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How To Train A Puppy? Some Best Tips & Tricks To Train A Puppy

How To Train A Puppy?: Training your puppy is a very crucial task. When your puppy is about 12 weeks older start his training. He needs to know the house rules now. He must be aware of potty rules.

Train him as you would train your child. Train your puppy in a way that your bond remains the same.

puppy training

Training your dog is all about patience, consistency, and positivity. It will take around 4-6 months to properly train your puppy. Your puppy’s potty training depends on the size of your dog. Smaller dogs have smaller bladders so they may need more trips outside rather than larger dogs.

House Training Of Your Puppy

House training of your pup must be started at the age of 12-16 weeks. This is the age when he can manage his bladder and bowel movements. He can even learn to hold it enough to move outside the house. This is the age when your pup is able to understand whatever you want to train him.

house training

If he has crossed the age of 12 weeks and now you have brought him home, this might be a problem. He might have lived in the cage just like wild animals who have no training.

There is a big chance that this dog might be eating his own waste. Then it will probably take long enough to train him the basics.

Obedience Training Of Your Puppy

Obedience training of your puppy lets your pet learn about his roles and responsibilities in the family and in the world. Your pup must learn how to live in this world. He needs to understand the difference between what’s wrong and what’s right. He must know how to interact with the people inside and outside the house.

Obedience Training

Your pup must be interactive with the other dogs. He must know that he has to be at his best behavior while interacting with other dogs. They can get this training through simple commands. You can just say “sit” and “stay” to your dog and he will understand you easily.

Train Your Puppy For Food

You can start by giving tiny pieces of food or favored toy. This can motivate your dog to perform his tasks. Guide him properly to have his food properly without spilling it everywhere. He must know that he has to take his food at a specific place. He must be trained enough not to take food from strangers.

train your puppy for food

You can also teach him to sit and stand using food. Hold the food up over his nose and slowly move it down to teach him sitting gesture. When the food is brought back up it means the dog has to stand now. Repeat these gestures a few times and he will learn them quickly.

Train Your Puppy For Potty

Tell your dog to sit at the back door. Whenever he needs to poop he will bark and you have to open the back door. He will go outside himself. If you want your dog not to bark you can teach this him with a bell. Whenever he rings the bell you will know that he needs to poop.

potty training of puppy

Tell them the specific area for potty. Maybe in your yard, by the back door or anywhere outside the house. When your puppy does this by your way reward him with any treat or praise him verbally. This will let him think that he has done a good thing. Then he will always follow this.

If you are not at home and your dog needs to poop, you can keep an empty crate with you. This will help in not getting so messed up both you and your puppy. Just train him about the way to poop in the crate and he will use this then. This will limit the incidents in the bedrooms or living areas.

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