Bluetooth is a wireless technology for exchanging data between devices over a short distance. It is a short-range communication technology that is found in many electronic devices that is used daily. We will guide you How to turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10.

Windows 10 is running over 75 million computers globally reported by Microsoft recently.  Though Windows 10 has many upgraded features it has a drawback for old computers. The manual installation of some drivers is needed.

How to Turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10

Portable speakers, wireless handsfree, mouse, cellphones, and laptops have a Bluetooth feature. We can share data through Bluetooth. Let us resolve how to turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10.

How to Turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10

To share data via Bluetooth we need to turn it on. Your computer can be connected to any device that has a Bluetooth feature. In windows 10 some might face problems to turn Bluetooth on.

Turning on Bluetooth from Settings

Following are easy steps to turn Bluetooth on using settings

  1. Select the START button.
  2. Go to SETTINGS.
  3. Select DEVICES from settings.
  5. An enabling button will be available. Click on the TURN ON button, to switch on the Bluetooth.

After turning on Bluetooth, a list of discoverable devices will be available. Choose from them to connect and start sharing data.

Turn on Bluetooth from Action Center

The action center is used for quick actions. It is located on the bottom right side of the taskbar. First of all, check if there is an option of Bluetooth in the action center.

To enable Bluetooth option in the Action Center, follow these steps:

  1. Go to SETTINGS.
  3. Click on QUICK ACTIONS.
  4. Choose ADD OR REMOVE QUICK ACTIONS and select Bluetooth.

turn on Bluetooth

Now to turn on Bluetooth from Action center select CONNECT and choose your device to share data.

Bluetooth Issues in Windows 10

In some computers, the Bluetooth driver has to be installed manually. So, don’t worry if there is no option of Bluetooth in your settings. We have resolved this problem. Check whether your computer supports Bluetooth.

  • Select the START menu.
  • Go to the DEVICE MANAGER.
  • Look for Bluetooth or Bluetooth adapter under the Network adapter section or Other devices.
  • If there is one or more Bluetooth adapter in the device manager your computer support Bluetooth.
  • Otherwise, you have to install a driver for Bluetooth.

Windows 10 needs some fixes for Bluetooth devices. Here are some solutions for you. I hope these will work for your problem:

#1 Bluetooth Support Service is Working

Follow these steps to check is support service for Bluetooth working or not.

  • Hold Windows key (Window logo key from keyboard) and press R.
  • Runbox will appear.
  • Type services.msc. Enter.
  • A window will open. Right-click on Bluetooth Support Service. Click on START if the start option is disabled click on RESTART.
  • Again right-click on Bluetooth Support Service. Now click on PROPERTIES.
  • A properties window will appear. On startup Type select AUTOMATIC. Click APPLY and OK.
  • Now again hold Windows key (Window logo key from keyboard) and press I.
  • The Bluetooth option will appear in the settings.

#2 Update Bluetooth Driver

Try to update your Bluetooth driver if it is not working.

  • Go to your computer’s manufacturer’s website.
  • Look for the latest Bluetooth driver.
  • Select the right driver 32 bit or 64 bit.
  • Follow the instructions.

Connect Bluetooth in Windows 10

Another way is to automatically update the driver using the software. Driver Easy is a software that will find the correct update. Besides, It will automatically install the driver for Bluetooth.

#3 Re-Enable Bluetooth Driver

Your driver might be disabled. Try out these steps to enable the driver.

  • Go to the DEVICE MANAGER.
  • Right-click on Bluetooth device under the Bluetooth section.
  • Select Disable device
  • Again right-click on Bluetooth device under the Bluetooth section.
  • Now Click on Enable Device.
  • Go to settings to check Bluetooth switch appears or not.

How to Connect Bluetooth with Device

Your computer will automatically connect to the devices that are in range and discoverable. To add a new device follow these steps:

  1.  Turn on Bluetooth.
  2.  Make it Discoverable.
  3. Select ADD BLUETOOTH DEVICE OR OTHER DEVICE. Choose your device and follow the further steps instructed.

To connect a printer or scanner:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth.
  3. Find a nearby device and select Add device.

Bluetooth device

Connecting Bluetooth is not a hard job. But sometimes some errors and bugs are hard to sort out. Though fix them by following the steps from a guide. Surely, your problems related to Bluetooth have been solved.

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