you back with respect.

start a conversation with a girl

Otherwise, if she is also comfortable talking to you start a conversation. Don’t be extra, go slowly in a decent way. Talk about her likes and dislikes related to the questions you have asked earlier.

  • Do you like to travel?
  • What your job title?
  • Why you have chosen this field? ( If she is a student)
  • What’s in your wish list?
  • Your favorite eating spot/cafe in town?
  • The worst nightmare you ever had?
  • Favorite book or a movie?

All the questions can be asked according to the response she is giving. Though don’t sit quietly speak about your goals or life as well.  It will make her feel comfortable and she will speak up more.

#5 Observe Her Gestures

Pay attention to her responses. In any conversation half of the talk is done by a person’s body language. How do they behave, what are the responses you re getting?

Either you are getting short replies, or if she is pretending to be busy while talking. Take a break. Stop there and wait for her to start the conversation if she started then you get it Boy. Otherwise, wish her well and leave.

But if you are lucky enough, you have got her attention. She will also ask you questions. That means she is easy talking to you. You can ask for her contact number later on, but don’t be quick.

#6 Compliment Girl in a Conversation

Most of the time guys think only appreciating a girl on her looks can help them compliment her. Though, commenting on intangible qualities is better than making pick up lines on her outer beauty.

#7 Ask for Her Opinion

Always be sweet and be respectful of the other person. Don’t be cheesy and creepy. being sweet means show her that you have sentiments too. It’s ok to be emotional and vulnerable.

Her opinion about different topics should be asked. Let her talk as well. Make her feel her opinion matters and she will be more likely to tell you how id she feeling.

#8 Talk about Mutual Interest

Talking to her can help you in guessing things in common. Talk about the shared interest it can make your small talk and interesting one.

Ask what she thinks about that common thing and tell her yours too.

#9 Show Interest

There is no need to be rude and show yourself strong. Act normal. Use some strategies to show her that you have an interest in whats she is saying.

  • Ask for suggestions
  • Compliment her
  • Give her advice
  • Be nice

#10 End Conversation in a Sweet Way

Well its time to leave, don’t panic and rush to say goodbye! Wish her well. Make good remarks on having a conversation with her.

Ask for another meeting or a contact number if it’s appropriable. Otherwise, stalk her on social media, send her a friend request a few days later.  Then leave, don’t look back, again and again, it appears creepy.

talk to a girl



In some cases, the conversation ends after a HI! only, why is it so. Make sure you won’t do anything inappropriate unintentionally. Here are some Dont’s:

  • Saying you are too pretty/cute/beautiful in the first conversation. Don’t do that girls hate it.
  • Don’t be quick on getting her number. Don’t make cheap tricks like do you use WhatsApp, or you have facebook id.
  • Never bug her, if she declined on something it means to leave.

talk to a girl on text message


Well, there is no specific way to start a conversation with a girl. Though other than live conversations what if you have to talk to a girl on Text message. Or you might catch up on a girl in a party, university, workplace. They have more or less the same tips.

The bottom line is don’t be creepy or desperate. Be nice and decent either you are having a live conversation with a random girl. Or a chat/text message or you are in a specific place where you share a formal relationship with a girl(workplace/college/office party).

Some cases from daily routine are illustrated in the video below that you can relate to. To start a conversation with a girl does not need some special requirements.

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