A dog can get an ear infection from food allergies, fleas, and bacterial infection. We are here to provide you with easy hacks on how to treat dog ear infection naturally to get rid of chronic ear issues. Ear problem is the most common reason for dogs that can cause them to visit the vet.

Ways to treat dog ear infection

If your pup seems to be in extreme pain, of course, you’ll want to get relief for him sooner rather than later. The antibiotic will get him the relief he needs in these situations and then a home treatment can be used for routine maintenance to avoid possible infections.

How To Treat Dog Ear Infection Naturally?

Before treating dog infection you should know all the symptoms to check if your dog is effected from an ear infection or there is another reason. 

Symptoms of Dog Ear Infection:

Following are the symptoms of dog ear infection:

  • If your dog is scratching his ears
  • Whimpering 
  • Head shaking
  • Hot ears
  • Shaking head incessantly
  • Discharge coming from the ear
  • Rubbing ears
  • Scratching paws
  • Waxy discharge
  • If your dog’s ear is itchy and smelly
  • Irritated skin
  • Red skin
  • Crusty ears

If you feel such symptoms in your dog, then most probably your dog is facing ear infection.

Symptoms of Extreme Cases of Dog Ear Infection:

  • Hearing loss
  • Loss of balance 
  • Waling in Circles

If you see any of these symptoms, consult your doctor as soon as possible. 

After knowing all the necessary symptoms of treating the dog, now its time to know about the types of ear infections that exist in dogs.

Types of Ear Infections of Dog:

Following are the most common types of ear infection, let’s discuss them.

Otitis Externa:

This type of infection indicates that your dog’s external part of the ear is infected by inflammation or any other allergy. It can be easily treated at home.

Otitis Media:

This type of infection is basically known as chronic otitis externa and it occurs in the middle part of the ear structure. This infection and inflammation occur in more than 50% of dogs. It is a very common type of ear infection among multiple dog breeds.

Otitis Interna:

Otitis Interna occurs in the inner ear of a dog. This type of inflammation or infection is very difficult to resolve and there are also chances of spreading infection in other parts of the year. It cannot be treated at home and you should consult with your holistic wet.

Dog's ear inner structure

Remedies to Treat Dog Ear Infection Naturally?

After reading the above symptoms and types of dog’s ear infection, we have identified their sources of problem and issues they are facing now its time to treat your dog. An ear infection is very common in dogs and it can be treated easily just like a skin infection.

It happens when you get exposure to pesticides, vaccines, and drugs because these chemical agents affect your dog’s immune system. 

Clean dog ears to avoid infection

We are here to describe the easiest home remedies to treat your dog ear infection naturally. These easy hacks will treat ear infection effectively in a natural way without any side effects.

Let me introduce your best home remedies to treat the dog ear infection.

Methods to treat dog infection naturally:

Following are the main methods you can follow to treat dog ear infection:

  • Make a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar and apply it in an infected area. The vinegar has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that will show its effects in an effective area and will provide comfort in your dog’s ear.
  • To clean your dog ears you can use witch hazel which is another effective and natural way to clean your dog’s ear.
  • You can also apply a few drops of oil of mullein in your dog’s ears for at least 10 days.
  • Garlic oil will be also effective for your dog’s ear as it as the tendency of treating infection naturally, apply five or six drops of garlic oil in the dog’s ear for at least seven days and see the results.
  • This oil is used to kill viruses and decrease swelling and reduce the pain of your dog.
  • One can also give a gentle massage to the Dog’s ear by applying mineral oil. Repeat this process three times a day. Its herbal antibiotic property will kill all the bacteria and fungi from a dog’s ear.
  • Your dog ear infection can also be treated by applying a warm compress to the ear 3 times a day. This compression will relieve the pain and inflammation of the dog’s ear.
  • You should also pluck hairs in the ear canal as it terminates the airflow into the ear. Growing hairs can be the cause of dry canal and susceptible to infection.
  • To prevent occurring dog’s ear infection you should provide the daily intake of vitamin C to your dog, it will keep your dog in good health and prevents future ear infections. It will also boost the immune system of a dog and fight with pain and ear infection. 

Treat canine ear infection properly

Reasons for Dog Ear Infections

Ear infections affect your dog’s health badly, it makes your dog unhealthy stressed and anxious. There are so many reasons that can cause an ear infection. We can easily get rid of ear infections by taking necessary measures on the causes of its occurrence.

Let’s see the main reasons of dog infection and the methods to get rid of it.

Improper Diet of Dogs

Diet plays a very necessary role in your dog’s health. Processed and dried diet can feed the natural yeast in its body, this can lead to inflammation.

This is also a reason for food allergy and other infections in the dog. So it is necessary to provide a portion of fresh food to your dog that should be raw and organic. Processed food can upset their digestive system.

Anatomic Of Dogs

If your dog has long ears, then there are more chances of facing ear infection. Their long ears will get less airflow that will ultimately trap more moisture and debris. You can consult your doctor about what can you give a dog for pain relief. 

The chances of waxy buildup are more on long ear dogs because their canal is dark and encourages the growth of bacteria. That ultimately becomes the reason for dog ear infection.

The Lifestyle of Your Dog

Give your dog a natural lifestyle to avoid developing an ear infection. Make a proper lifestyle and diet plan for your dog to avoid any health issues.

Following are the ways to enhance the lifestyle of the dog

  • Provide your dog fresh and raw food
  • Try to vaccinate your dog one time in a month, over-vaccination can cause ear infection on your dog.
  • Avoid using heavy drugs for your dog.
  • Avoid exposure to chemicals.

Excessive Ear Cleaning of Dog

Excessive ear cleaning is a very common reason for causing the dog’s ear infection. Healthy ears don’t require cleaning. If you see a little wax in your dog’s ear, try to leave them alone as a little wax is fine and it will not cause any damage.

Also, while cleaning the dog’s ears if you feel that your dog is not comfortable or he is getting irritated, then stop cleaning his ears because it can cause skin irritation and inflammation to your dog.

You may only clean your dog’s ears by wiping them out small organic witch hazel applied with a cotton ball. This can also be the best flea treatment for dogs

Weakened Immune System

If your dog gets allergic to almost everything, then he may have a weak immune system. A weak immune system is a reason for food or environmental intolerances. You should first find out its root cause of intolerances.

Other Chronic Disease in Your Dog

Chronic diseases such as autoimmune and hypothyroidism can result in an ear infection. It also affects your dog’s immune system.

natural remedies for canine hygiene

How To Prevent Ear Infections In My Dog?

Prevention is better than cure. Here we will tell you how to treat dog ear infection naturally without medications. 

The following are ways on how to treat dog ear infection without vet:

Provide Garlic Intake to your Dog: Dog earache home remedy

Garlic has so many antibiotic properties and its daily intake can help your dog fight with mild infections and other health-related issues. Garlic is best to fight with dog diarrhoea, ear infections and its totally safe to use and to eat.

Green Tea Works Best to Provide Relief 

Green tea contains natural herbs and has anti-inflammatory properties. You can give green tea to your dog by using this method:

  • Boil water and add one teabag of green tea 
  • Let it steep for a few minutes and after that cool the water to lukewarm temperature. 
  • Put this water in the syringe and then add this solution to the ear canal.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Ear Infection

It is one of the popular home remedies for infections in dog ears. Make sure to use unpasteurized vinegar, as the method of pasteurization destroys the beneficial properties.

So if the inflammation in your pup’s ear is bad enough to cause cracks in the skin, make sure to dilute the acid so it won’t cause any more damage. To use, moisturize a cotton ball and rub over the entire surface of your pup’s inner ear.

Coconut oil Makes Perfect Ear Infection Remedy

The antibacterial properties of coconut oil make it a perfect natural remedy for an ear infection. A well-known disinfectant and wound healer, it’s soft on the skin and you don’t need to worry about causing any more pain to your pet.

Coconut oil can be swabbed in with a cotton ball on your dog’s ear. Or, using this process, you can add several drops of melted coconut oil to your dog’s ear canal.

Essential Oils Helps in Treating Dog’s Ears

Surprisingly, many essential oils can be helpful in treating dogs ‘ ear infections. According to VeQuill Remedies, calendula oil has healing properties and tea tree oil is a fantastic bactericide and anti-fungal. However, Gentian Violet is a bactericide, fungicide, and anthelmintic that is useful for ear cleaning.

How to Solve Chronic Ear Issues in Dogs?

When your dog is facing chronic ear issues you should ask your holistic veterinarian to help you because your dog may absorb toxins from its ear infection. Your veterinarian will examine your dog’s ears and will clean it thoroughly to prevent its toxins effects.

If your dog is facing serious chronic issues, the doctor may also prescribe you some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines to deal with this issue.

Any medication or herb that can rapidly halt symptoms would possibly inhibit them. Which pushes them deeper into the body where they can later cause more serious problems.

Be patient, and in the meantime use the relieving solutions I have listed for comfort. And consult with your homoeopathic or holistic veterinarian to find out the root cause.

how to treat dog ear infection naturally

Get Rid Of Dog’s Ear Mites Naturally

 The mite is an organism that is parasitic. They aren’t so common among dogs. Yet they can be difficult to deal with when they do happen.  

Do this procedure for 2 weeks, every 3 days. The schedule is important because eggs with ear mites hatch every four days.

To help with mite regulation and scratching, you can apply one or two drops of essential oil to the ear purifying spray:

  • To aid with mite control and scratching, you should apply one or two drops of essential oil to the ear washing liquid: Peppermint liquid has a topical anaesthetic effect
  • Catnip oil should help regulate or repel the mites
  • Hypericum oil relieves ear pain 
  • Calendula oil helps heal the ear surfaces

Or, another option:  It is suggested a twice-daily application of garlic oil. Mites don’t like sulfur and it has a lot of garlic! Garlic also contributes to reducing bacterial infections.

Mullein is antiparasitic, too. It can be a good anti-mite treatment, you can also add garlic-mullein oil (HerbPharm makes a good one).

When To Consult a Vet for Ear Infections?

Although home remedies may be useful in treating and preventing dog ear infections, a visit to a veterinarian often becomes important. See your veterinarian, not just for the protection of your dog (these conditions can be extremely painful) but also to avoid middle and inner ear spread.

how to treat canine ear infection naturally

When you’ve tried any of these home remedies and your dog doesn’t seem to get much relief at all, the infection could have spread through your inner ear, and the medication doesn’t hit the deepest part of the infected ear entirely.

Medicines and drugs can give a temporary result, but the problem often returns later. Antibiotics will also disrupt the bacterial balance. It also affects the immune system.

Although, if you believe your dog has a foreign body stuck in his ear, this would certainly need the attention of a vet to remove it correctly, rather than accidentally trapping it further into the ear.

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