The world of travelling has deeply changed in the last years. The world is full of amazing places which are ready to get explored. The people who love travelling and are not able to fulfill there dream because of money issues, well gracias amigos now it is not a big deal. There are endless ways of travelling now and money is not a major issue. Not having money is not an excuse now, alternative ways are there and Couchsurfing is one of the amazing ways of travelling without spending a single penny.

How To Travel Safely Using Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is a travelling method for the people who cant afford to go to places where they want to whether or study purpose or any other matter. When you use Couchsurfing you have to live with a local family for free. When you use Couchsurfing you have to sign the agreement to live with a local and most of the people agree. Besides saving money people tend to live with the locals so that they can roam around properly and explore the place.

More Than Simply Hosts: Making Friends With Couch Surfing

Many travelers from around the world agree on the fact that couch surfing is an amazing experience as the hosts are very good. The fact that you don’t exchange any money with the host means that the person is offering you to share his/her couch with you to discover the city and have a good time.


Usually, the hosts are very nice and they want to act as the personal guides to show the place to their guests. The users of couch surfing say that they’ve created great friendships using this way of accommodation. However, you need to follow some tips to travel safely and enjoy your experience to the maximum.

Review Profile Carefully

When you have decided to use couch surfing site, you have to choose the place and then you are provided with the list of the hosts which are willing to give accommodation in their house. When you search according to your requirement and your type as there are filters on the website and you can search more accurately. You can choose yourself the age, gender, language, and other things by seeing the hosts profile.


Once you have entered the required type of host parameters, you will be provided a list of all the hosts of that city according to your requirements then you have to choose that with whom you want to live. Choose very wisely. Never go for the first one, complete check their profile thoroughly and then choose according to your requirements and your type. Compare the hosts and then select that with whom you would be more comfortable.

Many people host couch surfers, from single persons to couples and families. If you’re not comfortable staying with a member of the opposite sex you can choose staying with a family as well.

When You Choose Your Host, Communicate With Them

Once you have chosen the host with which you want to live. Then send them a message through the Couchsurfing website, talk to them, judge them as it is your right because you are going to live with a completely unknown person. While talking you feel any sort of discomfort or you don’t want to go to the selected person you can cancel it and find another host. As you have not given any money just feel free to cancel it without feeling pity.


It is your right and your decision to live with a person of your own choice. You can cancel at any time if you don’t feel comfortable with the person. If the person is asking you bring inappropriate things with you or is demanding something immediately report him/her and find another host as there are a variety of options.

Get To Know Your Host

Some hosts love to party and some are very boring, some hosts will be having a lot of time to show you around but others may be very busy. Choosing one or another completely depends on your type and requirement. Hosts usually write all this information about them in there profiles and you can check it from there but if someone has not uploaded anything you can ask the particular person about certain Questions, and feel completely free as they have to answer.

Get to know your host

Figure out their expectations as well in this way you both will be happy and would not have any clash. Once again if you are going to party and want your host to show you around and you have chosen a host with a busy schedule then you should cancel it and find a proper host according to your requirements.

Be Informed About The Culture

It is very important for you to be to get awareness about the culture of the country where you are going. Make sure about the religious differences as well. There might not be any difference if you’re couch surfing to a country next to yours, but it might be shocking to arrive in a house from a country very different to yours. Search the internet and get information on how houses look like in the place you’re going to travel to, as well as information on the culture and general safety information.


Have A Backup Plan

Check the hotels and the hostels before going to that place, do not be completely dependent on the host. Call him to meet you in a public place and if you find anything by which you are not comfortable, immediately say bye and leave, It does not happen but we should be always ready for the consequences. Usually, the hosts are very nice people and they treat you like family.


Keep Your Host Informed

Confirm your arrival and departure date and inform them to your host so that he receives you on time. Write down your host’s information like phone number, address just in case he does not show up you can contact him/her, Technology might play a bad role so it is better to write it on your diary.

Again If you are not happy with the host anything which makes you uncomfortable immediately leave.

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