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How To Stop Negative Thoughts?

Negative thinking can drain your energy and can easily be born in our mind. About 80 percent people face this situation every day. But the truth is that we can’t survive in this positive world with negative thoughts. We can’t let our fears or negative thoughts drag us down.

Negative thoughts can start with just a feeling or maybe with a sentence by someone else. With the negative thinking, the world around us quickly becomes toxic and leads us to depression and makes our survival difficult.

How to Stop Negative Thoughts

So, in this post at Tryarticles, we are going to share some tips and habits that can help you to overcome negative thoughts.

A Little Bit Of Distraction Can Work For You

Try to distract your mind, start thinking that you are in a grocery shop, all the items are arranged on a shelf in front of you and you have a list of things to buy in your hand (Don’t do a lot of shopping, Lol). You should focus on those things on the list that you have to do and recite them in your head.

You can also distract yourself by concentrating on the order of books on your shelf or the order of songs in your album. You have to do this for only a minute but try this every time a negative thought comes to your mind- even it comes 20 times in an hour.

This distraction helps you to improve your mind and train you to go in a different direction every time.

Throw Away Your Thoughts In Trash

It’s a very old but effective treatment. Write all your negative thoughts on paper, crumble it and throw in the trash. Don’t keep those papers with you. If you don’t want to waste papers then write it on your computer and drag the text document into the trash. This will work too (Hurrah! Feeling positive).

Trash your negative thoughts

Let’s Talk With Your Mind

Let’s talk with your mind that what is good about the situation? To counteract the bad situations or negative thoughts ask yourself a few questions.

Questions like:

  • What’s one good think about this situation?
  • What could I do to have a better outcome next time?
  • What’s one thing I conclude from this situation?
  • How my best friend would help me in my critical situation?

Bring Positivity To Someone Else’s Life

If you are having negative thoughts then start thinking about someone else that how could you help him? How could you take him out of this situation? Try to create positivity in other’s life. By doing this you feel better.

Have A Cup Of Tea And Hot Shower

Go for a hot shower and afterward drink a cup of tea with your friend. This will quickly fix your thoughts. You also will get comfort by warming up.

Keep Positive Company

If you are having troublesome feelings then your social circle will help you. Meet your friends. Call your parents. Do whatever you want to do with friends. Go for a movie. Having dinner with an old friend could be the best option.

Healthy Dose Of Willpower

If you firmly decide that you will not think negatively next time then nothing in this world can originate negative thought into your mind. Your willpower will help you a lot.

Moreover, if these thoughts keep arising then you now know that what you have to do. Simply follow the above mention habits and distract yourself. It will surely work for you.

Strength of willpower

You can give your feedback to Tryarticles in the comments section below. Tell us that how often you have negative thoughts and how you tackle with them. If you want to read similar articles like “how to stop negative thoughts” then browse around our mental health category.


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