How To Use Reverse Psychology In A Child?

Reverse psychology is a technique that is used in psychology for better results and it is opposite to the desire of people on which we used this technique. In this technique, we pretend oppositely to the desire of children so that they may leave disruptive behavior.HOWTO USE REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY IN A CHILD-

Here at TryArticles, I have discussed some ways that how you can use reverse psychology in a child.

Reverse Psychology In A Child

Reverse psychology is used to the children because they respond to the reverse psychology and many issues of parents from their children are resolved out. Following ways can help you to apply the reverse psychology on the child.

Reward System

Reward system is the best way to enhance the performance of the child in a positive way. The child takes interest in these rewards and they do all tasks happily in greed of rewards. The best things should be included in the reward that may not be harmful to the child.

Reward System

The best reward includes the small prizes, toys and story books etc that are interesting for the children. Reward system is proved very productive for increasing the performance of children. The academic performance of the child is also increased by this reward system.

Reward system is the best technique that enhances the extrinsic motivation of child. Some of child’s have intrinsic motivation and they don’t need any reward but this reward may have positive effects on their working and abilities. And the child who needs extrinsic motivation then this reward system is the best option to enhance his/her performance.

Reward system is also used in different fields and work settings to enhance the abilities of workers so that they perform better to gain rewards.

Don’t Stop The Child Again And Again

Don’t stop your child from performing any activity and don’t become over sensitive. Some people have an obsession with their child so they stop them again and again not to do anything which develops child’s curiosity for that particular act or thing and he/she does the same thing. Therefore reverse psychology says, do not stop your child from doing  the activities and plays he/she likes to do.

Dont stop your child

If you stop your child then his will be developed to do that thing. When a child get tired of doing one activity repeatedly than he definitely leaves and forgets about it. So give a free hand to your child for playing.

Don’t Give Orders To Your Child

Don’t give orders to your child because it suppresses his abilities and the child does not feel independent. From orders, the irritation in the mind of a child is created well. Always explain the things and answer their questions in a positive way that lead towards their progression.

Parents giving orders to child

If your child is performing any activity that may be harmful to him then you can use different tricks. Orders have negative effects on psychological well being of any child. The orders negatively affect inner abilities and intrinsic motivation of your child. To convey your message in a positive way you should explain all factors and should avoid the negative behavior that created anxiety and stress in the little minds of your youngest one’s.

You can use tricks by following ways to divert the attention of a child from any harmful activity.

  • Start any play or other activity.
  • Involve your child in other things
  • Ask your child that you will give him a reward if he leaves that activity

Give Challenges To Your Child

Children can always be easily handled by a challenging and a tricky way. Give challenges to your children by setting specific goals for them that can develop their interest in the challenge. Children mostly take part in different and interesting games and they also holds a curiosity about new things and challenges either they are related to their study or are part of any enthusiastic play.

Give challanges to your child

Support of  parents matter a lot in academic life and other activities. So support your child in the things that he wants to do in his life. Challenges enhance the intelligence and interest in different activities and  any child fulfill these challenges happily.

The healthy challenge is good but competition is bad. Don’t involve your child in competition because of the jealousy factor, stress, and disturbance. The child may have an inferiority complex after any competition with aim of always being at top, so ask your child to achieve goals rather than to win the competition.

Give Choices To Your Child About Different Things

Give different choices to your child so they feel independent and make different choices. They also take part in these choices with interest and they also think about it. Children happily make choices for themselves but they don’t like orders of parents in an aggressive way.

Everything can be handled in a positive way so if you have some better choices and options for your child then you should positively explain them with interest then they will definitely take a lot of interest in your choices.

Give choices to child

Children find the reasons behind everything and they ask for logic after the age of five years. So give them proper logic and information that will help them to understand the new things.

Don’t Get Emotional About Misbehavior Of Child

The child shows different behaviors without thinking and if your child misbehaves with you or with another person then positively tell them that it is bad but don’t be so emotional about it.

Dont get emotional on misbehave of child

The emotional parents cannot hide their anger and then they show their anger to the child. Some parents torture their children for their personal issues and trauma situation in the past and it creates mental illness and sickness in children.

Try to make your child strong enough to bear the difficult situations of life alone. If you already cope up with any difficult situation alone then it gives you strength to stand alone to face any difficulty.

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