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How To Stop A Dog From Barking at Night, People & Other Situations?

For dogs, barking is completely natural behavior. There are several reasons behind the barking of your dog. So you should first find the reason for its barking. In this article, I have explored a few barking reasons and also explain how to stop a dog from barking.

Continuously barking can be frustrating for both people at the home and people living nearby that house.


It is also difficult to stop while the dog is barking and also it is tough to ignore or prevent barking. You need to figure out the reason for the dog barking.

Why Dogs Bark? 7 Reasons for Barking

Barking is kind of vocal communication which dog try to do with the humans. There are different meaning for it, you need to discover what your dogs want to share with you and you have to understand that. After that, you will be able to stop your dog from barking.

dogs barking

There are various kinds of barking voice, you need to listen that sound carefully. Few of them are listed below, maybe this helps you to understand what your pet need.

  • A play bark is shorter and high pitched.
  • The defensive barks come in a loud and fast burst.
  • Monotone and repetitive bark is a sign of a bored dog.

Below is the briefly explained list of some common reasons for the excessive dog barking:

1- Territorial Barking

Territory barking means when the unknown person or any animal which is not the part of that house comes in the area which your dog considers his area. In such a situation the dog starts barking loudly.

Dog consider it threat for his owner, as that thing comes closer the barking sound get louder and fast. Dog shows aggressiveness in such condition.

2- Alarm or Fear Barking

There are few dogs which start barking at some strange noises or objects which catches their attention. Such a situation may you face with your dog at home or at any place.

A dog will communicate via barking if your dog is fearful. It could be an unfamiliar person, loud noise or situation.

3- Attention-Seeking or Greeting Barking

Sometimes dogs bark when he wants something, for that he starts barking and try to get the attention of the people.  Such barking is kind of friendly barking, not an aggressive barking. Barking might become more when the greeting is given to everyone the dog meets.

4- Compulsive Barking or Separation anxiety

Dogs start barking excessively when they left alone. There are some other symptoms as well, which might you noticed such as depression, destructiveness, and pacing. The sound of this bark is different from all other barking voice.

5- Boredom or Loneliness Barking

Dogs are naturally packed animals, which means that they choose the company of others. A dog starts barking to show their symptoms of unhappiness and loneliness. A bored dog will bark excessively and loudly.

Such condition a dog face when they are left alone at home for a long period of time. So in such condition dog start barking excessively.

6- Aging Dogs Barking

It is quite common in dogs that as they are getting aged, they begin barking more. Few of them excessively bark for an hour and after that, they stop, but few of them didn’t stop easily. They bark without any reason.

7- Medical Problems

Pain or any other medical issue may be the cause of dog excessive barking. You must check your dog in such a situation. You should try to help yourself or visit any vet.

How to stop a dog from barking? (7 Methods)

You can never expect from your four-leg friend that he will never bark. It is a natural behavior which is found in dogs, such dogs didn’t need any attention. There are some dogs which bark excessively and such dogs require proper treatment such as training.

dog barking

Now as we know dogs barking reason, it is easy now to stop them from excessive barking. It will take time to train your dog with proper techniques. You can’t teach your dog to stop barking over the night.

Some people start shouting on their dogs while they are barking, to stop them. They didn’t know that shouting will affect them negatively. Because dogs will think they also want to join them and the dog will start barking more loudly.  So you should speak calmly and avoid shouting.

As you you know the reason for excessive barking. Now below are a few suggestion solutions and method through which you can stop your dog from excessive barking.

1- Block Dog’s View

It is the solution for the alarm barkers and territorial barkers. It is a quick way to handle them from barking due to some visuals or noise, just cut or block that vision. You need to simply install a privacy window or any obstacle which block the outside view.

2- Ignore Barking

Ignoring barking is the best solution for those dogs which are barking to seek the attention of people. Or maybe who are looking for any kind of acknowledgment from you. In such a situation you need to completely ignore your friend and turn around, walk away from the dog.

3- Teach Your dog “Quiet” Command

It is the best techniques for the dogs which are barking due to territorial barkers, alarm barkers, and play barkers. You need to teach your dog a few commands such as speaking and quiet. This will take time to teach such commands to the dog.

In order to teach commands, you need a calm environment and also no distractions. Tell your dog to speak, when he started barking, tell him to stop and also put a treat in front of dog nose. Serve with the treat and also Praise him for being stop barking.

4- Keep Your Dog Tired With More Exercise

This method is perfect for all kind of dog barkers. Physical and mental exercise is also good for every kind of dog. A dog with excessive exercise will less likely to be on active for any activity. You should take some time to wear out your dog every day.

5- Reward With Treat In The Absence of Barking

It is also a better technique to stop the dog from barking. Reward your dog with the treat when he is not barking at something. If your dog watches something un-familiar, he stays quiet and starting watching you, reward him with a treat and praise him.

6- Use Gadgets To Stop Dogs Barking

Through gadgets, you can stop dog from barking. There are various gadgets which are easily available at different shops. The aim of using is to not hurt the dog, just want to stop it from the too much barking. As barking make noise and people annoying.

Below is the list of gadgets which you can use to get rid of this problem.

(i) PetSafe Deluxe Outdoor Bark Control

This system is designed in such a way that it detects the dog barking sound and start emitting ultrasonic sound, which can’t be heard by humans. Dogs found this sound unpleasant and stop barking. So, get the pet safe deluxe and get rid of this problem.

(ii) Anti-Bark Dog Collar

This gadget delivers a shot of citronella around the dog face when the dog starts barking. Some people considered this method is not useful because this solution doesn’t give any positive reinforcement.

7- Visit the Vet

Maybe your dog is barking due to some medical issue, so it is better to visit the vet instead of trying other methods. Due to some sort of injury or pain can make your dog bark loudly. An aging dog which is barking too much may have some kind of medical issue and need a doctor.

Things Should Not Try To Stop Dog Barking

There are few things which you should not use to stop dog from barking, Some of them are listed below:

  • Never serve treat or meal while your dog is barking, because you are encouraging it and thus rewarding the behavior.
  • Remember that never shout on your dog, because it will help to extinguish the behavior and even the dog will bark more.
  • Never use any kind of anti-bark collar, because it is painful and unkind.

De-Barking Surgery

De-barking surgery is a kind of vocal surgery in which the dogs vocal cords are removed. This surgery does not take the dog’s barking ability, it just makes it barking sound raspy and quieter.

dog sounds

Surgery and anesthesia both are considered as risks, so you should avoid any procedure which is for human convenience.

F&Q’s About Dog Behavior & Health

Mentioned below are some frequently asked Question and Answers regarding the dog’s behavior and health:

Q-1: How to stop a dog from barking at night?

Reason: Dogs bark at night due to several reasons such as to alert the family to a disturbance, fear, seek attention and anxiety around being left alone.

Solution: The best solution to this problem is to ignore the barking. You have to convince your dog that barking will not bring you there.

Q-2: How to stop a dog from barking at people?

Reason: There are several reasons due to which dog bark at people. Maybe your dog bark due to fear, territory protection, greetings, and Frustration.

Solution: You can stop dog barking at people through giving a hand gesture, remove rewards of barking, close your dog mouth or Socialize your dog.

Q-3: How to stop a dog from barking at other dogs?

Reason: It is annoying when your dog starts barking at other dogs, maybe this happens due to attention-seeking, playing, or danger alert.

Solution: Well, there are many solutions to this issue such as go away from other dogs, serve your dog with a treat, distract your dog, or stop through the “Quiet” command.

Q-4: How to stop a dog from barking in the crate?

Reason: The dog is not trained to live in the crate is one of the main reason for barking in the crate. There are also few others such as attention-seeking, medical issue, fear or loneliness.

Solution: Ignoring the dog barking in this situation is the best solution. You can also try a few other solutions such as reward the quiet time, use an anti-bark collar or tell stop through the “Quiet” command.

Q-5: How to stop a dog from barking when you leave?

Reason: Your dog feel alone when you leave him alone and then he starts barking. And this the only reason behind this barking. The voice of this barking is a little different from all other barkings.

Solution: There are many solutions to this problem like make your dog busy, leave your scent, find some quiet place or fulfills all your dogs need.

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