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How To Write A Mystery Story?

Do you want to get started in the world of writing well now it’s not that difficult? Writing is the one unique way to express your thoughts or whatever you are feeling or facing in a very convenient way. You can deliver your message and the moral of the story very properly and in a completely professional way.

There are many genres of writing, whichever you choose just make sure you give your best, talking about the mystery genre it is similar to horror but you need to focus a lot on the suspense and climax and a perfect ending will make it a record-breaking story.

Mystery Story

The mystery genre is the most fun to write as it is to read as you have to completely get into the character, face some terrific situations and you have to write it in a completely natural way. To create fear and suspense is as difficult as to make people laugh but in the end, it is completely satisfying and you get a reward as well. So in this TryArticles article, we will help you write your own mystery story in basic and easy steps.

Step No 1

Before you make your mind to write a mystery story, you have to think and look for the type of audience you are writing for. It is very important for you to understand whether you are writing the story for the kids or the adults because you have to set the story plot accordingly and similarly the characters and ending of the story. So before you start writing a script it is important for you to decide the targeted audience. As if you are writing for kids, it will have a completely different story line than the adults.


Before you start writing a script it is important for you to read similar stories of the same genre which you are choosing to write on e.g you can start with the different mystery stories, well the best I read was The Zodiac, wow! what a story it was.

Step No 2

Now we have to start with a strong thinking of characters. In this genre, characters play the most important role. You have to build some good characters which seem to be realistic so that the readers enjoy it. A good credible character is required. As you are writing a story, not a novel so while giving the introduction you should not get to the roots that, where did the character born?


How he was raised up, nothing like that just start with its basic profile. You should keep that mystery thing in your mind while you are constructing the characters. What he is doing, how he get into such situations or whatever plot you have decided accordingly. You just have to build a realistic and believable character who has passions, who can take logical and technical decisions.

Step No 3

If we have written a script in which we are telling the audience that the mystery factor in our story is an old house then you have to carry on from the previous step which was the basic introduction of that house, it should seem natural and authentic so it is easy to make the audience believe.

It’s not worthy that you are telling about the stereotypical stories, try to think something new and creative and it will surely help you to develop the audience interest in your story, the reader should get to understand motives.


Step No 4

Now is the time that you think about the story plot. What will be the lineup? What exactly will happen? What type of chronological order will be the story? This last point is important because not every time the scary story begins with the main event they have a background story like maybe death or murder of someone, some paranormal activity happened with someone or whatever.


So in order to make a logical and believable plot, we recommend you to make an outline of the story or maybe you can write it in points and then you begin with the story writing as it will help you avoid inconsistencies or poor ends. Always keep in mind that a mystery story needs to be fully explained and it should connect through all its ends, so structure your story and while writing keep the points in your mind.

Step No 5

Although we have recommended you to draw an outline and then start writing, you should keep this in mind that you don’t need to close the doors of your imagination, good stories are often written when an unexpected turn comes in your story which seems fully natural. Write as you thought to, don’t be afraid to unleash your imagination. Don’t close the doors of your creativity, it is very important for writing a good story regardless of the genre.


Step No 6

As with horror stories, when setting up a mystery story we also have to work very carefully on the suspense of the plot. It is very important for you to write a good climax as well.

Stephen King said “The 3 types of terror: The Gross-out: the sight of a severed head tumbling down a flight of stairs, it’s when the lights go out and something green and slimy splatters against your arm. The Horror: the unnatural, spiders the size of bears, the dead waking up and walking around, it’s when the lights go out and something with claws grabs you by the arm. And the last and worse one: Terror, when you come home and notice everything you own had been taken away and replaced by an exact substitute. It’s when the lights go out and you feel something behind you, you hear it, you feel its breath against your ear, but when you turn around, there’s nothing there…”

Well, another writer says that there is nothing scary about telling people about scars or blood or knife the main thing is how you play with the psychological fears of the people. Here you raise the game up. And you make your story worth reading or not its completely up to you.

Step No 7

In order to make your story successful, we recommend you not to write about the boring imaginary stories or any other similar stories. Go for the daily life realistic stories, create a good plot and ace it with your imagination but again it should be realistic. After choosing the right plot, after setting a climax full of suspense now comes another final and important part.


The ending, it should be very good making people believe your story. The ending should be very clear not just the plot but also how you reveal it to the reader, these small steps count a lot. The way in which the characters realize the solution to the conflict can be subtle, by dropping clues throughout history. Don’t go for the happy ending always go with the flow end it where it needs to get ended don’t compress it or extend it, this is the best thing.

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