Nowadays traveling is quite expensive. Many people decide not to travel due to these expenses because they have already economical issues. However, there are several ways to travel cheaply including cheap tickets, cheap meals, cheap accommodations and cheap transportation. If you want to travel first thing you have to do is to save money for your trip so it would become easy for you to travel as soon as possible.

How To Travel Cheaply Save Money Travelling

By our traveling tips, you might end up traveling for free. There are so many ways to earn free flights. Yoy may sign up for a few travel credit cards, collect miles and then fly for free. Most of these cards offer bounces for about 50000 dollars and you can sign up for more cards, for example, airline card so you will get balance from that too and can combine the balance of both cards and could have a cheap flight soon.

Couch Surfing

There are many ways to connect the travelers with local people no matter where you go. Some local people are willing to let them stay with them for free. Using this way you don’t have to pay for your accommodation. Sometimes you get a room, sometimes you get a couch, sometimes an air mattress but its always for free.

There are also local couch surfing group meetups that can help you make some friends in your new city. Moreover, there are also some groups which help you not only with locals but share rides, meals, train tickets and much more.


By Making Friends

The local people help you find cheap accommodations and quirky tour guides. Your local friends can greatly help you in knowing about which supermarket is cheaper, which stores offer the best sale and where to find cheap but good restaurants and bars. St.croix is the cheapest hotel which charges 50 dollars per night.


Social Platform

There are some websites which help you in finding good accommodations, tours, ride sharing, and meals. Some of those websites are airborne for accommodation, way able for tours, Blab-la car for rides haring and eat with for meals. If you want to see major sights you can take a free walking tour. You can find them 80 percent in Europe and are also a few in Asian cities, South America, New York, and Australia. For these tours, you can ask local tourists office or google free walking tour.



The best way to save money is to cook your own meals. You can also save money by doing work on farms it will help you to get a room and board. Some other ways which help you to save money that little cost but are very cheap. They include sleep in large dorms, large hostel dorm rooms are the cheapest accommodation. This is your another best way to save money. You can also try to visit some cheap places though if you are broke.

Student Offers

Another way is to get rail passes this saves you about 50 percent of the train tickets. You can also use student and other discount cards by this you can get 50 percent off discount. You can also get city tourist cards if you want to see many sights it will charge a little or it may be free. It has access to the major attraction sights and museums. It can save over 100 dollars with the London pass, 80 dollars with Paris museum card and etc. Whether two months, two tears or two weeks traveling doesn’t cost much.

You don’t need to be rich to travel. You don’t need thousands to travel but only in 700 dollars, you can travel a good place. So the arguments that people make and don’t travel are only useless excuses they can travel a perfect place with fewer expenses if they have will because we all know that, “Where there is a will there is a way”.
Students offer

Off Season

Another best thing is if you want to save money and want to spend an economical trip. You can travel to that place in offseason. The best thing about offseason is that you are provided with cheaper food, cheaper accommodation, cheaper transport as well as you can enjoy the activities in the half price. This is a very good technique but unfortunately, this trick is not suitable for all the countries because in some countries the offseason means no social life, as there is a lot of snowfall.



The perfect planning the main key, though no one wants to keep a check on the spendings when on a trip if you have a certain budget it is requested to keep a complete account of your spendings. Spend wisely where it is necessary, do not stay in expensive hotels, do not eat expensive food, in fact, spend money on the special activities for which you are travelling to that place. Keep a proper track of your spendings.


Go Off The Beaten Track

If you are going to Antalya but hotels there are way too much expensive for you and they are disturbing your budget, instead of staying in Antalya you can stay at the same place you are staying. What you can do is, you can travel to that place by the means of a cheap transport and explore the place and come back to the same hotel where you are staying. This is a very good technique to save the money.


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