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How To Trim a Beard In The Right Way: Step By Step Guide & Tips

How To Trim A Beard– Growing beard is not simple as its look, it requires huge care. Maybe these days its become simple as compared to the old days.
Nowadays you can easily get equipment for trimming a beard from various places such as Amazon E-commerce store. In this article, you will find easy steps about “How to trim a beard“. 

beard trimming

A beard is a thing of beauty, from the clipped goatee to the full neck warmer. Beard without any shape is just growing facial hair. If you follow the proper way to trim a beard, you will be designing an even length all over, a proper beard with the neckline, lipline, and cheek line. To get a lengthy beard check “How to grow a beard“.

How To Trim A Beard

You might suffer through some awkward steps or stages while growing a beard, to get proper and desired beard look. Especially if your beard is not thick. Once it covers your face then starts growing bulky. Then might be you need to trim the edges a little bit to get a more perfect beard shape.

growing a beard

Here are few steps which you should follow to trim your beard according to your desired shape and length.

Step-1: Keep It Clean and Soft

A dry and dirty beard is not good for trimming, so make sure you have cleaned your beard first. You need to wash your beard with shampoo, as your facial skin is different from the scalp. It’s better to have something purpose-built for the occasion.

long beard

After that, apply condition in order to make it soften and make the next step much easier. To make your beard more soft and tidy, read this “Tips To Soften Your Beard“.

Step-2: Brush It Out

Once your beard dries, then take a brush and run it against the grain, so that the hairs stand up and out. This will not only make it easier to trim, but it will also highlight any difference in length.

how to trim beard

Step-3: The All-Over Beard Trim

Now the best way to trim to your beard is to start with the longest length hair and make it equally with all length.  Then set your trimmer to its largest setting and trim your beard all over. In order to remove the excess bulk, go against the hair growth direction.

Repeat this step with a shorter Setting of the trimmer, until you got the desired length beard.

Step-4: Define Your Neckline

After trimming beard to your desired length, the next step must be for the perfect beard neckline. For that, put finger horizontally above Adam’s Apple and start trimming a vertical strip below the line. Work outwards just under the jawline to one side, then back to the center and do on the other side.

Neckline matters, if you are trimming the full beard. The neckline doesn’t matter while you are opting stubble. 

Step-5: Follow Your Trim Beard Through With a Shave

Now you need to shave off the trimmed hairs located below your beard neckline. You have to shave those hairs to get a better look. There is no other way.

how to groom a beard

Step-6: Choose Your Cheek Line

Now next step you need to fix the Cheek line, if you are happy with a natural beard cheek line, then leave it. If it has crisper look and edgier then you need to make it straight or rounded line to the bottom of sideburns.

The lowers your cheek line, the more length you will give to your face.

Step-7: Shape Up Your Mustache

After designing a proper length beard, now you can trim your mustache to the same length as your beard. You can also leave it slightly longer to make it stand out more. To get better and clean lip line, you need to close your mouth and smile.

Keep your mustache clean and trim the bottom to create a 1 mm clear line above your lips.

Step-8: Finish with Oil

Just like head hair, facial hair also needs moisture to stay healthy. Do the last step and finish the process with a good beard oil which will moisturize, which will help your beard looking perfect. After that run a comb through beard to distribute the oil.

If you want to look better then visit and get your required cutting from licensed Barbers. I hope you like my article about “How To Trim A Beard” You can also visit some other interesting posts like:


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