How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Over Text or Not? 25 Obvious Signs

I think it is one of the most difficult questions, that has no answer. How to tell if a girl likes you over text is confusing, especially if you like her. But there are some clues that show what she feels about you.

Well, it will be not wrong in saying that love becomes digitalize. There are many social media sites such as Instagram that are commonly used by teenagers. They are used to communicated with each other over these media apps and websites.

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Many people find love via a dating application Tinder and this all begins with texting. After that, they met with each other and decide their future, so a lot of interaction has to be digital.

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You Over Text?

It is difficult to understand the girl what she is thinking about you. The girls texting meaning varies from person to person, so if you are the guy who she like then you will notice a few clues.

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It is very easy the get the exact meaning of someone message through facial expression and tone in face-to-face conversation, while in texting it is opposite. It is difficult to understand the plain text meaning because there are many ways to read the text, so it can lead to misunderstanding.

Don’t be hopeless, after some research we have found few clues about how to tell if a girl likes you over text. They are listed below:

1- She Starts the Conversation

When a person like someone, he tries to initiate the conversation first because he loves her. So if you always approach her first then it means you are interested. otherwise, you had to contact someone else.

The same is true for her, if she likes you then she will always tend to text you first. She will tend to initiate the conversation with something.

2- She Continues Conversations

Well once she starts the conversation, then notices that if she continues the conversation, it means she likes you and she want to talk you. In such a situation you should feel confident because she tends to approach you.

3- She Uses a Lot of Emojis

Many people use emoji’s while texting, this doesn’t mean they love you. But the important thing is what kind of emoji’s they are using. There are many types of emoji’s if someone uses the flirty emoji’s such as kisses and heart, means she likes you.

4- She Texts Back Right Away

It is also a fact, if she replies instantly to your message then it means you are top priority person for her. Maybe she waits for your text. But if she takes a while in responding to your message then it means she is just friend.

5- She Gives you Lengthy Replies

This is another important point that should be considered while trying to know her feeling regarding you. If she replies to your simple question with a lengthy message then it means she likes you.

The girls never spend too much time in a conversation with a person that she does not like. So focus on this fact during a conversation.

6- She Laughs at Your Jokes

When you share some jokes with her and she replies “hahaha”, lol or lmao with, then it means it is a green light for you. She likes you. Trying to make her laugh with sharing jokes is a good strategy.

7- She’s not afraid to Tease You

It is another clear sign of showing interest in you. If she tries to tease you. She is flirting with you. Teasing shows that she wants to be closer to you. It’s a better opportunity that you should never miss. In such a situation you need to tease and flirt back.

8- She Asks You What You do

When there is nothing special to share with you if she texts you with “what you doing?”. Believe me, she wants to chat with you, it is a positive sign for you. In such a situation you need to reply in a casual but fascinating way about yourself.

9- She Checks Up On You

You might not be able to text her as much as you do normally due to some reasons. An interested girl will send you text and check up you. She will ask about your well being and is everything good. Through this you can check your importance in her heart, it is a clear sign of two-sided love.

10- She Saved Your Contact Number Without Your Real Name

It is confirmed that she likes you if she saved your contact number with a nickname or emoji. Saving name with a nickname instead of a real name is a clear indication of flirtatious behavior.

11- She Texts You a Lot at Night

A girl who is interested in you will send messages late at night. This is another sign that indicates she likes you.

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She trusts you and that’s why she wants to talk to you and share everything that she did that day.

12- She Asks for Your Picture

When a girl asks about your picture while texting, is the biggest sign of love and its means she likes you. If a boy asks for a picture first then it is considered something else. So receiving such messages is the positive sign.

13- She Sends her Unprompted Selfies

Girls love to share their images with each other. So if you receive a photo of her without prompting, congratulation she loves you a lot. She wants you to know more about her unguarded personality.

14- Her Friends Know About You

Girls always share everything with her best friend. So If you ever hear her friends saying that “Is this the guy you’ve been texting”, it means you are that lucky guy and she really likes you. This is another sign that shows how much she cares about you.

15- She Shares Random Updates With you

The girl who is interested will always tend to find reasons to text you. Even sometimes they share a strange topic or random topics. She will initiate the conversation with such random topics.

16- She References Things You Said Days Ago

Another sign that means indirectly she loves you is if she brings up things you told her a few days ago. This means that she likes you enough to care in the first place.

17- She Asks Questions About You

Asking questions from someone means, you want to know that person deeply. So if a girl is asking questions about you, it means she wants to know about you and definitely she likes you, that’s why she is asking the question.

18- She Confides in You

Has girl shared something personal or secret, that she did not share with someone else? If the answer is yes, then she likes you and she trusts you blindly. In such a situation you should act responsibly and never share those things with someone else.

19- She Sends You Funny Memes

It is also a great sign if she shares funny pics or memes with you. It means that she loves to share things with you and she feels like you have a good sense of humor. So in such condition, you should act like you have enjoyed the joke even you did not understand it.

20- She Talks to you About Her Ex-Boyfriends

Does the girl you like ever discuss her ex-boyfriend, if yes then it means she trusts you and shares everything with you. Maybe she is trying to figure out whether you are the same type of guy her ex is.

21- She Texts You From Work

Well if you are receiving the messages from a girl while she is at the office, it means she is prioritizing you over the performance at work. Maybe she is bored and thinking about you, so wants to chat with you.

22- She Compliments You a Ton

It is another sign that you should notice while texting with a girl. If she always says you are smart or cute, then it means she likes you. Girls always pass compliments about the things or person they like.

23- She Chooses to Talk to You Over Hanging Out With Friends

This is the clear and green signal for you if ever notice this fact, it means she deeply like you because she gives you higher priority then her friends. You have great importance if she is doing this all.

24- She Asks for Your Help A Lot

However, if she comes again and again with small concern, it does not mean that she is dumb. It means she wants to gain your attention. So if you ever face this, then it means she likes you.

25- She has told you she likes you

Did she say directly that she likes you? If she did, then give her the respect that she deserves. Be honest with her because this will lead you to a good relationship.

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