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How To Wear Hijab For Round Face?

“My face will look fatter in a hijab because I have a round face”, says every hijabi! But, hijab is only a fabric draped around your face to cover your hair and the neck. So, this means there always plenty of ways to work around with it.

In this TryArticles article, we’re discussing some tutorials in text for a few styles that will suit a round face.  Also, we’ve put together some tips that can help with the styling of hijab even further.

How To Wear Hijab For Round Face

Let’s read through and check out all our options!

The Material Of Hijab

Always choose a fabric that will not add on more volume. Go with fabrics like chiffons and georgettes or even cotton viscose.

Hijab Fabric
Tip: Round faces must stay away from woolen hijabs or any other material that has too much volume of its own.

The Color Of Hijab

Pastel Pink Hijab

A bright color will bring more attention to the face and define the structure more. Go with subtle hues and pastel colors. Everyone seems to pull those off in any season and style.

Hijab And Face Shape Chemistry

Hijab With Face Shape

It’s actually simpler than it looks. Here’s a shortcut. If you have a round face, you would obviously want to cover up the roundness. Just bring the fabric further in your face than usual. This way it angles the face and gives a delusion of a slimmer face. Bringing the fabric closer would mean you would have to cover a slightly larger portion of your chin. This is just the general overview. Let’s discuss a few hijab styles in depth.

Hijab Style 1

Hijab Style Off Shoulders

Place your hijab on your head from the middle. This will give you both sides of the hijab in equal. Securely pin it from the middle under your chin. Now you have 2 equal lengths of fabric on both sides. Take one side and throw it over your shoulder and then bring it in the front from the side of your neck.

Do the same with the other side. You can keep both loose sides outside, covering the chest area, or tuck it on your shirt if that looks better. This hijab style has almost zero volume, which means the fabric is not adding to the roundness.

Hijab Style 2

Hijab Style Flowy

This hijab style is flowy and we are aiming to bring the focus in the layers we will be making in the neck and chest area. This way the roundness does not seem primary to the sight. The layers take all the attention.

Keep one side long and one short. Pin both sides of the hijab on the head near the ear area, closer to the forehead. Once the two sides are secured. Take the inner piece of the shorter side and pin it under the longer piece’s first pin. Layer one has been created and it has covered your neck.

Next, take the outer piece of the other loose side and pin it on the top of your head. This has created the second layer. It will look almost confusing and super difficult to people who see you wear this style, but we know it only took you minutes to steer people away from the roundness and settle to the beautiful hijab layers.

Hijab Style 3

Hijab Style Loose

Place your hijab on your head from the middle of the fabric. Take both ends to the back and cross them over one another. Now bring them in the front. Open up one side of the hijab and take it across your face, and over your head. This Covers your cheekbones area. Pin it on the top back side of your head. This has covered your neck and one of your cheeks. Do the same with the other end.

This is a very secure style and only requires 2 pins. Play around with the fabric and it’s best to tuck in the loose fabric as you will have a lot of it in the front. This style would suit best if you are wearing something hefty on the top, like a warm woolen coat or a jacket.

The Power Of Makeup

Hijab With Makeup

Why not, right? Is there anything makeup can not do? The answer is no! It’s a very powerful tool and an art at the same time. Sculpt your cheekbones through the contouring technique in such a way that they looked sucked in. This would give the illusion of a structured face and then you can go about doing any hijab style. Even try keeping the fabric away from those sculpted cheeks.

Hopefully, the round face dilemma covered in hijab is no more for you and this article has sorted that out for you for good! Let us know in the comments below if you try any of our suggested hijab styles.

Always looking forward to hearing back!

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